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With W100 seemingly off to a very slow start & limited hauls having most players sitting on their hands most of the day - I thought I'd take this time to make my formal entrance to W100. For those of you who don't know me, I am Fleezus Clyde .... or Fleezy or Sleazy or Chris or Clyde ... and I'm just your friendly neighbourhood degenerate with too much time on his hands currently :p For those of you lucky enough to not have crossed paths with me before, I have a bit of a habit of giving commentary on the worlds I play. I try to provide further insight into various aspects of the world as it unfolds throu gh humour, interviews & poorly photoshopped images :D In the past I've operated my postings under a variety of different names: The Fleezus Feature, Dragon Ball FleeZ, more I forget.... but I think that we can all agree that the current name blows all previous ones I've used out of the galaxy :D


Now I'm sure a lot of you are sitting there thinking "Well we already have a W100 blog & we like it; go away Clyde." but let me explain to you with one word why I cannot allow this to stand on such a milestone world for this game I love so dearly.


And no I'm not talking about the trademarked 1935 board-game by Hasbro that notoriously ruins friendships & destroys families. :p

......So if I'm not talking about the board-game how does this word relate to these blogs? Well according to MarketBusinessNews.com a monopoly is:

“When a single supplier, helped by various barriers to entry, controls the market for a particular good or service, thus benefiting from the freedom to set prices and quality levels without the pressure of competition.”

Currently with just 'The Compendium' to read, the average forum users of our fine game are dependent on news from a "single supplier." Furthermore by pinning their blog they are effectively helped by "various barriers to entry" and thus 'The Compendium' effectively "controls the market" for news on this world. By controlling the press, The Compendium can benefit from the freedom to set the level of quality for their posts without any pressure from competition. In other words, they'd like you to accept their word as the absolute unbias truth. Now while I have no issues with the quality of 'The Compendium' whatsoever, I have too often seen world forums flourish and die, solely based around their most active poster and I intend to give the writers of "The Compendium" a push to constantly strive to post more & better posts.

So without further ado let's jump into the introduction of..... "Fleezers: The World's Best News Site."

What Is Fleezers?
Fleezers will be an extremely informative & 100% unbiased news source that will provide an alternative view of the world than the one shown by "The Compendium." We will provide articles, interviews, conspiracy theories and more to satisfy any avid readers out there and to really explore every dark nook & cranny of this world. ;)

Who's on The Fleezer Team?
We also boast quite the roster of reporters. Forum Personality 2015 & Inaugural FacePalm 2018 winner "@DisplayOnly" aka Goldie has been forcefully conscripted into our ranks, as well as computer wizkid #LinearLogicOnTheBeat, and like three or four fine young gentleman who all seem to go by the name "James." I've lost count in all honesty. :s


Our team is always looking to expand so if you think you have what it takes to be a writer for Fleezers; then please send us a video interview explaining why you always wanted to join the team. Coordinated Dance routines to Hannah Montana are optional but strongly encouraged. Bonus points if you sing along.

What do we have planned for you?

Well here at Fleezers we constantly strive to bring new & edgy material that provokes deep introspective thought that sparks loving and meaningful banter between friends and enemies alike. One of the first things on our agenda will to be to launch our website - we think this will be a very important step for the future of TW news & it's method of delivery. Below is a little sneak peak at what our homepage could look like with a few sneak peaks at some future planned articles...


Don't worry we aren't actually making another website ;) and please appreciate the satire <3

Lots of other stuff is planned too lol .... but its all secret right now ;)

I used a bigger font to take up more room like I'm currently doing with this filler sentence so that it would feel like you're reading a much longer article but you're not. Is it working? Did you read this sentence too?

We are nearing the end of our fine introduction into W100 - but we would be remiss to go on without providing our first interview of the world. Now instead of tracking down a mainstream player; we decided to find an up and coming player and ask for their opinion on the world thusfar. Y'all are in for a real treat as we were able to track down Guest379584, the current highest ranked guest account for comment and for his thoughts on W100.




Anyhow - I hope you all enjoyed our little introduction to our news room - I would like to ask that no one please comment on this thread as we are going to only be posting our articles here and do not want them to be cluttered up now do we ;)

For Comments Please use one of our two official Discussion Threads linked below:

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And Mods when you get a chance please sticky this thread ;) :p

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"Thus, gentle reader, I will give thee a faithful history of my travels of nearly two weeks playing W100: wherein I have not been so studious of ornament as I have been of truth. I could, perhaps, like others, have astonished thee with strange improbable tales; but I rather chose to relate plain matter of fact, in the simplest manner and style; because my principal design was to inform, and not to amuse thee.

It is easy for us who travel into remote domestic servers, which are seldom visited by English speakers or pro players, to form descriptions of wonderful accounts, glorified as unstoppable and omnipotent. Whereas a pundit’s chief aim should be to make men wiser and better, and to improve their minds by the bad, as well as good, through earnest examples of what they deliver concerning foreign places.

