Funny IG messages


G H I tried to recruit me...

like to join us? said:
Auscom on 08.08. at 09:17
hey there Groverxlll would you like to join us?

groverXIII on 08.08. at 16:08

*pause to breathe*


Auscom on 08.08. at 21:30


LOL, even though im a member of G H I i just find that hilarious!:lol:


tronar today at 04:02
i know i can take on a dude on a wight horse welding a stick any day because u r talking to a gang leader and i have enough smarts to out smart a scout

in the end , the scout outsmarted the guy :biggrin:..


JohnPoppyJack today at 03:33
Why are all of you attacking me?

ROFL... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Best CLOROX comment in the whole world.


I hate people.
Alliz. said:
------ on 14.09. at 13:34

how r u i want 2 b alliz wit u ur big and im small and i need ur protktn from uda big playurs?

Pyronixcore on 14.09. at 14:55

You're three thousand points... and in K49... on the other side of the world...

What will I get out of it?

------ on 14.09. at 15:29

ull get da protektn of my tribe and clorox wer gr8 friend u c i dusnt matr dat ur on da otha side of da wrld

bsidz im undr attck help!!!!!!!

Pyronixcore today at 12:50

Look in P&P W8, your image-based answer will be there.



LOL pyro. By the way, loving the new sig, Suppose I should get a pretty one soon..


Not in-game, but totally worth it.

Tribalwars IRC said:
02:32:53 | true\false: No point, I'm just bored of cooking and cleaning

02:33:38 | CallousStranger: i never get tired of cleaning

02:33:41 | CallousStranger: cooking yeah

02:34:03 | CallousStranger: but i like when someone walks in my house and everythings clean and sparkly and they're like 'woah, nice place'

02:34:18 | true\false: Glitter?


For amusement a 2 part post

I did make a mistake when in the mails :) as his tribe is 40+ mil I had just glanced and seen the 20 mil from the top 40. my bad

hi said:
yaya adiano on 14.09. at 19:35
why are you not reading my mails and do you want to join our tribe

yaya adiano on 15.09. at 00:53
sorry i took the villige but u need it

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 12:33
I was gone for a few days is why :)

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 12:44
No I don't want to join your tribe :)

yaya adiano on 15.09. at 13:28
you never sent me a mail to be personal ally and dont worry about your support as soon as they come i l send them back

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 18:01
I never wanted to be your personal ally :)

yaya adiano on 15.09. at 18:25

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 18:28
They get in my way

besides your pal helmut is being a smart ass and telling me not to expand in k10 anymore.

look if you have anymore personal allies tell me now so I dont kill them.

yaya adiano on 15.09. at 18:33
i told him and realy if you start growing in k10 you will be nobled me and my tribe are taking this k so dont take anymore villiges cuz soon or later we will take them

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 18:40
by all means take your shot at taking my Villages :)

I mean what a huge accomplishment for your 20 mil point tribe with an astounding 333 members. You know now that I think about it thats really sad to have 333 members and only 20 mil in points? and 3 of them make up a quarter of that.


Truely sad to say the least So please by all means get yourself and your n00b tribe and attack my 85k point self :) By all means rack up my odd score.


yaya adiano on 15.09. at 18:44
i am saying now either we be allies or noble and i sed sorry i cant keep any strong one next to me you can send a noble

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 18:45
wth did you just say?

That made no sense at all and I'm really good at deciphering non english players bad english.

please retry that.

yaya adiano on 15.09. at 18:48
we can be allies if not then i should attack as you wish helmoet and me can leave you alone but you must promise not to attack

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 18:50
I had no problems with not attacking you but at the same time I will not stop expanding in K10 just because some rim tribe thinks they can bully me around due to me only having 85k points :)

yaya adiano on 15.09. at 18:59
that dont matter i start attacking you when you were stronger tham me any way extend in k 10 but not next to me and helmoet cuz if you did i have no choice bytheway my tribe is strong and powerfull but have low points

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 19:04
lol your tribe is a bunch of n00bs who rely upon numbers to save them. lol you will learn soon enough that numbers wont always save you :)

I really doubt any of you have any skill to speak of but then you might have a few good players in among the n00bs but I asure you that I rank you among the n00bs and Helmut among the n00bers.


yaya adiano on 15.09. at 19:08
what do you say peace or warrrrrrrrrrr???????!!!!!!!!

