Funny In-game messages.


just dug this up :)
not everyone will understand it, but i think some of the ex-NEXT players might
and i would appreciate if anyone reading this will skip over my harsh remarks in the mail, everyone gets a bit bitter sometimes ;)

hello again said:
str plloxx on 10.01. at 20:13
would you tell me about the death nuke now?

kaufy on 10.01. at 23:49
it was a complete over exageration by next, whe i fought them 5 months ago they were inexperienced and were facing my standard armies and they couldnt cope with it.

str plloxx on 11.01. at 06:26
sure kaufy, whatever you say ;). you're so big and experienced, its no wonder why TSG is so good!

kaufy on 11.01. at 06:30
str, idc if that was supposed to be an insult because it was all my doing, this entire war, i got fail,owned, and goh together to retaliate for everything thats happened, next was a tyranny now its gone.

str plloxx on 11.01. at 06:32
hahahahahha. that's right kaufy, it was all about you! rofl, do you really think tribes as big as GOH, FAIL or OWNED would alter whatever plans they had because a noob tribe like TSG wanted them to?

kaufy on 11.01. at 06:34
its amazing when you show them its in their intrest and call in a few favours what you can do, ive been fighting next since it was originally gladiator pride, now i can claim victory.

str plloxx on 11.01. at 06:37
you've been around that long and look at the size of you. you run a tribe of noobs (i could take your whole tribe by myself) who throw defencive units at people in attacks. whatever victory you think you're claiming is beyond imagination.

oh and FAIL, GOH's etc decision to declare on NEXT was not your doing. get off your high horse and come back to reality.


Back on topic, Check out my TW profile for lots of funny TW-stuff :)

This was written in a forum at the start of W28
kristease said:
Currently as I write this there are 23,260 players, and this keeps increasing! This is not counting random barbarian villages. With each tribe only allowed 40 members that means each member on average has to control 581 villages! So those with calculators how many gold coins do each of us have to have to do this? I think it is 581 factorial. Can the average person (not the addict) control 581 villages? Can the average person in our clan keep interest in this game for even half that number without jumping to another game? In recruiting new members I think we should ask their age, just to be sure they won't die before the game is over. Sorry for being so negative put I have never seen what the victory conditions are for this game.


Getting back on the funny messages:

hey said:
speedy22 on 27.01. at 00:44
can i join goh-a plz

ryeanne on 27.01. at 04:39
Have you read my tribe's requirements?

speedy22 on 27.01. at 13:02

ryeanne on 27.01. at 13:17
will that answer your question

speedy22 on 27.01. at 13:19
but i still want to join

ryeanne on 27.01. at 13:20
In what possible way you can convince me to accept you in my tribe?

I guess he suddenly froze up, no replies ever since.


I understand the kaufy mails. :D

NEXT made him think he was elite. ;D


Just one of the randomest convo's we have ever had lmao :)

Dean *H* on 18.02. at 15:08
HAHA!!! For weeks you could have slyed [village]89|484[/village] off me!! but now I have stacked the tits outa it!!! I take that as a moral victory :D

flanders536 on 18.02. at 15:26
lol :) good for you mate :) at leaste now i know your active and I might get a good fight outta ya :)

Dean *H* today at 01:58
Dean *H* invites you for a HUG

flanders536 today at 01:59
Flanders536 accepts said hug and raises you a *present*

Dean *H* today at 02:01
Dean *H* calls a *present*

flanders536 today at 02:02
mwahhahahah read em and weep a full house hugs over pressents!!!

Dean *H* today at 02:03
Dean *H* removed you from his Christmas Card list

flanders536 today at 02:03
Flanders536 adds Dean *H* to his always needs a hug list :)

Dean *H* today at 02:06
Dean *H* Appears to Have Blocked your Attempted Hug

flanders536 today at 02:08
Flanders536 go's to his loveydovey utility belt and gets his unblocker spray and appears to hug Dean *H* lmao

Dean *H* today at 02:09
lol wtf!

