Funny IGM's (in game mails)


Now I've seen barb noblers before. But tornado puts a whole new meaning to the term. Usually when you see someone nobling barbs they will at least have a few player villages taken. But wow.... I have no more words. Just WOW. ken, can I help? hehehe

I looked up some stats a while ago, and on one of his other worlds he nobled over 1000 of them if i remember correctly.


measte today at 08:16
enjoy my pressies

Golums Precious today at 11:06
a nice supprise although i suspect less than 70 are anything to bother about

measte today at 13:07
thats a good guess

which 66 are the key though

Golums Precious today at 13:09
no its not. :p 66 nukes with cats are no consern.

Golums Precious today at 13:17
infact :p got to worrie even less since you splatting on dave james ;)

measte today at 13:19
am i?

lol believe what you want - lets see how many of Djs nukes now have to travel back to k45 at ram speed

Golums Precious today at 13:22
but dosent the same apply to the ones you sent to me ? kind of contradicting your self there arnt you ?

Golums Precious today at 13:23
260h for your round trip ? his will be home and back to you before then no doubt

measte today at 13:24
oh no this is a permasit - who cares what goes on with the troops - this accunt will be nobled out in 2 weeks

enjoy the pressies - there are 53 nukes and a haldful of special surprises for you

Golums Precious today at 13:26
like i said nothing special.

measte today at 13:27
sure - enjoy them anyway - a little softening up never hurt anyone

besides you farm so much im sure a few villages bashed up doesnt bother you at all

Golums Precious today at 13:32
So who's sitting measte then ? who's braking the TW rules then ?

measte today at 13:36
ah account sitting is breaking the rules is it

oops :p

prehaps you should read them and do a refresher as you and your tribe seem to be confused about the password one and the using of macros one as well

Golums Precious today at 13:38
you said perma-sit

"Long Term Sitting

Permanent sitting of accounts is against the rules. Accounts that are sat with no owner that is returning are considered Permanent Sitting. If the account owner decides that he/she will not return to the game, the account may not be played further by an account sitter, and steps must be taken to end the sitting (optionally gifting the villages first)."

Maby you need to read the rules. if not be more careful about what you say in mail.

measte today at 13:40
villages are being gifted and troops being cleared for that purpose

just thought we would send them at the big nob ahead of any other permanent targets

Golums Precious today at 13:42
now you just said "no*" You sure you not just trying to get the account banned fiery ?

measte today at 13:44
firey doesnt sit every account, there are others of us who do the work as well you know

So go on, put in a ticket for an account sit. And what do you mean about now you just said no?

Golums Precious today at 13:46
No Firey dose not just his identical text and typing twin seems to be sitting measte. i may be wrong but everything about your mail and even tell tail sign's point to it being fiery.

measte today at 13:50
ok fine assume what you wish :)

Golums Precious today at 13:51
Will do i been right every time so fare.

:lol: you compare the mail to a certain person's post and the incoming from x account it to convincing to think its not fiery.


:icon_neutral: I'f i wanted to report Cperry it would not be here on Externals mate i'm not moaning was just thinking how funny this mail looked like a regular poster i know here.

Sorry if it gave that impression


I wasn't really referring directly to you Syruss. I was mostly just annoyed with seeing people in most the topics complaining about cheating with these accounts and what not. No offense meant with it.


Why does everyone continue to argue about whether people are breaking the rules or not? It doesn't take a genius to send in a ticket. And the people at TW aren't stupid either. Just report it rather than continually whine about it on the externals. Clearly it works since so many people have been banned in the last few weeks.


Keep the discussion of rule breaking off the forum


:icon_neutral: I'f i wanted to report Cperry it would not be here on Externals mate i'm not moaning was just thinking how funny this mail looked like a regular poster i know here.

