Funny attacks and successful defences.


Defender: ***
Village: ***

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dogsazz today at 23:40
Hey can you let those 2 nobles pass? I couldn't recall my entire train

earone today at 23:39
something that disappears before you can digest it is worthless :p

dogsazz today at 23:37
They were tatsy

earone today at 23:37
this account is sat 24/7, you've only taken vills when it was idle. ;)

dogsazz today at 23:35
Its a game
Cat and Mouse.....

earone today at 23:35
when will you stop wasting time and nobles?


Don't think you know what you're talking about or what he was trying to get at. But thanks for your input.

No im just saying that you dont have proof if that was a noble train or nuke (otherwise prove it) but I dont think ANYONE in their right minds would post up a "nuke train" timing to flame the opponent as thats pure silly.

Im more than sure welsh has an incoming sorter and he knows that the attack is a real noble train and THATS why he posted it.. But then again, this is just a theory.