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oh not you knight ... i get enough of the family that adopted me at GHI


Pyronixcore today at 04:40
i saw it all arrive,and i kept clicking the mail icon to make it go away. So i saw one full page of new mails arrive...

Then witheringx and I went to bed.

..... :icon_eek:


<.< No comment?:icon_twisted:

We also ride our ponies together, :scout:, and watch The Bold and The Beautiful :icon_eek:


Pyronixcore today at 04:40

Then witheringx and I went to bed.

Pyro... shhh!


We went to bed... different beds... different states (same country)... and slept with different - [/me stops before he goes too far]

You get the picture... it's not what you're thinking.




This is the general ideal of conversation in most KNT forum threads.

*Theodred* said:
My attack!

Quantity: 0 1395 0 0 0 0 0 0 12
Losses: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Defender: unknown
Village: ***

Quantity: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Haul: 1.362 1.362 1.362 4086/20925
Change of Loyalty Loyalty loss from 100 to 78

12 nobles lowered the loyalty by 22 =]

Maradam said:
In any attack only one noble counts - the other 11 are wasted.

*Theodred* said:
I know but 12 nobles.

How lazy do these men get?

0.5/10 for doing their job!

Maradam said:
Have you noticed how the game is totally weird in some ways?
- you can transport stuff three times faster than a spear warrior can travel!
- it takes ages for an army to move across the map - but scouting reports are returned instantly (radios?)
- You can't redirect supporting troops to another village without recalling them first.

*Theodred* said:
What's wierdest of all is I can contact someone continents away from me but they can reply in seconds.


Maradam said:

... A short while later, after the incessant cackling and giggling at maradams top notch comment of witchcraft, it starts all over again...

*Theodred* said:
Don't get me started on those. I mean those freakish cats can literally chose what they want to demolish. Troops seem to armour themselves at an upgrade.


This is a thing a friend from my tribe got from his friend in another tribe on another world.


tronar today at 01:49
y r u atacking me dude im like trying to get alot of dudes

Lord Newhope today at 02:22
Because your tribe and ours are at war and you happen to be the closest to me?

tronar today at 02:29
well can u please dont attack me? because i just sufered two atacks from ur tribe and i have like no troops

Lord Newhope today at 02:30
sorry, can't recall them

tronar today at 02:32
y i know how to recall them just go to the rally point and hit cancel on the attack

Lord Newhope today at 02:36
Cant they've been gone too long.
Do this, when they get there, just give them some cookies maybe they won't attack then.

tronar today at 02:37
how do i do that theyll just attack

Lord Newhope today at 02:38
Do you have a paladin?

tronar today at 02:39
ya y

Lord Newhope today at 02:40
Post him at the gate with the /cookie command.

tronar today at 02:40
and were do i enter that

Lord Newhope today at 02:54
Do you have a Premium account?

tronar today at 02:57

Lord Newhope today at 02:59
That's the problem. If you had a premium account you could use the cookie defence once a month. Sorry not much I can do.

tronar today at 03:01
how long did it say it will take ur dudes before u sent em

Lord Newhope today at 03:02

tronar today at 03:07
because i can tell u if u r still able to recall ur troops

Lord Newhope today at 03:08
Can't recall, they've been gone for over an hour.

tronar today at 03:10
well if u can just cancel em

Lord Newhope today at 03:13
ok, I'll talk to them. The problem is sometimes they don't mind me. You know them soldiers, can be very barbaric sometimes, I would hide the women and children.

tronar today at 03:15
well try and turn there minds so they dont attack me because its no fair if i gett attack 3 times in the same week

Lord Newhope today at 03:20
ok, I sent out one of my scouts with a message, see if he gets there on time.

tronar today at 03:31
kk lets hope he does and if he doesnt its like some of my tribe members bombing u guys with lots of waves of troops

Lord Newhope today at 03:33
oh wow...threats? and I was being so nice and helpful. I guess I will not tell you the secret to not get your troops killed then.

tronar today at 03:37
im not threatening im just telling u if my dudes find out that i get attacked about 2 more times from the hawks its fall out war with catapults,rams axemen,spearmen,cavalry,archers,noblemen,paladens and others

Lord Newhope today at 03:38
I tried to stop them, but they say no deal!

tronar today at 03:39
then prep for war after 2 other 2 attacks after ur attack

tronar today at 03:42
how much dudes did u send?

Lord Newhope today at 03:43
oh come on...what's the fun of me telling you?

tronar today at 03:45
so i know if i need rienforcements or not bcuase i cant survive battles were the attacker has way more solders

Lord Newhope today at 03:49
I just sent a scout....was wondering what you'll be ok.

tronar today at 03:53
well can u pease tell me how much troops u sent?

Lord Newhope today at 03:54
I told you...1 scout!

tronar today at 03:54
no for the attack

Lord Newhope today at 03:57
1 S-C-O-U-T....can't miss him, he's on a little white horsie, kind of cute, he likes carrots. He's name is Spankie!

tronar today at 03:58
so the 3hour and 55 minute wait for an attack is a stupid scout

Lord Newhope today at 04:00
He's not stupid! If you call him that he might resent it and pull out his "woopass stick" on you. And you don't want that.

tronar today at 04:02
i know i can take on a dude on a wight horse welding a stick any day because u r talking to a gang leader and i have enough smarts to out smart a scout

Lord Newhope today at 04:30
You be a gangster?

tronar today at 04:32
ya im a gang leader wat do u expect

Lord Newhope today at 04:33
I don't know...can you teach me some gang signs? I want to be a gang banger also....what's the name of your gang?

tronar today at 04:35
i only have a temporary gang name and thats the rebels

Lord Newhope today at 04:35
Do you have a cause? Or are you rebels without a cause?

tronar today at 04:38
well the thing is the place that im living in right now is getting bader by the week so i got tired of having to here sirens of police cars go off every day i made my own gang and i already have like 10 people in it

Lord Newhope today at 04:40
Cool, can I join? If I joined what would my gang name be?

tronar today at 04:42
if u joined my gang u would be under the gang name the rebels if u start ur own u will b able to make ur own gang name

Lord Newhope today at 05:06
No, I mean a nickname. Don't your gang members have a name or tag they go by?

tronar today at 05:38
ya but only me and my right hand men have nick names

tronar today at 05:45
hey dude r u aloud to send resources to enemies?

Lord Newhope today at 05:46
Yea, you going to send me some?

Lord Newhope today at 05:46
What's your nickname?

tronar today at 05:47
nick name for wat

Lord Newhope today at 05:48
your gang.

tronar today at 05:49

Lord Newhope today at 05:50
Road you ride a bike?

tronar today at 05:51
ya i ride a orange cuonty chopper pedal bike

Lord Newhope today at 05:52
Awesome! Training wheels?

tronar today at 05:54
no my occ pedal bike has a humungo back tire and i have really good balance

Lord Newhope today at 05:55
I'm proud of you.

tronar today at 05:57
ill have talk to you tommorow my jackass mom wants me in bed

Lord Newhope today at 05:59
kk, night!


madman0311 what's the point of posting your absolutely useless conversation if it's from another world.