Sorry if it gave that impression

pretty desperately trying to find some way to get at me ey - dont worry it will all soon be over for you


Biellanx on 10.03. at 22:32
oi,por favor não me ataque quando vencer meus 5 dias de iniciante!eu posso te mandar ajuda em quem estiver te atacando.
pense no que eu escrevi,e se não aceitar o acordo TENHA PIEDADE!mas se aceitar me mande por favor um pedido para sermos aliados ou da mesma tribo,pode ser?acredite eu serei uma util aliada sua!

today at 01:25

i dont speak spanish and this is an english only server so No comprehension.

I think I will noble him for not speaking the language of me so I will talk back in the language of nobling ^_^


This is not extremely funny, but it is sort of your stereotypical noob mail... except that this is late in the game, and this guy is about 1.5 million points (in my experience most of this type of noob ends up on the rim faster)

Anyway.... I edited out many words that he used innapropriately. (look for the asterisks)

Backround: I attacked him in k83 (my continent:icon_rolleyes:) He was a former tribemate of mine in TSB, but evidently he did not make the cut into TSL. He literally did nothing in TSB, other than noble noobs and barbs.
ukdevils today at 02:44
well i see you have not given this much thought, im a ex tsb member and im in another tribe just come out on my own to sort someone out .. !!

swordalchemist today at 02:47
Pff... so what if you were an ex-TSB player? I do not care. You are in my continent, so i will nuke you

ukdevils today at 02:52
its not your continent .. this was tsb continent.. !!!

swordalchemist today at 02:53
It is actually my continent. I own it. You are trespassing with your villages... and by the way, since it is my continent, that means it is TSL's continent.

ukdevils today at 02:59
if you want to start a fight then believe me u have just picked on the wrong person .. i dont take it lightly unprovoked attacks .. and i will retaliate for your actions .. and if you knew the inns and outs you would realize what u have done is to create trouble .

ukdevils today at 02:59
for every attack u make i will step it up ..

swordalchemist today at 03:00
Here is the deal ukdevilish.... I am going to noble and/or cat your k83 villages, since k83 is my continent. If you want me to attack your other villages.. then just go ahead and attack me. I guarentee that I have more troops than you do... most likely twice as much. So... good luck :)

Oh really uk? Can you send as fast as me? hehe

ukdevils today at 03:06
considering you were in the same tribe as me u back stabbing idiot .. your a disgrace// and like i said see what happens now.. u just started a **** storm mate..

ukdevils today at 03:07
oh and your now red on our tribes maps ..

swordalchemist today at 03:09
I started a "****" storm with who? I am not the tribeless player... who did not make it to TSL with the rest. In fact I went first, so i could get away from people such as you. Spamming my continents with your ugly villages....
I think it is time for some remodeling.

And by the way, for every attack you send on me, and i will send 10 on you

ukdevils today at 03:12
your a two face tosser .. this is why you were sitting people accounts wasnt it u d***... lol well i told u keep it up and see what happens u have pissed a few people off so it seems and since u started this well believe me you,ll get what you deserve as players dont like that you have sat them to gain info.. now you just became enemy no1 moron!!lmao

swordalchemist today at 03:13
Oh noes!!!! I am so scared!!! Please stop attacking me mr. amazingness!

I sat the southern crew to make sure that they were not spies (several of them turned out to be)
I will definitely get what i deserve.. which is all of your villages

ukdevils today at 03:16
go *** urself u two face little p****.. ur the spy.. and now we all know..

swordalchemist today at 03:17
I am obviously not the spy, since if i was, undoubtedly TSB would have been screwed long before

ukdevils today at 03:20
u are the spy// you have just confirmed it for us.. im speaking with others right now.. we deal with spys in only one way .. told you not to push this ///

swordalchemist today at 03:22
oh no!!! you found me out... how did you know it was me? I was trying to hide it all this time... in reality i was spying for the barbarian tribe.
PLEASE dont tell anyone, I will be punished severely if anyone finds out... maybe even spanked!

ukdevils today at 03:28
lmao.. u are funny i will give you that,. anyway SPY.. LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR INCOMING WITH GLEE..

swordalchemist today at 03:29
I am looking forward to them. In fact since all of my defense just returned, I am definitely ready for you to feed me some ODD on a platter. Also, the ODA that you will give me will be gorgeous.

swordalchemist today at 03:35
ok i have to go to bed for the night, but we can keep fighting tomorrow. Please dont attack me while i am asleep though, since that isnt nice, and it isnt fair

ukdevils today at 03:37
YER AND IM LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR TROOPS TO ARRIVE SO I CAN SEND EM BACK IN BODY BAGS.. whats great is now all the friends of mine from tsb now know you were spying .. gud luk.. cause no one likes a disloyal idiot.

swordalchemist today at 03:38
They know about it now? Oh crap... i think i may have to delete now, this is just so terrible.

