Frost is going through divorce

Lost serenity

yep fincky and currently co playing the guy who just killed your nuke and train :O woops lol
also the #1 OD thanks to you guys

lol horsey, i loved how u sniped one of ur own trains, i lol'd so hard :)

But in all honesty, ur timing was neat.. compared to some of ur pals 2-3 min long noble trains :p

Who are you nubs? :D

Anyways, though I can't talk for the rest of my tribe, my coplayer lost Internet, so my attacks got really messed up.


indeed... dont play anymore but i cant prevent myself from not checking on forums... but forums ... are dead :icon_eek:

Yeah, but that tends to happen when worlds near their completion. If you want you could coplay me on fester ;)


Frost is going through divorce, i love the title of this thread :icon_biggrin: