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This script needs to be run either on the Attacks or Defenses reports overview.

This is how the script looks like in practice:

This script is another quality of life improvement script. With this script you can filter reports based on the defending player, defending tribe, etc. The script will only show on dropdowns tribes or players for the which there are reports. The script will not help when you have like 10k reports, but if you start using this right when the world starts you will not need to keep anymore that much reports.

I built this so I could easily find which of the reports I had could be deleted (example a tribe mate had control over the village I had a report).

So if you use the script often and clean the un-needed reports and organize reports to move them on respective folders you will always have a clean "New reports" folder.

The "Select all" functionality for reports built-in in the game is disabled as soon as you select to show only reports specific to a player or a tribe.


This is done from the script so you do not click this by mistake, select all reports and then click "Delete" which would delete all the reports (or move all the reports to some other folders if that is what you where trying to do), instead of just deleting/moving only the reports belonging to a specific tribe/player.

Feel free to reply to this thread if you have any suggestions, need help, or found a bug in this script.
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