By the way, good night and i will attack you again in the morning when we are both on

ukdevils today at 03:51
lol keep sending them cause it will make it easier for our tribe to wipe ur a** out !!!!

swordalchemist today at 03:52
You are the only member in your tribe.....

ukdevils today at 04:01
lol told u im not in this tribe ,haha u are a idiot.. u see you really think u know it all do u really think im not attached to another tribe,, lol.. i have been around a long time fool and have enough friends to piss all over ur fire..lmao.. you are making me laugh so much .. you have just made my day.. cheers for that !!!

swordalchemist today at 04:03
hahaha this is ridiculously funny.

Actually, it is obvious that you have no friends (or else you would be in a tribe right now)

TSL will not take you because you are a noob, and Skill? will not take you for the exact same reason. Anarky will not take you either, since Firey is wise and will not take idiots.(mostly) So.. looks like you are sol right now...

ukdevils today at 04:06
yer whatever dun ***.. you know it all .. like i said wait and see dum ***.. oh and my friends lol there here right now.. lol hope u sent some good nukes cause im going to love watching you say ohhhhhhhhhhhh ****!! and now im going too make k84 my region cause i feel that way out.. when i get all the reports back for everyone else to look at you,ll have to stay up for next 7 days lol lol lol u dum ***..

swordalchemist today at 04:07
Heh, you are quite the character. You are just proving further that you are a noob. Even while I need no help whatsoever sending your sorry butt back to the rim, I will be enlisting my tribemates all around you to take a few of your vils, since i would hate to keep the plunder all to myself :)

ukdevils today at 04:16
listen you bore the *** out of me just get in with it you little d***.. and shut the fuk up .. i warned you of the outcome and you wouldnt listen now just send what you want and i will show you what happens .. one thing i know is it seems a few didnt trust you and now they have seen your actions well need i say more !! no one likes a disloyal tribe mate and a TWO ****ING FACED ONE AT THAT !!! YOU HAVE SHOWN UR UNTRUSTWORTHY ALL THE ****n WAY AND A EGOTISTICAL CHILD .. SO KEEP SENDING YOUR TROOPS AS IT WILL MAKE IT EASIER TO TAKE THE VILLAGES OFF YOU !! NOW *** OFF AND PLAY WITH YOUR TROOPS IM OFF TO BED... CAUSE MY ACC IS WELL COVERED LOL *** WAD.!!

swordalchemist today at 04:20

Anger issues much?

ukdevils today at 04:22
nope boredom from a two face *** wad whom turns on his own .. !!! unlike me and my friends !! by the way you might of just cause a real load of *** for your tribe too .. anarky and ....... wow they will love that

swordalchemist today at 04:24
lol please stop lying through your teeth.

You have no friends. You are in your own tribe. My tribe and my tribemates want you gone. Anarky is no where near us...

About these "friends" that you keep talking about.... are they imaginary? You have not told me anyone of your friend's names.. which leads me to think that they do not exist in the real world.

ukdevils today at 04:48
yawn.. do you really think im going to tell you jack *** you *** head.. lol no one trusts you now hahaha,.. i promise you this.. no one likes a back stabber.. shame this is not face to face cause i would kick your ***n a** all over my street.. cause the one thing i cant stand the most is disloyalty and back stabbers as the saying goes what you do on here reflects what your like in real life.. your a untrust worthy little t***!! now like i said im far from worried about you ,, you attacked me not the other way round .. what you dont like *** is someone standing up to you like i did in the tribe !! you just a little punk .. and i would bounce you round like a ball face to face.. now go *** off and do your worse .. cause im ready.. geared up and waiting for the fun to begin ! for every village i lose you will lose two .. have a look at the claims tht will be on your villages in next 24 hours .. and then see. now stop talking and be the two faced *** u are and get on with it.. cause i have finished discussing with you !! as your not worthy of anyones attention due to you been a disloyal little snake.. zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz night night !!