flanders536 today at 02:10
its 1 am here and it was a random convo to begin with lmao :)



ohh. mann.. that just made my day.,

Imaging what I have to go through every day in the forum and on scype ;o) *L*


[2/23/2009 5:32:00 PM] Dean Holliday says: VH you still here?
[2/23/2009 5:37:08 PM] Dean Holliday says: i guess not
[2/23/2009 5:37:15 PM] James Brown (Stig) says: lol
[2/23/2009 5:40:16 PM] Nicolai Stig Hansen (VH) says: I am
[2/23/2009 5:40:20 PM] Dean Holliday says: lies
[2/23/2009 5:40:23 PM] Dean Holliday says: all of it
[2/23/2009 5:40:32 PM] Dean Holliday says: I know your not
[2/23/2009 5:40:50 PM] Nicolai Stig Hansen (VH) says: okay, I+m not
[2/23/2009 5:40:50 PM] Dean Holliday says: You probs have a Skype Script also
[2/23/2009 5:41:11 PM] Dean Holliday says: Soo you will need a script for your scripts
[2/23/2009 5:41:28 PM] Dean Holliday says: And yes!!! I am still bitter that i cant use them still
[2/23/2009 5:41:30 PM] Nicolai Stig Hansen (VH) says: no.. I+m not a bot, why would you say so?
[2/23/2009 5:41:34 PM] Nicolai Stig Hansen (VH) says: you hurt my fealings
[2/23/2009 5:41:58 PM] Dean Holliday says: then this is gunna sting
[2/23/2009 5:42:06 PM] Dean Holliday says: BOTS DONT HAVE FEELINGS!!!

[2/23/2009 5:42:12 PM] Dean Holliday says: :)
[2/23/2009 5:42:24 PM] Nicolai Stig Hansen (VH) says: no.. I+m not a bot, why would you say so?
[2/23/2009 5:42:27 PM] Nicolai Stig Hansen (VH) says: you hurt my fealings
[2/23/2009 5:42:36 PM] Dean Holliday says: Lmao
[2/23/2009 5:42:56 PM] Gangsterls says: Lol!


i want a kid like that in our tribe, i think im one of our tribe idiots!!!

at least some people think i say daft things:icon_sad:


just dug this up :)
not everyone will understand it, but i think some of the ex-NEXT players might
and i would appreciate if anyone reading this will skip over my harsh remarks in the mail, everyone gets a bit bitter sometimes ;)

lol I love how he thinks he was the cause for our/Next down fall, plus I loled at his whole "DEATH NUKE" threats lol


Time to revive this thread, funny convo with a funny newb

LudiSvabo on 30.05. at 23:28
yes he has them all cleared... he has to obey arabela and me u know... or else the black arabelas whip will sing a song

jheywood on 30.05. at 23:29
okay i will sedn ym nuke when it gets back adn fixed

LudiSvabo on 30.05. at 23:30
u must send him now all you got fasted you can

jheywood on 30.05. at 23:32
i dont have any nukes

LudiSvabo on 30.05. at 23:32
send him defence troops to attack then...

jheywood on 30.05. at 23:33
this is a trick you want him to noble me

LudiSvabo on 30.05. at 23:34
no man, not at all... u need to send him 10 attacks (2 to each on the list) i didn't say what you should attack with so u can use any troops u want

jheywood on 30.05. at 23:35
i will do it when my nuke is ready

jheywood on 30.05. at 23:39
i will sen dmy nuke in oen day but i will sedn an nuke now

jheywood on 30.05. at 23:39
just the lc


Ludi you have not posted the first half of that message )) where Vam was talking with that noob


Here is another one with Jheywood.
kaufy today at 00:51
can i attack you? i want your villages, thanks.
jheywood today at 09:19
no you cant i am under the protection of thefoe
kaufy today at 16:27
what?! oops, my strong nobles are heading to your vllages.....
jheywood today at 19:13
well too late i have talked to the leaders fo tehfoe
kaufy today at 19:18
lolololololololololol what about vaminos?
jheywood today at 19:19
what do you know abotu that
kaufy today at 19:22
bout what?
kaufy today at 19:22
i will send you more nobles and nukes in a minute
jheywood today at 19:26
kaufy today at 19:27
why not? here they come..........
jheywood today at 19:28
becasue i am being protected by the foe you will gget kicked at this rate
kaufy today at 19:28
oh really...........................?
jheywood today at 19:29
y dont you think so disobeying orders
kaufy today at 19:30
jheywood today at 19:30
your drunk that is no excuse
kaufy today at 19:32
it isnt................? ^^
jheywood today at 19:34
what is then
kaufy today at 19:35
both me and my troops drunk................
jheywood today at 19:38
wwhat did i do yo you
kaufy today at 19:39
...........i dunno im drunk.
jheywood today at 19:40
so just stop adn leave ma alone
kaufy today at 19:41
hmm i will think about it.................
kaufy today at 19:45
nah......... my troops are too drunk gotta let em out, have some bear ready for my nukes and nobles will ya?
kaufy today at 19:56
if you dont have any bear i can send bear with another batch of nukes hold on a sec.