I could heartily wish a law was enacted, that every pundit, before he were permitted to publish his voyages, should be obliged to make oath before the Lord High Chancellor, that all he intended to print was absolutely true to the best of his knowledge; for then the world would no longer be deceived, as it usually is, while some writers, to make their works pass the better upon the public, impose the grossest falsities on the unwary reader. I have perused several books of travels with great delight in my younger days; but having since gone over most parts of the community and been able to contradict many fabulous accounts from my own observation, it has given me a great disgust against this part of reading, and some indignation to see the credulity of mankind so impudently abused. Therefore, since my acquaintance were pleased to think my poor endeavours might not be unacceptable to my community, I imposed on myself, as a maxim never to be swerved from, that I would strictly adhere to truth; neither indeed can I be ever under the least temptation to vary from it, while I retain in my mind the lectures and example of my noble mentor and the other illustrious posters of whom I had so long the honour to be a humble hearer."


According to the Encyclopedia Britannia, Espionage, is the process of obtaining military, political, commercial, or other secret information by means of spies, secret agents, or illegal monitoring devices. Opinions are typically divided on the use of espionage in Tribal Wars; there remains a minority of players who believe the act is dishonorable or a cowardly act – meanwhile the majority of players, whether they are willing to admit it or not, have no issues in using or benefiting from the use of spies in game to gain an edge in a war. Typically, both of these mentalities agree on one matter, which is that they consider the spies themselves to be lowly & expendable. Unless the spies are planted during the premade phase (which we will get into shortly), it is typically seen as a weak player trying to save their own skin by selling out their tribemates. These players tend to develop a bad reputation fast as the core community here is quite small and they must frequently use pseudonyms and new accounts to avoid targeting. While spies themselves may be frowned upon, their use has been accepted as a part of the game by all with eyes. Even InnoGames does not disallow the use of espionage in game (so long as ‘illegal monitoring devices’ are not used). Which I assume are actions such as hacking your opponent’s computer and loading naughty viruses which would be breaching other rules unrelated to spying. And if the spies are just normal accounts who personally decide to divulge information, why should they care? All is fair in love & war as John Lyly once wrote and this is a war game believe it or not. So, while I’m sure its very hard to find a player who has not been negatively affected by spies in the past; there are few who are willing to turn down the opportunity to gain a spy whether they care to publicly admit it or not.
With espionage an accepted tactic in Tribal Wars, albeit a malevolent one, how can a tribe combat these sinful tactics and protect themselves from future incursions? First, we should differentiate between, broadly speaking, the two main types of spies. The rarer but more sinister and destructive type of spy is known as “A Plant.” Typically, these spies are trusted friends of a well established premade that is playing a world to win. The premade of the spy will determine who will be the biggest threat to them in the long run and will plant these spies either before the world has started or very early on in the world. Often, believable and verifiable backstories and pseudonyms are created with links to very successful accounts or more likely a somewhat successful account will be used to entice the targeted tribe into recruiting the plant. Once the plant is in the tribe their task is not to relay information immediately but rather to infiltrate the core of the tribe, and to gain trust and if possible council or leadership positions. A good plant will be extremely hard to find even by the most seasoned of players while clumsy ones can be quickly weeded out. Sometimes plants are accidental initially, and these ones can be even more difficult to find if you do not manage your tribe well. The second and more common type of spy you’ll come across are merely scared and/or disloyal players who are selfishly only looking out for their own hide. You’ll find these players will typically distance themselves from the core group of the tribe slowly as the burden of betrayal is easier if you do not think of the people you are betraying as friends. These spies are much easier to weed out than plants, although a good spy can still do serious damage if they are able to go unnoticed.


The first thing you should do to weed a spy of either type is to assess the loyalty of each of your members. Think about why they are in your tribe, how’d they get in, who do they associate with most closely, do they have any past connections to other premades on this world, do they have reason to spy, and finally ask yourself… “Can I trust them?” If the answer is no then it doesn’t mean that player is a spy – but it does make them much more of a risk to keep around and you should try to internal or kick them as soon as possible. A very very very silly mistake many tribes make that often comes back to bite them is lack of monitoring who is in your tribes third party group chats (Skype/Discord/etc.). Accounts who leave the tribe or quit should be removed immediately along with all their coplayers to ensure not even your banter is passed along to the wrong hands. Furthermore, you should keep regular tabs on each of your accounts and always know who is playing them. If you want to be extra careful you can vet new coplayers as well but if you trust the main players of the account, you should hopefully trust their judgment on picking a coplayer. If you are vigilant in keeping a small loyal core of players, you will find you rarely run into spy problems if at all. Obviously sometimes your ‘loyal’ core can be breached which can have devastating consequences – and its typically by players who are very good spies or plants.
Now how do you find a plant? Unfortunately, usually you will not be able to identify plants immediately (unless you have spies of your own passing back information from the plants premade which is highly unlikely so let’s ignore that) and thus the best defense against plants is to keep a vigilant eye on your tribe and who’s apart of it. Do background checks on all your players under suspicion and look for past connections to tribes playing your current world. Larger tribes will struggle to manage and often times expand their council to offset the workload. But its important to remember that opening new council positions opens chances for plants or spies to move up in the tribe and wreck more havoc later, so be sure to vet your council especially extensively. So, after vetting your tribe as a whole, if you determine or have suspicion that you have a spy, it’s very important to not announce you’re looking for a spy; and to keep these suspicions to yourself and only your most trusted of council. If a spy does not believe they are under suspicion they are more likely to slip up. Avoid phrases like “to prevent spying we are sending…” as they will do nothing but create fear among spies and only make them more cautious.

