Funny In-game messages.



Can I noble his village(S) for you Lord hale he will never see it coming.


Lol, you should do that. I'd love to see the mails he'd send you :p


HAhahahhahaha!!! Kill him Ice, i think he would advice you that it is in your best interest to give him ALL of your villages or he will somehow kill you.... :O


u said:
Darkphenix today at 09:07
u didh't clear the village

Lord Hale today at 13:30
Damn. I cleared the wrong bloody one <:( i am sorry!! I dont have a PA so i lost track of which is which :(

I have cleared it now though - try and noble asap before quest realise! :D

First four nobles:

Attacker: Darkphenix
Village: K41 003 (185|493) K41

Quantity: 0 999 0 0 257 0 0 120 0 0 0 1
Losses: 0 999 0 0 187 0 0 120 0 0 0 1

Attacker: Darkphenix
Village: K41 003 (185|493) K41

Quantity: 0 333 0 0 200 0 0 130 0 0 0 1
Losses: 0 333 0 0 200 0 0 130 0 0 0 1

Attacker: Darkphenix
Village: K41 003 (185|493) K41

Quantity: 0 333 0 0 0 0 0 125 0 0 0 1
Losses: 0 333 0 0 0 0 0 125 0 0 0 1

Attacker: Darkphenix
Village: K41 003 (185|493) K41

Quantity: 0 334 0 0 0 0 0 125 0 0 0 1
Losses: 0 334 0 0 0 0 0 125 0 0 0 1

Lets see if he sends some more :D

ks crusader

This is freakin priceless!!! Hell, I think Im gonna attack him for the pure joy of it.:axemen:

Praetorian Guard


8 so far :O

if u said:
Darkphenix on 03.11. at 23:08
if u clear this village [village](176|486)[/village] i have the train ready once my troops have got back also if u have any support u can send it to [village](185|493)[/village]

Darkphenix today at 09:28
u didn't clear it

Darkphenix today at 09:28
i've lost8 noblemen u dont want this deal do u ur kust killng my nobleman and then u will noble me

Darkphenix today at 10:33
can u answer


i would like said:
Darkphenix on 03.11. at 23:10
i would like to know y r u attacking me

icechiller on 03.11. at 23:18
Because I can. you are a weak player.

Darkphenix today at 09:31
y me noble someone else

icechiller today at 13:12
because i can noble you.

Darkphenix today at 14:26
oh tanks pick on small people do some war or soemthing and go away

icechiller today at 20:47
I am in a war.

It's Just I'm the Biggest bully in TW i know ;P

lol yep thought i would get in the fun sorry lord hale.


This is hilarious!!! :)

hay said:
Darkphenix on 04.11. at 20:50
hay could u clear this [village](179|474)[/village] at 14:05 on the 05/11/08

Darkphenix today at 00:00
u didn't want me to grow u didn't want the deal u killed 8 noble men i would like comapansation not resources villages 16 villages of my choice

Lord Hale today at 00:31
LMFAO - you want them, come and get them from me :)


I would feel far too nasty if i nobled him .... i shall do it at the weekend :OP hehehe!


nooooo don´t noble him, I got some pretty black horses supporting him in his biggest village ;op


nooooo don´t noble him, I got some pretty black horses supporting him in his biggest village ;op

Are the black horsies any good for supporting?

I only send the silvery looking ones. I think they look better but am not sure if I am helping all that much.



it was night when I send them out, so there pitch black coulors have hidden them well from the allseeing eye :eek:)


As for that kid. Are there any more of him in the NEXT area? Haha.


lol.. its much funnier if someone here will tell him that your going to support his villages but instead you attack him and say that you can't cancel now and you click the wrong way.. lol..


more from the same guy

sorry mate lets redo this said:
Darkphenix on 06.11. at 00:02
i would like 16 villages of my choice as compansation for one of ur tribe members killing 8 noblemen killed most of my troops and he made a deal with me.

then for the info i would like a big part of k41 under my tribes control u can have the far north

Von Hallander on 06.11. at 08:22
HuH?? what do you mean by this??

