Funny ingame messages :D

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The only king 1 on 03.06. at 12:22
Hi who is your boss I need to talk to him ?!

merrypotter on 03.06. at 12:47
If you mean my duke you can talk to him only through me

The only king 1 on 03.06. at 13:12
ok my tribe and the world number 13 tribe want to go with war your tribe ?

merrypotter on 03.06. at 13:21
they are already at war with us

The only king 1 on 03.06. at 13:24
are they ?

merrypotter on 03.06. at 13:55
Yes they are. And loosing, too.
Wanna join them?

The only king 1 today at 00:00

merrypotter today at 00:04
Good :)

lol for me that takes out first prize!! LOL :lol:


Theme159 today at 14:43
you're scouting me too??
sonyas1 scouted me already!

Nubcake27 today at 14:55
I'm scouting you, what am I supposed to do if someone else did too?

Theme159 today at 14:58
oh i thought you were doing something else...
why attack me, cake?

Nubcake27 today at 15:01
Because my noobishness demands I place my fragile existence in jeopardy. Do you like Nubs? I enjoy it when people eat me.

Theme159 today at 15:04
so i'm gonna get conquered?and you declare war on me?really?that's...complicated.

Nubcake27 today at 15:06
I don't know where you got all that I just needed some clay. =P

Theme159 today at 15:09
oh...that's even more complicated.
if you need some clay, just tell me in the future.

Theme159 today at 15:10
but then if you needed clay, why would you destroy my wall?

Nubcake27 today at 15:14
To make sure that my builders wouldn't die, if I didn't break your wall you wouldn't have let them in and I would be clayless. =( I don't like being clayless, and besides, I'm already grieving over the eleven builders you killed, not to mention the three ponies and the man with the log. And I'll NEVER forgive you for killing over a hundred of my astronomers, them with their telescopes and white ponies! Do you realise that half my warehouse has been turned into an impromptu graveyard? DO YOU? ='(

Theme159 today at 15:18
cmon at least i dodged it.
i would've accidentally killed all if i didnt find out.
really, next time, ask for clay if you want it. i always have a surplus.

Nubcake27 today at 15:24
My builders found out you killed the astronomers... 0.o

... please forgive them for any lewd comments they make in you village, they tend to eat mushrooms before enacting revenge. Also, forgive the men with logs for doing their job. Also, I think you might want to hide your children. The ponies tend to eat them.

Theme159 today at 15:26
my pa will be very WILLING to send trains at you if you continue this attacks.
stop the attacks before its too late.

Nubcake27 today at 15:32
Who's your pa? I need to explain that my troops are drunkards. You can't attack someone because he has no control over his troops! Like nymphomaniacs, I don't see anyone attacking them because they can't control their pants, I think they actually do most of the attacking! I'm like a nymphomaniac, except for I can't control my troops, my pants are very controllable, I was castrated last week you see. I feel like a better man because of it.

I was bored, don't judge me! =D


im her PA and really if you dont stop now i would train you down

not to mention your mail was also quite funny:
Nubcake27 today at 03:56

Come on, you've proved your loyalty to your friends now. Let's stop. What do you say? We're two good players who are fighting for extremely poor reasons. We can carry on, but I'm probably gonna slip up and lose eventually and you're going to waste a lot of men and effort until I do slip up. This is a lose-lose situation.


EDIT: i felt immature responding. Why cant i delete? :D
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rugsbunny today at 00:08
i can imagine :D

look all i want todo is play, the problem is with jen not me.

I play to take my mind of RL health issues.

How about having 4zl leave me be, in return i will happily become 100% offence and bash for lulz

rugsbunny today at 00:09
when you think about it,over 300 nukes at your disposale

d'awe rugs wants to be our basher


message from some random noob...
Mystery111 on 02.11. at 07:17
do you know how to withdraw support from a village?

Fizzy Lickin on 02.11. at 07:18
What? Are you serious?
Go to the statue, click on talk to paladin, chose the option withdraw support...

Mystery111 on 02.11. at 07:20

Mystery111 on 02.11. at 07:21
i dont see anywhere for"talk to paladin"

Fizzy Lickin on 02.11. at 07:22
??? Try to find the paladin first, check to see if he's in the weapon's chamber.

Mystery111 on 02.11. at 07:23
dude, he isnt, in any of my weapon chambers

Mystery111 on 02.11. at 07:27
can you just account sit mine for 5 min?

Fizzy Lickin on 02.11. at 07:28
I'll do it in about half an hour, busy now...


LMAO, who would have expected Rugs of all players, always threatening smaller players to be begging for mercy:icon_biggrin:

That's because we were not the same people, clearly.

Myself, jamie and yaz left long before any of the 4zl war began, the ones given the account were some of artemis(jens) co's go figure.
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