The first tactic I like to try when weeding out a spy is known as divide and conquer. You create four (or more) fake OPs on players or villages in the enemy tribe and send a circular to the tribe split into groups, telling each of them that theirs is the real OP and the other three (or more) Ops will serve as fake operations to draw attention away from the real targets. Now you choose some of your most loyal players to scout all of the targets when they land. You will see which group told the enemy tribe and can repeat the above process as many times as needed to weed down the suspects to just a few. At this point you should be able to tell who the spy is based on their willingness or rather lack therefore of, to participate in Ops, sitting or sending support. If you are still unable to weed out who the spy is at this point; your best and easiest option is to try to gain counter-intelligence. If you can get a spy of your own in the enemy tribe, it will make weeding out spies much easier as you will have insight into the thought processes and actions of your enemy behind the scenes.
The most important thing to remember is true loyalty and camaraderie are your best and only real protection from spies. But with that in mind I implore you to remember the words of former CIA officer turned KGB mole, Aldrich Ames, who said “Espionage, for the most part, involves finding a person who knows something or has something that you can induce them secretly to give to you. That almost always involves a betrayal of trust.” So, while you must keep your friends close – remember that anyone of them could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing in a world where chivalry has long been dead.

..... It's time for:


Below we have compiled a list, with the help of outside consultants, of who we believe will be the most targeted players going forth for W100. For their past actions or reputations, these players have etched their names into TW folklore, albeit not all for glorious reasons..... without further ado let's hop into "W100's Most Wanted"

*Note there is no actual PP rewards for nobling these players.... strictly for entertainment purposes & was based on the original photo I found*

10. Garrock


Username: currently unknown, believed to be duking Uruz

Reason they’re wanted: a successful W14 & other Vet, this sleeping giant will be the ultimate test for any new player wishing to test their skills against an oldschool legend. Hasn’t played TW in some time so it will be interesting to see if he can adapt to some of the modern changes while bringing back some lost old school tactics.

9. Brad


Username: TheRefinedGentleman

Reason they’re wanted: most renowned for leading W80 Gents a longtime rank 1 tribe as well as being less known for leading W86 PD & W93 SMD, Brad has established a few enemies due to his ‘gives no shits’ attitude, that is off putting to some but rather appealing to others. He also has been part of the community for many years, and especially when younger, garnered himself quite the hatetrain.

8. Vlad the Impaler


Username: Vlad the Impaler

Reason they’re wanted: Both Ara & Connor respectively have both acquired unique reputations that will make them a coveted prize on any head-hunters list. Connor is a well-respected player but also did raise eyebrows when he turned coats on W80 to join regime. Arabela usually plays under the username ‘Multiple Wargasms’ which is a highly successful account in any world she plays seriously (and most she plays casually as well lol). These two on one account will be tough to beat, but any who can do it will gain some serious bragging rights.

7. the nemesis123


Username: reported to be ‘sword smith’ by a trusted source

Reason they’re wanted: Won W87 but over the course created many enemies. A very polarizing figure in TW who over the years has developed quite a few enemies. DA is kind of renowned by many as ‘a higher than mighty acting’ debby downer on the forums and it would be rather enjoyable to see his reactions to being rimmed on the externals.

6. Ghio1


Username: Ghio

Reason they’re wanted: For actions I cannot speak of, ghio has developed quite a few enemies stretching back various worlds who fear his computing abilities & skill. Was not permitted to play .net for some time due to an issue starting around this time last year, however is apparently allowed to return for this world. :p Good to see him back but he certainly will have a target on his back...

5. H0llyghost


Username: five noble death punch

Reason they’re wanted: One of the most widely known names in TW, any new player looking to better their reputation will definitely have this player on their noblelist. ‘The Consumer of Beverages’ this is the TW communities DD (designated drin..iver driver….) and is a former mod whom is in my opinion and many others perhaps one of the most influential forum posters in TW. One of the communities longest serving veterans, you can’t play for this long without acquiring a few enemies along the way.

4. Kirk the Wineman


Username: Kirk the Wineman

Reason they’re wanted: The father of family tribes, kirk has been running excessively large family tribes since the early w70s. Largely unsuccessful, he has recently shrunk down his family tribes to a usual maximum of 2 or 3, which has garnered him further notoriety from kicking players. Plus he rages HARD when you rim him lel so definitely will be wanted by many for the joy of extracting revenge or merely poking the warpiggy :p

3. sir cornish


Username: currently unknown

Reason they’re wanted: Got nobled by a barb, got nobled by a sword train, is a prat….. nuff said.

2. Ming the Merciless


Username: Ming the Merciless

Reason they’re wanted: Ming has betrayed many over past worlds and has developed a cult following of haters…. He rarely lasts long for this reason and I’m interested to see how long he lasts here. I’m actually unsure of the initial reason for Ming’s eternal hatred in TWlore – but world after world he ceases to surprise anyone with his actions.

1. Tudadar


Username: Tudadar

Reason they’re wanted: Notorious PP king who’s commandeered many worlds briefly as R1 and taken a few worlds the distance. Tuda started off as a no hauls player known as ‘kingMVP’, it will be very interesting to see how he fairs without premium and with an obvious large target on his back.