Darkphenix on 06.11. at 09:35
it means one of ur members promised me u could have some villages and then killed all my troops. so i would like compansation in villages.

Von Hallander on 06.11. at 19:41
then sort it out with him..

Darkphenix on 06.11. at 21:20
he is saying if u want them i will have to kill the troops and take them

Darkphenix on 07.11. at 21:31
okay forget that i just want this deal all u have to do is give us k41 and one fo ur guys is helping me clear villages. and we shall take k51 and if u want resources u can attack any which are not being nobled

Von Hallander on 08.11. at 12:23
sure, just take 51,, K41 we will prob have to share, as a large number of members have many troops/vills here already..

Darkphenix on 08.11. at 13:40
okay if we have the bottom half and u have the top half. okay and when u advance northwards then can we take the other half when ur tribe has taken alot more up there

Von Hallander on 08.11. at 15:10
that is a looong time from now.. let´s take it one step at the time :O)

Darkphenix on 08.11. at 17:39
okay wat the first

Von Hallander on 08.11. at 20:12
kill quest, and take K41/42 :eek:)
and then on to K51, all yours.. just take it :)

Darkphenix on 08.11. at 22:20
okay than we will split k41 and 42 in half

Darkphenix on 09.11. at 23:51
so we do have a deal my tribe have k51 k52 and half of k41 k42

Darkphenix on 10.11. at 13:48
and y is tribe making fun of me

Von Hallander on 10.11. at 17:55
Who atacked you??
just got a report of me loosing some troops in your village.. ??

Darkphenix on 10.11. at 18:17

Darkphenix on 10.11. at 18:18
and i keep having problems groignt when ever i grow i die i need point quickly

Von Hallander on 10.11. at 18:27
okay, but you didn+t loose that many troops by the looks of it :eek:)

Darkphenix on 11.11. at 23:59
i had to check i will be gone for 2 weeks and cna u try and make me bigger

Von Hallander on 12.11. at 15:00
I can try :eek:)

Darkphenix on 13.11. at 00:25
and if i can could i invite some of quest

Darkphenix on 13.11. at 00:36
i am trying to persuade [player]Rhydderch[/player] to move so dont attack him

Darkphenix on 13.11. at 01:10
right i might have a deal which could save u lossing many troops halt all attacks on quest if i tell u the deal is going to work.

Darkphenix on 13.11. at 01:39
if possible can u cease th war for a while and then some may join me if they do leave them if they dont u can kill them

Von Hallander on 13.11. at 09:40
no, we don´t stop atacking quest.. some quest members might be offered to safe themselfs.. but not at this moment.. if you witch for someone to join your tribe, then let me know, and I´ll take it up in the council and with west..

Darkphenix on 13.11. at 14:57
okay i will get a list asap and r west helping u out

Von Hallander on 13.11. at 17:44
yes they are.. killing quite a few questies :eek:)

Darkphenix on 13.11. at 22:26
okay wat if i can get [player]EdanCereal[/player] [player]Rhydderch[/player]

Darkphenix on 14.11. at 09:08
also [player]bull747[/player]

Von Hallander on 14.11. at 09:23
I´m betting you can´t and they are all under HEAVY atack...

Darkphenix on 14.11. at 10:25
if i can get bull ur tribe must allow my any members of quest adn u shud try and get west to

Darkphenix on 14.11. at 14:38
bull747 want to join can he

Von Hallander on 14.11. at 14:52
I´ll have a word with my coduke about it..

