Not A Bug Forwarding Multiple Reports Resets the Selected Category

Frying Pan Warrior

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Bug Priority
Minor Bug (doesn't really affect gameplay)
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Functional bug
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Bug Reproduction Steps
1. Switch to a report category such as Attacks.
2. Select more than one report using the check boxes.
3. Click the Forward button.
4. Complete forwarding the reports to a player.

The selected report category is now reset to All.

Now retry the steps except this time select only one report. Your selected report category will be preserved after forwarding. The category is also preserved when forwarding a single report from inside the report.
Bug Reproducibility
Happens always
Here are the report categories:


Whenever you forward multiple reports, the category you had selected gets reset to All.
It's a bit of an inconvenience as it takes an extra click and scrolling to switch back to the category and get back to what you were doing.
It doesn't happen when you only forward a single report.


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@Frying Pan Warrior Can you please submit an improvement suggestion for this? As there's no functionality to keep the selection, it's not considered a bug. :)