With the W100s Most Wanted list all done & dusted for right now (future updates may be coming ;) ) .... I give you the latest interview segments of "The Fleezer" .... now known as:


First up we caught up with the infamous Ghio1 from the above 'W100s Most Wanted' list. He had some interesting thoughts on the world & some words for any players looking to exact a grudge on him. I also asked him, being a notorious premium user early game & a revered farmer, how he thought W100s settings would impact the world as a whole. Furthermore we get insight into 'Rhythm' a primarily Korean based tribe in the south east.

Fleezus is in normal - Ghio is in bold

Hey Steve, thank you for joining us today on 'The Fleezer.' The forum community at .net surely misses your guides & other contributions   Unfortunately we cannot discuss anything related to that ..... but anyone out of the loop - Steve aka Ghio1 has been forced to take a 1 yr hiatus from .net ( banished to the noob realm of .us if I'm not mistake   ) but is now allowed to return here - how does it feel to be back on .net ? Furthermore, I think we can agree that for some of your past actions; you've developed a few enemies (whether you view them as so or not is not mine to say) are you worried about any of them?

I enjoy returning back to the .net servers

For anyone who hasn't played on different servers and gotten the feel of what the game is away from that of .net, I really believe that the community isn't as closely knit as .net. Although the .net forums are MUCH more toxic than any other external forum I've seen, I believe the forums are quite enlightening on what's going on in-game and really make the game much more fun and worth it

As for the skill differential, the US servers are definitely nowhere near as competitive as the international servers and it would be interesting to see the servers possibly merge with all the new changes that Innogames has gone through.

As for enemies and my worries, I am not so worried about my enemies.

It's not that I don't fear their strength/immensity, but rather that I'm so far in the rim that I don't see any reasonable damage that they can take upon me in early game. If they use accounts/alts to catapult me, I'll just rebuild and regrow as I've already joined 5 days late and really don't have aspirations to hit rank 1 until midgame

well we're glad to have you back  ;) interesting comments on domestic servers; if i'm not mistaken; international players joining will be keeping their home forums in their native languages, so minus .us/.uk; there may not be a huge influx of new joiners the the international forums anytime soon. Good to hear you do not fear your enemies - does this mean you'd like to share your username with world?

Furthermore, if i'm not mistaken your tribe is made of primarily of players initially from the Korean national servers - is this correct? Regardless, how do you feel you stack up as one of few 'powerhouse' tribes in the South East?

Well my username is Ghio  , originally Reformed Ghio1 but I decided to spend 500 pp to do a name change and it's good to be back to that original username although I'll never get Ghio1 back  

I led Rhythm in W78 before Titu had taken over on that world and had created a strong bond with some of those players ever since then. I definitely enjoy their playstyle and sense of loyalty till death which I felt has been somewhat lacking as of late in TW. Yes Rhythm is basically a fully Korean-based tribe.

I believe that Rhythm will be the tribe to reckon within the SE and that's why I joined them  

interesting ! well its bold of you to play under the name ghio and I hope I don't draw too much extra attention on ya with this article   sorry for your PP sacrifice    

Fair enough! That's rather nice to hear you guys are back and ready to rumble! It's pretty cool you are 'basically a Korean-based tribe.' Does your tribe communicate in Korean or is English the norm through the forums & third party communications (e.g skype)?

Do you feel there are any immediate threats to you in the SE? I know Life/Death are looming large....

I never play under an alias as I believe it's less fun to play the game if nobody knows who you are. I do this all for fun and if I were to remain a secret, it would be no different than a single-player game where I'm basically nobling NPC's  

I use Kakaotalk to keep up with the Koreans. Most of them know basic English so it's alright but I try to translate everything on the fly so that I can keep up.

We haven't discussed immediate threats much but I've recognized the LIFE/DEATH alliance as something that may be difficult to overcome in addition to ODZ who I recognize the name of some of their members as well.

Well upon second glance ODZ do look somewhat menacing, you certainly do have some rocky rapids to navigate before getting to midgame and rank 1 :p  Personally I believe the South is looking overall a bit less competitive than the north currently, would you agree with this or not?

Wow 그것은 멋지다 (it's cool!) you speak Korean ! I would love to be in your chats for some banter sometime  ;) I'm glad you are helping integrate some players who don't speak English well; I can only hope inno speeds up the merger of domestic servers into .net so that our playerbase can be greatly expanded  

What are your thoughts on reduced premium features & limited hauls? do you believe they affected the size of the world at all?

I do believe that the South looks less competitive. Due to personal experience in TW, I feel that NW and NE do seem to be the most competitive in the average flow of worlds early game.

We'll see how the mergers go, I don't know how well it will affect the servers.

For limited/no haul features & reduced premium options, I believe the world size will be greatly smaller due to Innogames' strategic thinking.

The influx of "Vets"/"Self pro-claimed good players" will be heavy, increasing the competitive aspect of this world, but it has become blatantly obvious that TW/Innogames is still salty about bringing this world to fruition.

IF you look at the map where I am, you'll notice that people still aren't further off the rim than I am....