Darkphenix on 14.11. at 14:52
well he is join if u say or not after wat ur tribe has said in the forum

Darkphenix on 14.11. at 14:54
it saves u loosing troops if i get most of quest then u keep ur troops then we will help u when u go to war

Darkphenix on 14.11. at 23:57
i will be gain a few quest members anyone i gain is a member of my tribe so they are allys with u too. also r u allied with west

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 00:02
if u dont let me then u wont have a back up tribe ot help u

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 02:19
tell west to let me have any quest members in k41 k51 k52 k50 adn i want bull

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 02:47
also smitty

Von Hallander on 15.11. at 11:09
well. I really doubt that smitty is gonna join you!!!!

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 11:40
well if he does want to then can i invite him

Von Hallander on 15.11. at 14:17
let me know if he want to.. then I will talk to Mal about it..

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 15:16
i ahve numerous members that will join if west hold back for about 3 days on quest

Von Hallander on 15.11. at 15:17
you have??
can you forward the mails to me??

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 19:57
okay if i cna get players from quest to join u and west must stop attacking till i get as much as i want

Von Hallander on 15.11. at 20:04
well you kind of need the quest players to want to join you first ;o)

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 20:20
one said he would join for 2 months of pa points

Von Hallander on 15.11. at 22:15

Darkphenix on 15.11. at 22:47
except i dont have any

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I got this from one of my tribemates. I was unaware of the rule that you HAVE to stop atacking someone, if they ask you to.

Stop said:
MrDiablos on 02.12. at 03:47
Can you please stop..

MrDiablos on 09.12. at 03:13
Hey man why are you being a little bitch I asked you to stop attacking me. And you NEVER write back

L33T iz SiK on 09.12. at 03:48
because i dont care. its business as usual for me

MrDiablos today at 04:18
Well I guess that is why you are a little prick.

L33T iz SiK today at 05:40
lmao look at this noob :D

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One of the applications i get as a recruiter:

Consider me in the future... said:
SirRegginald on 21.11. at 20:56
Tribal Requirements

1)You must have the average points of the tribe......Not yet

2) You must be a strong / experienced player.........Not yet / Yes

3) You are not a REFUGEE.............................Not

4) You must be active................................Yes

I was randomly placed in the middle
Wanted to know...before I spend a lot of time here if I can count on you not to stomp me if I promise to build, grow and become an asset to your tribe.

I'll continue to grow as best I can to meet the requirements.

Thank you for your consideration.


ryeanne on 22.11. at 05:31
Well put application: Simple.

First thing first: Why do you want to join GOH?
2. You have one single village and of course will take months before you can attain my acad's average point - what you can do with this?
3. We ENFORCE account sitting
4. Experience? I think your stat profile says the opposite, you just nobled BVs (Barbarian Villages).

Until you meet and answered some of my inquiries, that's the time i'll re-review your application.

SirRegginald on 06.12. at 23:34
Not that it is requirement of this game or that it really matters at this moment however I just thought that I would feel better mentioning the first note I sent you asking you about whether or not I should spend any time here and informing you that you have NO honor.
Enjoy yourself and I truly hope for your sake that you are a better person in the real world.
It's unfortunate but honor is a dying trait.

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SirRegginald on 06.12. at 23:35
Hope this one is a good earner for your tribe

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It's a bit trivial for me to comprehend. In every way possible, yes! i am rude :icon_evil:

I rest my case your honor.
Headache, anyone?

Info on this poor guy:


Some of the evidences that made me a rude person/recruiter:

hi said:
21marcio on 19.11. at 17:38
hi..I'm italian's boy...can you invite me in your tribe?
I'm interested..
good tribal

ryeanne on 20.11. at 04:32
Hey, italian boy, you are being nobled by OU and because of that you are marked as a refugee.

ryeanne on 20.11. at 04:33
Your application is declined

21marcio on 20.11. at 14:58
if you think it so', then you don't know even thing it is the honor. him' I have changed zone, but not for the ou. and then whether to make me attach from one member of yours, creeds that it won't make me return you are wrong you. I was a long time ago in top ten, therefore I will return' also from you...

After the "if you think it so'", i got a splitting headache just by reading the rest of his statement. :icon_eek: