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now you got him suiciding for you Barb :(
his loyalty is admirable
his account is 10 years old!
only 17 posts
last 3 all today, defending you from me
when it was you who started our beef, for no reason, with a stupid post accusing me of a stupid post lol

what a crazy story here :confused:

awper, i am going to use kid gloves for now with you
clearly, there are some basic elements you do not grasp

1. Strawberry Queen sent my school multiple devices for those students to be online, others have provided help as they were able, folk i met in TW

this ^^ speaks to purpose & sense of me interacting with TW players, some are worth knowing & clearly i can draw attention

2. H0lly offered an hour podcast with me & 2 other guests if the offer got 15 upvotes, it got 20 in hours
he even warned you all about me

this ^^ speaks to that, not only do i draw attention, clearly i draw support, though equally clear is the fact i draw haters as well
right Jirki? ;)

i am also active on twitter skype, sometimes i visit random online chatrooms
i played TW in the past though, my being here is not random

3. i did not brag about my admittedly blessed life till you insulted it

4. i did not start the shit with Barb
i asked a neutral question, a good question, the community is toxic? not my fault, i don't create the reality

5. would the kids cheer me? duh?

basically, everything you posted is demonstrably wrong, from ALL evidence in a single page alone :oops:

we could meet, i posted 2 videos showing what i look like, i'm not hiding bro
what is obvious is that you are blindly loyal to Barb
i promise, everybody here would prefer you leave folk like Martin & Michael to come to his aid, he has no shortage of folks with thousands of posts who hate me
nobody wants to see me vs you

You take ignorant and delusional to a whole new level.

Yes, I have 13 posts in 10 years, around 20 posts in 13 years with my other account. So what? I have spent my time playing the game, which clearly you don't seem to understand that these forums are for people who play this game.

Like I said before, I don't know barbarian, never spoke to him before (as far as I'm aware) and have no "loyalty" to him whatsoever. I just don't like people like you who go around talking a load of shit in places where they're clearly not appreciated. Every world you blab your mouth on slowly dies and I actually like this world so would rather you piss off to your blessed life.

1. Who the hell cares? What is your point? If those kids or their parents saw the way you talk online you'd hear a whole lot of something and it won't be cheering. If you are part of a teaching board, would they be happy to see all your comments here?

2. Who the hell cares? What is your point? Because 1 person made a joke about including you in a pod cast, that makes you feel special or something? You being here obviously isn't random. You can't just RANDOMLY register and start being an idiot on a community forum for a dead browser game.

It's like balian saying that he posts so much because theres someone out there in TW who cares so it makes sense for him to keep posting... right?

3. Like I said, delusional. Every post you make on any world always mentions your blessed life which you choose to run away and hide on the internet from.... Weird isn't it.. if I had a shit load of money, travelled everyone and was well respected by "children" in education.. I god damn sure wouldn't be spending my spare time insulting people and causing drama in a gaming community. With all the money, time and respecty you "have", you could make this a better game, not shove it further down a toxic hole.

4. You started shit by bringing his family into this post for whatever pathetic and sad reason. If not for that, I would have continued to ignore you like i have since you came back on w94 and I made a fool out of you where you ended up leaving your own w94 world chat because you couldn't handle a debate.

Btw, when you say shit like "my kid gloves" and you work with kids.. that is really creepy shit.

Deleted User - 4669627

No, really - I've no idea who awper is, but he already said that.

I thought it was classless to chuck your upper-class life in people's faces. No one really cares, hence the sarcastic comments you received. There was no need to bite so viciously, and when I think I'm in the right I'll fight my corner. There is no "shit" between us, I've not enough time for that even if you clearly wanted to troll.

I answered your question truthfully, and though you were a prat with your snide remarks afterwards.

i respected your honesty elsewhere, but you were snarky 1st :|

i clean floors ftr

a friend asked for a loan from people she knew in TW
her fuel pump is out, she can't drive & lives in rural America, no public transport
she has a skype chat, she made a private group chat with me where i asked her if i could discuss this, she told me which facts to omit, i have

i have a skype chat as well, it was a topic that solicited replies there also
so basically, a lot of folk in w100 already knew this story, so i shared it here, omitting the parts i am supposed to omit
i told them i would before i did, gave them time to respond
the mods have had time to weigh in and are traditionally very quick to ban me outright
often i cross the line
this time i have not

Snyper Eyes

Wow the grammar errors

I would lend to:
The DeathKnight

I would never lend to:
Willow the Wisp
Doctorate Denied

On the edge for lending:

Bold is added


No, I said your post was stupid. I don't speak for my parents. I merely offered a quote that has stuck, to provide a different perspective and I thought the difference was clear - apparently not. Lets get this straight: saying your post is stupid is not a flame against you, rather it's a flame against your content. Perhaps however stupid was the wrong word to use - if you would let me retract it and replace it instead with "thoughtless" I would be appreciate it. I don't agree that it was a deep question, I thought it was ignorant.