This is solely due to the fact that Innogames introduced world 101 days after World 100, set world 101 as the recommended world and is pushing all Facebook "Guest" users to world 101 in addition to any potential server transfer users.

World 100 will also be smaller because based upon what I've seen, many people join strictly to farm pp and I know some individuals run botfarms to farm-premium (Very evident on the .us servers) which aren't going to take place here due to limited premium features.

All in all, I don't believe the influx of "Nostalgia" players is going to make up for the players lost due to it being a non-premium world and this world will be VERY small, but VERY competitive.

Fair enough .... so sadly the centennial world of TribalWars, may go down in history as one of its smallest  ... I agree with your statements about PP farmers as well - and I'm remiss to see this world so small in comparison to w50 or even w75  

I was unaware inno had so quickly jumped to pushing w101.... I'd had have hoped they'd push both equally but guess not  :( Looks like we wont be getting a much bigger world :/

I wanna thank you for your interview tonight Steve  :) Do you have any final thoughts about the world or anything you'd like to share with the world?

I'd like to say that Innogames definitely messed up by making the market ratio 2:1 instead of 1:1 which has resulted in an absurd amount of push-accounting. Personally I've made sure to keep my market offers at 0 because I know people like to start up rumors that I cheat often.

This world will be fun, I'm sad that I couldn't start sooner but I wasn't sure if I would be able to play until I spoke with the new CM so I'm ecstatic to be here.

You can't honestly say you think will win because there are so many strong lineups, there are so many different contending forces and unless we see another pathetic merge-to-win endgame, there will only be 1 winner  

Well lets not hope for that merge to win scenario as it would be as disappointing as the size of this world  ;) Regardless I agree with you, I think this world will be fun and I'm excited to watch it play out   !

I kinda do agree with you on the market thing; but fairly so; at times ratios can be extreme for certain resources so I also understand why 2:1 is available. I strongly believe all the push accounters will be weeded out by midgame anyhow so it's just I apologize for the players who suffer to them before inno is able to catch them !

many "vets" too will also have their coplay accounts going at it by building alternate villages + village nukes  . I dislike that mechanic but I doubt it'll ever be done away with.

Having 1-2 co's grow an account on a no-haul world is easy as hell, then you get full pits + full nuke on both with no intention of that smithy/noble grind and they're your nukes while main account is the academy growth can easily make you hit 5-10 villages before actually having a full nuke yourself.

I wonder how they'll utilize it x.x

Fair enough, That's sadly all the time I have tonight - thank you once again for joining us !


<end of reel>

Second, I had the pleasure to interview Brad, the leader of 'Gents,' whom gave an interview earlier in the world. I was intrigued about this interview and decided to pursue further with Brad who had some choice words for UBM regarding his commentary of Brad's interview with Nest for 'The Compendium.' He also gives us his thoughts on the world & the area surrounding him.

Fleezus is in normal - Brad is in bold

Thank you for interviewing with us today brad - So first off I just address your interview that you gave Nest quite a while back on The Centenial if you dont mind. Specifically regarding UBMs commentary, which if I'm not mistaken, was given after the interview. Do you have any further replies to some of his statements that you haven't said on the externals already ?

As for the blog with UBM commentary I was quite pissed that he would do that without offering a rebuttal. I figured this world he might change and do stuff more straight up. I can see that he is bought out by his view instead of running an non bias blog. He has had beef with me it seems for a long time now. On w80, I embraced it this world I won't tolerate it. I will not partake any more interviews if this is how he is going to conduct business which can be bad for the externals as we all know I love to mess around on there.

Fair enough - I can understand that viewpoint. I would hope though you'd be willing to do future interviews with both myself and UBMs team as I know how interviews can be so livening  :) He did make some very catty statements about the previous gents; how do feel about those in particular ? I also do wanna acknowledge he does wish you luck in the end, do you feel there was any truth in that? Frankly in my opinion gents have started quite strongly for this world given it's rather small size - does the size of the world throw off your strategies of past ? Or may you continue using old tricks do you think ;)

The previous Gents was a mammoth with recruitment. I am not doing that here and didn't plan on doing it there. I just happened to forget to turn recruitment off open as I was waiting for Ben to join. I am quite pissed as are the ones who previously was involved in the tribe about it. I believe him wishing me luck is about as truthful as Hillary Clinton conceding defeat to Trump speech. We are doing well, but this world is really new as no one is even near the noble stages yet. The size of the world doesn't matter on how I play and will continue to play. We do have two tribes, but as majority of the tribes in the world this is not as many. For example, Riot has a couple and so does a few other premades. The lower limit for world swung a curve ball at everyone. As for me doing the old tricks, I do not do anything different than what other tribes do. I just do not hide it.

Fair enough - I think your tighter recruitment could prove a much more fruitful strategy this world, locationwise who have you identified as threats around you ? Haha I'm sorry you feel UBM good wishes are sent falsely but I still do urge you to continue to interview given fairer circumstances  :) The small tribe limit shocked me quite hard as well so I'm very unsurprised to see so many tribes having 2-3 or more tribes affiliated with them to help noobs feel safe in numbers or to accommodate coplayers for later as I believe you're doing ;)  Finally if you don't mind id like to know your opinion of limited hauls ? I appreciate your honesty about your past actions and about your current gents - I wish you the best of luck this world :D

There are some decent tribes within K45. Some of the ones that are potential threats are: Antz, Beasts, Code, Para, and TWPC. At this point any tribe is a potential threat because nobles are not even flying. As for the limited hauls, I do not care for the way it is calculated as there are better ways to do so. This will make this world go extremely slow. As for this group I got this is probably one of the best groups of players I have had since w63/67. They are loyal and willing to work tirelessly together.

