Funny IG messages


Let's lifen this place up!

[9:13:40 PM] Violett: Work
[9:14:20 PM] [MooMix1]: listen to moosix
[9:14:22 PM] Tom: i'm lazy, i need something to keep me occupied while i do :/
[9:14:26 PM] Tom: :^)
[9:15:43 PM] [MooMix1]: twiddle your thumbs
[9:15:49 PM] Violett: Spin a pen
[9:15:56 PM] Tom: i can't work then
[9:15:56 PM] Violett: Watch little girls
[9:16:02 PM] [MooMix1]: ROFL
[9:16:15 PM] Tom: Tom needs his mind occupied, not hands -.-

I never said anything about touching them! D: