Funny in-game messages

Discussion in 'World 54' started by Morthy, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Morthy

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    For when the world starts.
  2. Do the already 10 mass-recruit offers count?
  3. zachary.2

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    you got 10? i only got 7 :icon_sad:
  4. wait 2 minutes you will get 6 more ;-)
  5. DE.AD.BE.EF

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    i only got 3 :( lolz
  6. khepry

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    same for me
  7. Sounds like someone is scared of being attacked :icon_rolleyes:

    Funny how out of the 2 options he gives, a restart is not one of them :lol:
  8. Kaeristina

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    LOL :icon_rolleyes:
  9. iNate.

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    Oh gosh, sounds like me about 2 years ago, till I realised. Nate. You're a noob. :lol:
  10. bigbrad075

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    I lied i am not letting a noob join lmao :icon_evil:
  11. doddi123

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    Those people are clearly best :icon_rolleyes:
  12. kronos2367

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    black belt jones today at 18:47
    We are a new tribe of tribalwars, although we are new we are not completely new matter fact we have some old
    players who have played in other worlds through out the years. These are good people to play with and you learn
    a lot about the game from them, and plus you are besides some of the most popular and Winning Members of this game.
    Some of the reasons you may want to join us is that we have sercured some of the SW area, and already have a
    allies in our tribe. We have begun to put things togethetr and there is room for ranks to grow and other members
    to grow as well. We have ever have some VERY import rules as ANY OTHER trivbe would ever have in their tribe.
    Ask yourself if you want to join, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, do you have time to play this game is a good question to ask your self. IF the answer is yes, then the Rule is symple, STAY ACTIVE, your not just a name on a list in our tribe, we are all family and work closely together with one another making sure all of us are covered and learning something new each day. We would like to have you thoughts and ideas, we'd also like to have your time in the tribal forums, which are located at top of this page under Tribal Forums. We have some intresting Tabs, and some games for letting out some stress, but try to be somewhat nice with the games we wouldn't want to be kicked from this game or server for what we said wrong. HOwever we're here to have a great time and enjoy getting to know some new people and learning how to battle or to just keep a live, and staying alive is one of the hardest things to do, but with our help and the help of our allies, we think we have the adavnced issues underc ontrol and have new ideas and have learned from old ones that the best ways to work things out is to first talk them through, if your being attacked we'd like to offer a easyer way of dealing with it, instead of attacking back right away. We are a Tribe of Learned Exp/Issues in our past which brought you to this world to try it out again....FOr those who are new OH BOY! We're happy to help you in learning some basic ideas on how to deal with others and their problems,a nd sovle them before they kill you, by talking to them, and offrering them a peaceful sorted time to thinka bout what they have done and give them a chance to make allies with us, and talk to their leadship FIRST before attacking. This is another rule. Talk REACTING....You might be hit by a SCOUTER, this alone will not hurt you in anyways, however we'd like you to be able to SHARE with us in BB codes which we do Teach in our tribe, how to use, and report them in our Tribe Forums The Attack, of these horses, so we can check out their leadership and talk to them about the members attacking and come up with good sollutions in helping defuse the problem from happening again. IF this doesn't work, then we plan Second round of VERY strong Warnings. And alert our allies of this issue, and allow them to have their imput and allow them to help us out in defending one another as Allias should on this game. A NAP NO ONE is to ATTTACK a NAP With another tribe, which is listed in out Diplomancy list. YOu can find this on the Tabs of information about the tribe. It shows which ones are allies and which are NAPS, which means NON-Aggressive Pact, which means, we agree not to attack one another, this is it, for the time beinging. We would LOVE to have you join our tribe and helping this family grow and learn from your time before players; and the newbies we welcome, because everyone has to have a chance to learn and try to stay alive like everyone else that is allowed to use the net for games, and other things. We ask that you follow the Rules as if they were written in Blood, your not to use Scripting of any kind, or Double accounts, and those other rules are found under help, if you think this might be a tribe you'd like to join please YOU WELCOME, and here soon will be arriving a Invitation, for your report will show that we are inviting you to join us in the battle of staying alive and learning soemthing new and teaching someone something new about something you have learned as well.
  13. Bellerion

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    Ahhh MY EYES !!!!!
  14. george-hall123

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    Feb 19, 2010
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    Did you read all of that? i just read the capitals :/ doesn't make sense :/
  15. Bellerion

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    Nobody read all that
  16. X LoSs X

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    i was going to but then i needed the toilet and i forgot where i got up to :/
  17. wtf??? their message is aimed for recruiting noobs :/

    they need to work on their marketing capabilities
  18. -mefisto-

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    Jan 13, 2010
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    I did...

    ...and i regret it :icon_eek:

  19. I read a bit about no scripting at the end. I rofld
  20. zachary.2

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    way to long for my lazy ass to read lol