You are in a packed K; I wish you luck securing it  :) As for the rest of the world have you noticed any potential threats ? Finally glad to hear of your confidence in your team - I hope they can back it up in game   will be fun to see :)

Of course, there are several threats. If you want more of a synopsis lets wait until nobles come out and people start dropping after getting rimmed.

Fair enough :)  thank you for speaking with us today and I wish you the best of luck :D

Thank you

<end of reel>

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With our interview portion done; I'd like to take some time to note a new powerhouse tribe that has joined on the northern rim; Nuke Diplomacy (-ND-). They play without diplomacy & keep recruitment to a minimum. So very bound by old ways of play, I am quite interested to see them in action this world. Time will tell how they fair; but in the meantime for anyone who feels the pain of doing nothing when they've hit their farm cap; I've written a myth about this mystical new tribe in the north. It's called "The Myth of -ND-" and its based on "Niobe" the Greek tragedy


<Long Ass Story for entertainment purposes only ... no implication meant about anything & only picked Mods cause it rhymes with gods & I'm lazy>

All of TribalWars murmurs: the tale goes through the tribes of W100 and fills the whole world with talk. As children, before their success, they had won w73, and countless other worlds. Nevertheless they were not warned by past legend’s fates, to give the mods precedence, and use more modest words. Many things swelled them with pride, but neither their past victories, nor the respect they garnered, nor the might of their great kingdom of Creati, pleased them, though they did please, as much as their tribemates did. And -ND- would have been spoken of as the most fortunate of tribes, if they had not seemed so to themselves. Now Tory the Explory, the son of Ares, prescient of the future, stirred by divine impulse, went through the middle of the streets, declaiming. “Players of Tribalwars, go, as a crowd, and wreathe your hair with laurel, and bring incense with holy prayer to Morthy, and Jirki & JuMa. Morthy commands it through my mouth.” They obey: all the tribes of TW, as commanded, dress their temples with sweetbay, and bring incense and words of prayer to the sacred flames. Look, an -ND- banner comes held by Thom, followed by a small band of players, visible, in their Phrygian robes woven with gold, and as beautiful as anger will let them be. Turning his lovely head with the hair falling loose over both his shoulders, he pauses, and looks around with pride in his eyes, from his full height, saying “What madness, to prefer the mods you are told about to the ones you see? Why is Morthy worshipped at the altars, while as yet my godhead is without its incense? Sir cornish is my father, who is the only man to be nobled by a barb. My mother is one of the seven sisters, the great constellation of Pleiades. Great Atlas, who carries the axis of the heavens on his shoulders, is one of my grandfathers. Nauzhror is the other, and I glory in having him as my father-in-law as well. The peoples of TribalWars fear us. W97 is soon to be under our rule: and this world, built to our predecessor’s lyre, and all TW players, will be ruled by our power. Whichever part of the world I turn my eyes on, I look at immense wealth. Augment it with my beauty, worthy of a mod, and add to this my seven daughters, as many sons, and soon my sons- and my daughters-in-law! Now, ask what the reason is for my pride, and then dare to prefer Morthy to me as a player! Morthy, whom the wide community of TW once refused even a little piece of ground to give birth on. Land, sea, and sky were no refuge for your Moddess. He was exiled from the community, until Aliyah, pitying the wanderer, gave him a precarious place, saying ‘Friend, you wander the earth, I the sea.’ There he gave birth to twins, only a seventh of my following. I am fortunate (indeed, who can deny it?) and I will stay fortunate (and who can doubt that too?). My past success makes me safe. I am greater than any whom Fortune can harm, and though Morthy could take much away, he would leave me much more. Surely my world wins banish fear. Imagine that some of this host of children could be taken from me, I would still not, bereaved, be reduced to the two of Latonaís family. In that state, how far is she from childlessness? Go home ñ enough of holy things ñ and take those laurel wreaths from your hair!í They relinquish them, and leave the rite unfinished, except what is their right, reverencing the goddess in a secret murmur.