swordalchemist today at 05:23
whatever floats your boat :) You can keep talking big, but the world only laughs at a noob like you

ukdevils today at 16:17
lmao./. and world hats a *** like you whom is a disloyal p****.. and would back stab ex tribesmates !! u have just ***d urself mate so well done.. ...

swordalchemist today at 17:02
This is tribal wars bud, not tribal hugs. TSB was nothing... it fell apart due to nubs like you. My withdrawal from TSB was simply the catalyst that sent the sorry noobs running for cover.

By the way, how is rebuilding your villages going? I catted a few down :D

ukdevils today at 17:26
you can butter it up anyway you want.. the fact is u were a member of tsb .. what i dont do nor the other ex tsb members is turn on there own.. what you have done is shown your true colours you want to see what people are saying about you lol unrepeatable.. you are a disgrace ,a traitor and a untrustworthy piece of ****

now like i said get on with it! and stop trying to justify your actions cause with us it does not mean jack ****.. you are a back stabbing nob simple !! now go play with your troops ! bye bye little boy!!

swordalchemist today at 17:43
heh, insult all you want, but all old TSB members are still with me in TSL except for the noobs. You have no friends, so please do not continue to lie by pluralizing yourself

ukdevils today at 18:14
lol.. ok your so so so so right.. hahaha ,, you to me are a nothing a little ego p****.. have met loads of you on here in all the years i have been playing .. i have dealt with some of the best players on different worlds bigger and smarter than you and i still kicked a**.. so you bring it on cause in the end i know the outcome and thats all that matters,, and think u need to get a real life ..maybe your *** dont know but its time you got out and got some fresh air .. instead of getting off on been a complete dik,/// psml.. by the way you would be amazed on just how many friends i have even in your tribe..lmao hahahaahahah u ***

ukdevils today at 18:30
come on.. keep it coming p****.. i love all them red dots on my map..yum yum.. never underestimate your foe.. cause they might just *** u up.. lmao.

ukdevils today at 18:39
see if u can get to 1000 incoming . that will make my day and of course my OD.. by the way your doing a wonderful job keep it up..!! your so easy to play with

ukdevils today at 18:54
for sum reason i cant make claims on sum of ur villages they must be claimed by others .. d*** what a shame..

He seems a bit angry to me... and I still have not found out who these very powerful friends of his are. Also, he said that my tribe is in trouble due to me attacking him :icon_eek:
Oh noes! :icon_cry:


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Why don't you ask him who his friends are? I mean come on if they are that big and strong he should be afraid to hide who they are.


I did :)

But he wouldnt tell me :icon_cry:

But for some people, imaginary friends are better than real ones :icon_rolleyes:


I know his friends , and believe me sword you do not want to cross swords with them !!!!!!!!!!!


Who are his friends now? You cannot say you have friends, and not mention who they are, and expect everyone to fear you.
I have an idea who his "friends" might be, though I can't be sure.


I know his friends , and believe me sword you do not want to cross swords with them !!!!!!!!!!!

You are scaring me mohoro, especially if you are his friend. That would be truly terrible... to know that not only am I fighting him, but also you :icon_eek:

Everyone that I have spoken to does not like him (I wonder why?)

But, friends or no friends, I will noble his villages


I wonder if he'll hit delete. I've attacked him now as well, and he has far more villages near me than near ampatriot I would think.


Yeah i would agree. He was not all that active before anyway, and a lot of people like him (noobs) tend to hit delete after they get over 1k incoming. We will see i guess, i have been catting him so far, but once we start taking vils, then he will quit I would guess


WOW that kid has a mouth on him, he has to be at least 15 years old you would think