So much about NWF and their Tw playing... but i have to admit that i have troubles with that (because they are building 12.154 villages)... i have to downgrade them when i noble them! ;)

Zanzy today at 22:45
you know this game? why do you build 12.154 point villages than? =/

horizon65 today at 22:49
why you think upgrade the all buildings is not a good way..maybe you are wrong..this is my style which I upgrade all buildings..


see? its sooo hilarious!!

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:08
we need to higher our opponents defeated ranking.. plase farm all weak players near you who do not belong to a tribe....

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:19
sorry about not getting back to to you i didn't go to face book I actully had to well my parents had to do stuff so i had to go with them

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:22
ooh.. so are you active now???? theres a player near you who has no tribe... attack his village with all your might and tell him that if he does not join us our entire tribe will attack him...

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:23
his name is[player]cool43[/player] or something like taht..

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:23

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:23
sorry... i keep getting it wrong.. the nae is [player]cool 543[/player]

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:24
yes sir

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:24
good... and if you kill of his troops it increases our od ranking...

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:26
yes i sent 13 spear dudes and 15 sword dudes he did you invite cikki to are tribe

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:27
yes.. why... i think those troops you sent are too less... send like 1300 if you want to make something out of it..

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:30
i told you I don't have lots of troops but i might send 10 more

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:32
!0? try 100 buddy?

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:33
oops i said if he/she does not surrender all of my tribe will attack.

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:34
Blackmailing to join tribe? Thats... BRILLIANT!!

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:42
I like cheese....
Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:43
good.. as he replied? and get me some cheese tooo...

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:44
no not yet i don't think he is on hey do you live in canada or like u.s.a or......

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:47
you still there

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:50

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:51
so what country you live in.

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:51
canada.. why do u ask?

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:53
uhh cause what pronvince i live in canada

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:54
ontario the best 1

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:54
i live in ontario too what city

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:55
brampton.. now quit these questions and answer the forum......

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:56
oh I live in kitchener

Kunakart on 08.11. at 15:57
cool.......... now please answer th forum...

flip726 on 08.11. at 15:58
all ready did i have to eat be right back

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:11
Dude im back.

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:12
goood now just message him and get him to join us.......

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:13
but i already attacked him or can you cancel that

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:13
no.. just send him messages....

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:14
finish this attack.. then forward me the report.....

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:15
sure don't you think you being a little harsh why didn't you attack him

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:15
im far awya.. and my troop are already in battle.....

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:17
why couldn't cikki do it.

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:18
i dunno.... ur active so ou can do it.....

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:20
LOL your just like my cousin that sentence is probably what he would say.

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:20
how do yu know cikki? is he ur friend???

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:21
no she lives right below me DUH?!?!?!

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:23
oh... anyways.. answer post on the forum... that way its a lot funner to read it it keeps our tribe going...

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:23
i sent a friend reqeust but she didn't awsner me

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:24
oh.. maybe she wasnt htere when you did....

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:25
what post there is like a million yu put on there like O M G and again why yu aint on face book iz cool

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:25
just post on the forum...

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:26
uhh your troops just hit that village you were attacking uhh you should check it out...

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:27
yeah i nkow i forwarde it to you.. do the same to me.. forward me ur report and forward it to sargent cockrel..... it would help if you read the rules of the game.. i could have sworn you did not no how to eneter the tribe... i had to like teach you....

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:31
hurry up and send the report to me........... i dont have all day...

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:32
dude i made a poll its on the doploma page go anwser it DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kunakart on 08.11. at 16:32
Looking at the times you messsage me.. id say you do...

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:34
sorry it is in off topic did you vote or what

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:37
i just made a nother one O M G this is so fun making these things

flip726 on 08.11. at 16:38
you still there

Kunakart on 08.11. at 18:15
hi.... im bob

flip726 on 09.11. at 14:12
did you get the report about me attacking cool 543 if you did please send that to me a deleted it my mistake

Kunakart on 09.11. at 23:24
no i dont have it..... Oh and by the way.. YOUR FIRED!!! HAHAHA!!! YOU FAIL