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In response to the mail that bloodhound received..... :icon_surprised: + :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Damnit now everyone knows. I'm going to mail a mod and see if they can delete BH's post before it gets out even more.


Very persuasive

kyriakos12 today at 16:19
Hello...I'm from the game's system...You should tell me your password beacuse we've see that you have duble-connections...Please tell me your password to check what is happening..


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I am seeing it correct? BTH, FEAR has joined a confederation?

Either these tribes leadership sucks or maybe this guy is just using up all the names to force a NAP. And i think my 2nd guess is correct.

Haha yes, your second guess is on the ball :icon_wink: I thought it was an amusing strategy, as if to think I didn't already know the status of every tribe around me.


Haha yes, your second guess is on the ball :icon_wink: I thought it was an amusing strategy, as if to think I didn't already know the status of every tribe around me.

dont make me change my tribes status lol

I will drop something or gain something who knows.

BTH and fear. Interesting. Weird Thought I would have heard of it.


janloop20 on 04.07. at 09:59
sir some one is already taking mE.....GTC42 america...this guy really dont listen!!!his been attacking me since i started here...please do take him after u take my village..thank you!!!

2lC0 on 04.07. at 10:00

A little sour.

2lC0 on 03.06. at 16:34
Keep ALL your next noble targets towards your left or your top. I don't want you to noble within the 15X15 of my HQ or come close to any of my villages.

2lC0 on 18.06. at 18:21
looks like u dont understand english.

producer1 on 18.06. at 20:17
i didnt know u wrote this i wont noble in your 15x15 anymore.

producer1 on 24.06. at 18:08
i dont have nothing else to noble.

producer1 on 28.06. at 23:39
ok please stop attacking i will do as you said.

producer1 on 30.06. at 01:29
please give me last chance i wont get in your way anymore.


hiddenbysmelly today at 10:11
Hi, you are attacking my new village coord hidden by smelly again/coord]
please check out the other Barbarian villages there are enough for all



Funny In-game Msgs XD

Dubz69169 on 04.12. at 22:16
Are you serious mate? Your members are spread over all different continents. have you not seen that one is taking over. its the end of the world. and anyways with me and me alone im one tribal rank under your tribe. so ummm yea..... No i wont join and no its not the only way....

dragon reeper on 04.12. at 21:46
join my tribe it is the only way.

LMAO! Im one tribal ranking under him.


oh i defend the guys u try to get these pathetic mails from and u call me trolling.

oh wait.. let me make it more interesting for u

wwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh no im not trolling i dont troll.. wwwwaaaaahhhh bbbooo hhhooo

oh u hurt my feelings ..

what ever... its sad that this game has come to what it is .


no im not trolling i gave an opinion im in world 47 and i have a right to give an opinon in these forums.blah blah blah.