1. Swiftblade

    Misc AutoNote Plus (convert reports into village notes)

    This is an improved version of the AMAZING script by xdam98. Quickbar Script javascript:$.getScript(''); How To Use From any report page, click the script link and it will automatically add a note to the village. You may need to wait a few...
  2. RedAlert

    Failed Vote Pin Reports

    I got this idea because of this: You seem an important "report" notice like that gets lost in the thousand of reports players might receive daily. An important notice like that probably it's better to be also sent via mail but that's another possible improvement suggestion that can be made...
  3. TheRealNuno

    Choose which reports for construction manager to receive

    I think you should separate the reports of constructions completed and interrupted by the account manager, its more relevant if it gets interrupted but if I leave the reports active its a huge spam each time I use the manager with completed constructions.
  4. Shinko to Kuma

    Misc Backtime calculator from report

    Simple script to get the return time of troops that attacked a village. Run on a defensive report
  5. Failed Vote Noble attack colour

    Could you please change the report circle colour for any attacks a player makes using a noble from green to purple. I am constantly deleting my unseen nobling attack reports as they are the same green circle colour as all my unfilled unwanted farming attack reports.
  6. JHarp32

    Duplicate Updated Report Filtering

    Ability to EXCLUDE certain things, such as small attacks, scouts, along with search bar to exclude words like support or queue
  7. Multiple Choice Report Filtering

    Hi, There are currently "Filter by battle result" and "Filter by Command Icon" options for filtering reports but neither option allows multiple choice selection. For example, I think it would be better if I were able to select Losses and Complete Victory from "Filter by battle result" and also...
  8. RedAlert

    Misc Reports Overview Helper

    This script can only be run on this screen: /game.php?screen=report&mode=all The idea behind this script is to make it easier for the player to scroll through reports. We all know the struggle when we have a lot of reports and have to clean the reports folder, we have to move up and down...
  9. Failed Vote Scavenge Section in Reports

    Can we create a scavenge tab in our reports page? We have attack, defense, trade, support, events, etc. Because scavenging has become so much of the game, I think it would be beneficial for a scavenger section rather than to group them all in miscellaneous. Thanks.
  10. RedAlert

    Misc Advanced Report Filters

    This script needs to be run either on the Attacks or Defenses reports overview. This is how the script looks like in practice: This script is another quality of life improvement script. With this script you can filter reports based on the defending player, defending tribe, etc. The script...
  11. vekinator

    More report Filter Options - 'does not'

    I would like to have more Filter options for reports, like there are filters for 'Contains scout' or 'Contains noble', but there are not opposite filters like 'Does not contain Nobleman' or 'Does not contain scout' which would be very nice to have. When deleting unnecessary reports from fakes...
  12. SwedishBlueCheese

    Ignoring visits reports

    Would like a setting to filter out the visit reports. It literally gives no information and just fills your reports up
  13. RedAlert

    Duplicate Add "Selected all" and "Delete" reports capability at the top of the Reports Overview screen

    Very often in the game we have to delete reports. The way to do that is to scroll at the bottom of the Reports Overview screen and then click the "Delete" button. The problem with this approach is that when there are 1000 reports on the reports screen, the player has to scroll a lot to just be...
  14. Voodoo.

    Quick Accept/Decline Forwarded Reports

    Would it be possible to add the ❌ and ✅ to the Reports Page for Accepting Forwarded Reports? Could be a Premium Account Only Feature? Example;
  15. Frying Pan Warrior

    Mark Defense Reports With Less Than 2% Losses as Green

    Everyone gets faked. It's fun, or it's not. However the yellow defense reports with 1 units killed are not fun at all. These yellow reports clog up the reports folder and make it difficult to discover reports with real losses. I propose if less than 2% of the defenders troops are killed, the...
  16. Frying Pan Warrior

    Fixed Forwarding More Than 100 Reports At Once Silently Fails

    When a player forwards more than 100 reports at once, the reports fail to send with no notification. This results in many lost battle reports between members.
  17. copy to clipboard button on published reports

    When you publish report on mobile, you have to manually copy the link. I propose button like "copy to clipboard" that will automatically copy link. Not sure if it is possible to do but If it is then it would be great time saver.
  18. Frying Pan Warrior

    Not A Bug Forwarding Multiple Reports Resets the Selected Category

    Here are the report categories: Whenever you forward multiple reports, the category you had selected gets reset to All. It's a bit of an inconvenience as it takes an extra click and scrolling to switch back to the category and get back to what you were doing. It doesn't happen when you only...
  19. The Quacks

    Stats Bash points in reports

    This is a very small script to calculate how much OD a given report generates. Just run it in the overview of a given report, and two lines will be added with the gained ODA and ODD.
  20. Frying Pan Warrior

    Fixed Report Stuck As (new)

    Got some report about a tribe declaring war on another, when I tried to open it I get an error and this report is stuck as (new) even though I opened it multiple times.