-insulting post removed by moderator

I thought we were to have an intelligent discussion up until this point. The reply could've been "Why do you think it's stupid?" but you jumped the gun and set the tone for the conversation, before proceeding to try and humiliate me publicly in the discussion thread.

However, I don't want to argue about who said what. Its more likely the case that we both just rattled each other and I'm not going to talk about it any further.

This whole thread is based on personal life and personal transactions, and it shouldn't have a place on these forums. Regardless of whether kids could be influenced differently let me offer an alternative example. There are vulnerable adults out there who are at risk of being influence by what they see; people with autism or learning difficulties in particular coming at the top of that list. If someone replied "Oh I loan money to this person and that person" it sets an unhealthy precedent that I don't like nor agree with. People can be influenced by the nature of the community/society and are at risk of being exploited as such, given the ease at which certain topics such as this one can be misinterpreted. Personal life should be kept personal, between those in question and any family that might entail. If you are interested I suggest you keep it to PMs with people you know.

In your reply you answered "clearly false" but have presented me with no explanation as to why? I don't think anyone cares what you do with your money - it's your business, or replies would've been more positive.

No need for a truce - I'm not one to hold a grudge.
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Wow the grammar errors

I would lend to:
The DeathKnight

I would never lend to:
Willow the Wisp
Doctorate Denied

On the edge for lending:

once upon a time, on twitter, a "follower" rt'd a suicide tweet :(
this tweet got a LOT of replies, despite the person's small following
i read these replies, they were basically several types

1. DO IT!


3. let me help

i replied to the 3rd type
i told them to add me on skype
most did not :(

a couple did :D

the suicider added me
he wanted to be a rap star! :cool:

i wanted to help the people willing to help him, despite having very little themselves (they are all Nigerian)
only 2 added me on skype
1 immediately won a visa to the UK
1 lives on the other side of the country

long story, we sent Olly to the studio to record a track
it was decent, so we recorded 2 more
atm, he is putting together a concert in his home city of Lagos with a population over 20 mill :eek:
maybe H0lly wants to wait a few weeks for an epic podcast? live stream of a concert from Lagos while we chat?

anyway, respect snyper
that is the kind of answer i was looking for
idk vast majority of your list, i'm not judging any of it
but respect, whether i would agree with the list or not

YOU are welcome to add me on skype
not cuz you can invest, it might turn out that i invest in you :eek:
regardless, it will be an entertaining chat we have ;)

mods can close this thread, but i do not think i warrant being banned
i think, we should talk

Snyper Eyes

Basically everyone in TKWSN and TKWSN2 on Casual 3 is on my list of I would lend money to, as a number of them already send me premium points when I'm out (grandpubah1- sent me like 3k in total, all repaied, Andrew.J-sent me 200 yesterday, will be repaid once Casual 3 world win points are sent out)

I'm generally a nice person, I'm young, have a lot going on tbh
I'm only 20, I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease at 16, was rushed to the ER about 5 times in the span of 3 months before being diagnosed.
The last time I was rushed to the hospital was back in May, I spent the beginning of this world in a hospital bed tbh. I was in for 5 days, first 3 days were for my Pancreatitis to heal, 4th day I had surgery, 5th day I went home on pain meds (Norco)
I goto the hospital every 8 weeks for IV Infusions (havent gone for one since Before my surgery) I was due for 1 on May 6th (the day I was rushed to the hospital) but havent had one, and ontop of all this I'm jobless living at home with my parents and stepbrothers (no matter how much I dislike living at home, I have no job so cant leave)
Everyone on my list has impacted my life and helps me through it, MaltD, Grandpubah1, Leatherblood, Dawdles, The DeathKnight... just talking to them helps make my day better (mostly because my family is annoying af :p)
So anything I can do to help someone who helped me I would do in a heartbeat.
-Snyper (used to be called joesurin99)
-been playing on and off for 10 years
-I started this game with my friend when we were only 10 Y/O

Deleted User - 4669627

I don't agree that it was a deep question, I thought it was ignorant.

history disagrees, money lending has been a pivotal influence since 2 people came together
i'm sorry, you're father was wrong :|

In your reply you answered "clearly false" but have presented me with no explanation as to why?

"nobody is interested in hearing exactly what you do with it"

clearly false

clearly Strawberry Queen was interested, as was the anonymous person in the original post, as was the anonymous "friend" she decided to test before she asked me
clearly :confused:

are there folks less obvious? sure? snyper seems interested
your misinterpretation + a couple of blatant haters - a couple folk i never met yet who show interest along with a bunch of folks who see a chance to make jokes
it doesn't = lack of interest

hate on some other thread?



If I had any and they needed it:


They'd do the same and have offered before. But on principle I'd never ask or accept money from friends.

Jeffrey Woods

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Wow the grammar errors

I would lend to:
The DeathKnight

I would never lend to:
Willow the Wisp
Doctorate Denied

On the edge for lending:
Now what, you gonna say I would steal your money? L O L.