Dagoneto on 15.09. at 19:11
I have a wonderful new tribe name for you

SKeered Bastards

yaya adiano on 16.09. at 23:45
why are you attacking me now didnt we say peace

Dagoneto on 16.09. at 23:58
I never said anything of the kind :)

yaya adiano today at 00:08
ok then you want to fight

yaya adiano today at 00:11
then helmoet and me will start attacking

Dagoneto today at 00:16

about time you grew a set and attacked :p

yaya adiano today at 00:36
i willll start nobling you *****
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Part 2

Dagoneto today at 00:46

ok :)

I'll await the splatter of your troops on my walls :)

Dagoneto today at 00:47
have fun rebuilding that wall :)

yaya adiano today at 00:51
have fun being nobled by me helmoet and mistagog saza11 all these are in formed as soon as we scout you will be nobled and i will rebuild my wall with your resourses

Dagoneto today at 00:52
so tell me are you crying on your tribes forums for help yet? I bet you're crying like a little girl huh :)

mommy mommy the big bad man is beating me up and making fun of me.

yaya adiano today at 00:53
ok we will see all of these have troops in my villiges and now you ****** lets see who will cry

Dagoneto today at 00:53
lol not my resources I already sent the merchants out on a 300 hr march and used all the resources.

yaya adiano today at 00:54
ok just have fun sooner or later you will be nobled

Dagoneto today at 00:55

I don't care if I lose the villages but it's the def score I want and to make you look like total n00bs. Well bigger noobs than you already are.

yaya adiano today at 00:55
we will see

Dagoneto today at 01:00
I'm awaiting your inept mixed villages to land their troops upon my walls with eager anticipation.

yaya adiano today at 01:02
lol wait alot you didnt see anything yet

yaya adiano today at 01:05
6 players above 10000 point will attack good luck try to survive lol

yaya adiano today at 01:05
sorry 100000

Dagoneto today at 01:06
yes yes get over yourself. The posturing thing doesn't suit the n00bs of w8 like yourself. Now either fight or shut up and go away :)

yaya adiano today at 01:07
ok i will fight till the end

Dagoneto today at 01:10
I tell you what I'll make you a deal if you don't manage to take my big village after the first wave of attacks by you and your 6 friends you have to give me one of your villages :)

yaya adiano today at 01:16
shut your mouth up you will not take any of my villiges

Dagoneto today at 01:18
awww but they look so nice I mean you decorated the walls with the word N00B all over the place. So I have to say you're correct keep them because only n00bs build crap hole villages :)

yaya adiano today at 01:20
shut up and fight

Dagoneto today at 01:21
Awwww am I bothering you my wittle pet n00b? I know you like me and want to be called n00b alot more.

yaya adiano today at 01:21
shut it up you *******

For the record I took one of his villages
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another player from SKB

lol said:
Dagoneto on 17.09. at 02:08
Mixed villages?

lmao N00b

Dagoneto on 17.09. at 18:52
word of advice for the future.

Never ever make mixed villages like that as they will cut down on either the off power or def power of the village. Always make them one or the other but not mixed.

Also You have to many rams and catapults
Rams only need a max of 220 and Catapults need no more than 50.


Helmoet today at 15:51

Dagoneto today at 16:10
Just giving some helpful advice my little pet n00b :)

Helmoet today at 16:32
watch your self your so week we cleared you in 4 or 3 days

Helmoet today at 16:33
you are so week you noob you have no troops and also you have no mind you took 3 villiges far away from your tribe lol fool

Dagoneto today at 16:44

lol I'm a fool lets see here

You attack with mixed villages as well as full def villages. You use far to many Rams and Catapults their by just wasting troops that can be used for axe or LC.

Yes you guys did clear me but it took 8 of you to do so and as you said 4 days to do so. However I took a village from you guys and cleared 3 more with a single off army.

While me moving out here to K10 on my own might not have been the best move it did prove very entertaining for me for the last 4 days as I learned that their are players out there with far less skill than my own.

*pets the pet n00b*



Heh, legendary stuff......


The wonderful thing is, Dagoneto looks small, but he's a solid veteran from older worlds with leadership history, with full understanding of game dynamics, and knows how to be a right bloody pain when he needs to be.


The wonderful thing is, Dagoneto looks small, but he's a solid veteran from older worlds with leadership history, with full understanding of game dynamics, and knows how to be a right bloody pain when he needs to be.

I'm a pain to both enemy and ally alike :)