The Moddess was deeply angered, and on the summit of Mount Innogames he spoke to his twin children. “See, it will be doubted whether I, your creator, proud to have borne you, and giving way to no Moddess, except Eike Klindworth, am a Moddess, and worship will be prevented at my altars through all the ages, unless you help me, my children. Nor is this my only grief. This tribe has added insult to injury, and has dared to put their abilities above yours, and has called me childless, may that recoil on their own heads.” Morthy would have added her entreaties to what he had related, but Jirki cried “Enough! Long complaint delays their punishment! JuMa said the same, and falling swiftly through the air, concealed by clouds, they reached the house of -ND-. There was a broad, open plain near the walls, flattened by the constant passage of light cavalry, where many wheels and hard hooves had levelled the turf beneath them on farming runs. There, a number of -ND-‘s seven sons mounted on their strong horses, and sitting firmly on their backs, bright with Tyrian purple, guided them using reins heavy with gold on a typical daily farm run. Nwaro, one of these, who had been the first of-ND-, was wheeling his horse’s path around in an unerring circle, and hauling at the foaming bit, he cried out “Oh, I am nobled!” and revealed a train seconds from his main village, and loosing the reins from his rimmed hands, slipped gradually, sideways, off the face of the earth. Next war-peace, hearing the sound of a train in the empty air, let out the reins, just as a shipmaster sensing a storm runs for it when he sees the cloud, and claps on all sail, so that not even the slightest breeze is lost. Still giving full rein, he was overtaken, by the train none can avoid, and the loyalty slowly fell, until the final nobleman over captured his village. Unlucky Jen, and Cam, who carried his grandfather’s name, Leather & Latex, at the end of the usual task imposed on them, had joined the exercise of the young TW players, and were gleaming with high pits on the rim. And now they were fully engaged, in a tight hold, one field apart from one another, when a supertrain, loosed from the taut barbs of Morthy, pierced them both, as they were. They groaned as one, and fell as one, their villages contorted with pain. As they lay there, they cast a last look, as one, and, as one, gave up the ghost. C0vert saw them get rimmed, and striking at his breast in anguish, he ran to them to recapture their villages in his embrace. In this filial service he also fell, for Jirki tore at his innermost parts with a deadly steel banhammer. As the ban was removed, a section of his villages drawn with it, caught on the barbs, and with his account broken his spirit rushed out into the air. But it was not a simple wound that longhaired Tory the Explory suffered. He was hit where the rim begins, and where the sinews of the core leave a soft place between. While he was trying to recapture his villages, another train was driven into his main as far as the caboose. The last son, Diamond.Blade , stretched out his arms in vain entreaty. “O you company of all the mods, spare me!” he cried, unaware that he need not ask them all. The choochoo train god Jirki was moved, though already the steam engine had left the station and could not be recalled: yet only a three noble train rimmed the boy, the final noble striking deeply in his main village.

The rumour of trouble, -ND-‘s sorrow, and the tears of their own tribe, confirming sudden disaster to the brood, left her astounded that the mods could have done it, and angered that they had such power, and dared to use it. Now, they learned that the father of -ND-, Drew, driving the iron blade through his ethernet cable, had, in quitting, ended pain and TWlife together. Alas, how different this -ND from that of w73, the one, who a moment ago chased the people from Morthy’s altar and made their way through the annals of history with head held high, enviable, and now more to be pitied by their enemies. Seeing their dream and tribe in shambles, the remaining -ND- players threw their troops hopelessly at the Mods, and without regard for due ceremony, blew all their rimmed friends a goodbye kiss. Turning from the fallen, they lifted their bruised arms to the sky, and cried out “Feed your heart, cruel one, Morthy, on my pain, feed your heart, and be done! Be done, savage spirit! I am buried seven times. Exult and triumph over your enemy! But where is the victory? Even in my misery I have more than you in your happiness. After so many rimmings, we still are better than you!” They spoke, and the choo of a taut train sounded, terrifying all of them, except Thom. Pain gave him courage. The survivors, with black garments, and loosened hair, were standing by their rimmed friends. One, grasping at a train piercing her side, falling, quit in silence beside her rimmed brothers. A second, attempting to comfort the grieving Thom, fell silent, and was bent in agony with a hidden train appearing too late to snipe. He tried to quickly barble, but he had already been rimmed. One fell trying in vain to run, and his sister fell across him. One tried to hide, while another trembled in full view. Now six had been rimmed: the last remained. The leader of -ND-, with all their robes and with their body, protected her, and cried out “Leave me just one, the youngest! I only ask for one, the noobiest of all!” While they prayed, the final player, for whom they prayed for, was rimmed. Memberless, they sat among the destroyed villages of their former lands, frozen in grief. The breeze stirs not a hair, the colour of their cheeks is bloodless, and their eyes are fixed motionless in their sad face: nothing in that likeness is unrimmed. Inwardly their troops are frozen to the solid roof of their mouth, and their veins cease power to throb. The neck cannot bend, nor arms recall their movement, nor feet lead anywhere. Inside, as a tribe they are stone. Yet externally they weep, and, enclosed in a powerful whirlwind, are snatched away to their own country: there, set on a mountain top, they slowly wear away, and even now to this day tears flow from the marble.


Finally we have two more features to share with you - one was unable to fit in the first post due to image limits but you sure are in for a treat .... and the other is unfortunately a failed promise on my part... due to technical issues I am sorry to announce we will not be able to air our first episode of "The Newsroom." We are deeply saddened by this delay and hope to get you the official first episode of "The Newsroom" as soon as possible! so stay frosty!!!!!!


Last but not least; in the post below you will find our much revered cooking segment with our host chef Jasper!!!!! We are delighted to have him providing us with cooking tips throughout the duration of the world :D Enter....


Hey guys, I'm Jasper your personal TW Cook giving you the most delicious homemade meals to keep your conquering going. Today I'll be revisiting one of my older recipes. Gathering it's ingredients does require you to go outside though... But Mashed potatoes with carrots and lamb steak is worth it imo!

