Funny IGM's


This is the funniest tribe application I've ever received:

Version 6.0 said:
hope this is better for you :)

1)what are offensive troops? little men that attack other little men

2)what are defensive troops? little men that defend against other little men

3)what does a full nuke consist of? lots of little men with axes and stuff

4)what is a full defensive troops build?

lots of little men with swords spears and stuff

5)what is sniping? not used in this world but more advanced worlds have men with guns that sit in building and shot from long range

6)whats the fastest train you can snipe? depending on wind speed etc hard to say

7)what is a noble train? 164 nobles singing locomotion

8)whats the fastest noble train you can send? well im still using steam type trains so there not the fastest

9)Previous experience? i played on W17,25,38 as vodkabrass but didnt last long and now i just look after vils there for when the troops come home

And someone sent me this message once:

Iron Guard24 today at 18:56
You scare me

gothic-bonz today at 19:05
I do? You're welcome. xD What'd I do?

Iron Guard24 today at 19:09
your profile scares me, it could be because of the awsomness of it or the fact your name includes "gothic"

ooooh spooky


one of my all-time favorites so far:

krazykilla1 on 04.06. at 12:33
looks like your trying to take my village?
I dont really care I have a village on another world which is doing very well so this was just a test village for me...
And anyway I can just start again when I get took so it dosent bother me
candidus on 04.06. at 13:53
i don't want your village, i want you to quit this world... congratulations on your other world, but quite honestly, there is no room for anymore players in this one
krazykilla1 on 04.06. at 14:10
if you dont want my village, why attack it?
and anyway why is there no room for players?
candidus on 04.06. at 14:13
attacking people keeps their troops down, if you keep the troops down, you can't be attacked... our tribe controls 73% of this world... it will soon close down to new members.
krazykilla1 on 04.06. at 16:26
Fair point you made. But you have over like 10k troops its not like im going to wipe you out when i have less than 100 and you have 4 villages and more probably
krazykilla1 on 04.06. at 16:28
OMG just looked at your profile thing 415 villages -expletive- ME DUDE
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