So, the ingredients:

- Potatoes
- Carrots
- Lamb filet, can be marinated or not. Depends on your taste really.
- Milk
- Salt/Pepper/Nutmeg
- 1 Egg
- Butter

We start off with the potatoes, they'll have to boil the longest. Now I'm not going to bore you with how to peel them, if you don't know at least that much... Well, call your mom.

Drown 'em in water and add some salt, now get them boiling. Next up are your carrots, again not going to tell you how to peel those (Tip, they have tools for this shit.) Chop them up rather finely so that they won't have to boil for hours until they're soft enough.



Alright, both of those pots ought to be boiling by now. I can't tell you how long it'll take, it depends on the quantity you're making of course, as well as the salinity and atmospheric pressure... Lots of science going on in cooking. While those boil prep your mashing station. Get your egg(s), milk, butter etc ready.


Now it's time to bring out your lamb. Or any kind of meat really, anything goes with mashed potatoes (Bacon, burgers, steak, sausages, ...) I got myself some lamb because I was in the mood for it, but lamb is pretty damn expensive... So good though (mm) Butter up your skillet and add your meat when the butter's melted. Season it according to your own taste.


Now your cooking station should be looking something like this:


So take some time to go and send trains, farm, spam your Skype and annoy your co's. Though best not forget that you're also still cooking...

Right, your veggies are done cooking. Start off with your potatoes. Add a lil bit of butter, your egg and add some Nutmeg and pepper. Mash it a little then add your carrots. Keep a lil bit of the water the carrots were boiled in, for the taste. A lot of it goes lost while cooking. Now start mashing that shit and add milk according to the preferred consistency.


And that's about it. Now in Belgian we love eating this kind of dish with either some mustard or in my case pickles. Not the "Pickles" you guys know off most likely, but Belgian Pickles.

Which is basically a condiment sauce like Mayonaise or Ketchup. A sourtasting one though. Google it!

The finished product:


If you're a bachelor like me it's always best to cook a little more and have leftovers for later :) .... or for the ladies ;)


Thank you Jasper that looks delicious! We look forward to you providing regular fuel recipes to keep the community of W100 well nourished to take on the world :D That's all we have for you today unfortunately, I hope you enjoyed! Please stay tuned for updates on new episodes of "The Fleezer" and "The Newsroom."

<End of Tape>

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I know I haven't been posting much recently & I apologize but my life has kept me rather occupied as of late. I did get a moment however & I wanted to share with you guys an idea I had that I think could be pretty cool....


In honour of the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia & due to waning forum activity .... I've been inspired to create a similar sort of contest to try to make W100 a bit more entertaining again.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that I announce to you the start of the very first ever........


Unfortunately there is no prize of value allowed to be offered to the winner; but the tribe who wins W100 will also be declared the winner of the first ever 'Tribal Wars World Cup' and gain all associated bragging rights! Also being a real time strategy game, obviously the format of the real world cup cannot be followed. Therefore I have created my own system of determining what stage of the world we are currently at.

Since nobles are currently a factor I've determined we've appropriately entered the equivalent of 'The Group Stages'


In order to remain unbias; I followed the Continent Tribes ranking page to make the 'groups' and thus minus the exclusion of family tribes; the groups are divided according to Continent rank. Since we only really have 4 full continents, I decided to rank the top 8 tribes from each (2 x the traditional four that would compose a group). Unfortunately this is not a perfect system by any means, especially because it doesn't account for tribes split over multiple continents but I believe it is one of the best ways of comparing tribes at this stage.

With the four groups established, I wanted to compare their quantitative stats to get a better picture of which tribes seem exhausted troop wise, who's pushing, who is taking hits, etc. and I've done so for you below.



Over the coming week I will be slowly breaking down each group & offering insight into the various contenders. Inspired by real sports but not to be taken seriously or used, I've also mocked up 'odds' on what I believe is each tribes chance of winning this world as of right now. Odds are shown as the ratio between the hypothetical amounts staked and are based on a tribes probability of winning the world based on a wide variety of factors. For example 5:1 odds means tribe X winning the world would give you 5 for every 1 you bet. if Tribe Y had 9:1 odds it would mean that tribe Y is probably less likely to win the world than Tribe X and therefore the imaginary payout would be higher (9 for every 1 compared to 5 for every 1). This is a unique way to keep track of who the true "favourites/underdogs" are but there is no actual betting system in place nor do I wish to see one set up.

HOWEVER to reiterate - these odds are for fun only :)

As time goes on & wars are fought I will begin to setup 'knockout matches' based on cross continent wars once they begin. When only 16 'major contenders' remain on the world than we will officially enter 'The Round of 16' which will be slowly weaned down to the Quarter & semi finals respectively, until only two (or three) tribes remain............. at which point we will begin 'The Finals.'

In addition to keeping an updated table; I will also try to gather exclusive interviews from the tribes competing and their top players to give unique insight into how other tribes operate and how other players play the game. As tribes disband, merge or are defeated; the table will be updated accordingly. I hope you guys enjoy the idea & I look forward to watching it unfold; best of luck to all.... W100 - let's crown the first Tribal Wars World Cup Champions :D

Once again please remember for Comments use one of our two official Discussion Threads linked below:

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