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..a funny guy :lol:

Insignificant16 on 15.01. at 17:08
Look at my tribe profile. [ally]GraBa[/ally]

I hope you don't mind but im telling everyone your my ally. That way once I piss everyone off they will be too scared to attack me because they think I'm with you

PumaKing on 15.01. at 21:33
Take us off your profile! We would not like an alliance with you. If that isn't off your tribe profile with in about 2 days we will personally noble your entire tribe. Have a nice day.

Insignificant16 on 15.01. at 21:51
if I take it of how will people know we're allies?

PumaKing on 16.01. at 14:16
We aren't. The attacks from our tribe will hit you and start launching by tomorrow! Take us off.

Insignificant16 on 16.01. at 19:44
The attacks have already hit and I was the one laughing. I have enough troops to fight back though despite the setbacks

PumaKing on 16.01. at 21:47
Wow you are really annoying.

Insignificant16 on 16.01. at 21:54
I like how your tribe members send swords spears even scouts in an attack lol. also funny how he never thought to use scouts before attacking me either

Insignificant16 on 17.01. at 00:27
It's not like he don't have any either lol. I just tried to scout him with 100 odd lvl 2 scouts and they all died

PumaKing on 17.01. at 00:28

Insignificant16 on 17.01. at 00:29
I'm sure you'll scout him for me though. after all anyone of your tribe members would gladly sacrifice all of their villages to protect one of ours. Thats why we like having you around

PumaKing on 17.01. at 00:30
U r really annoying.

Insignificant16 on 17.01. at 12:59
I have 1 incoming from a member of your tribe :(

Insignificant16 on 17.01. at 13:17

Thats the second member of your tribe to attack without scouting first.

Insignificant16 on 18.01. at 18:02
Leader of ELF

This message has been forwarded by Insignificant16.

Insignificant16 on 17.01. at 23:55

sorry my mother never taught me manners, on topic though I suddenly realized if is was I your tribe people might not attack me, specifically motive members.

I do have my own tribe but it's not working out. [ally]GraBa[/ally]. Problems occured after I added the segment about [ally]ELF[/ally] in my profile without their permission. They proceeded to attack me. But thanks to [player]Nuking.madman[/ally]'s support I was able to hold out and counter attack them.

Funny story actually lol, he sent all of his defensive troops in an attack, I predicted the move and so attacked him while he was attacking me, then his troops died at my wall.

Honestly though I am very manipulative, greedy and annoying Talkative (in a typing kind of way), Personality traits I think would make a valuable asset to any tribe also this click it

Ruxika on 18.01. at 09:00
=))) at last u made me laugh

Insignificant16 on 18.01. at 18:00
Lol. my village atm is under constant attack from the people I didn't manage to make laugh. heres some of the mails I've had and sent to nking.madman :)

Ruxika on 18.01. at 18:53
:))) still laughing

Why is this my problem? :))

Insignificant16 on 18.01. at 19:06
Its not. It's not even a problem at all, frankly I would be bored if it weren't for my neighbours and their relentless spear armies

Insignificant16 on 18.01. at 19:07

Insignificant16 on 18.01. at 19:30
I have been attacked by 7 different players. and four of them are now my farms. the other 3 have probably run flat out of troops. my begginner protection only ended i think 3 or 4 days ago

Ruxika on 18.01. at 19:36
good job then :) to admit you are funny! :)))

but gotta ask..what is the purpose of all this?

Insignificant16 on 18.01. at 20:09
I want to join your tribe. :)

Rofl i tried to pick my cat up to cuddle it but I picked her up in an awkward way and accidently slammed her on my pillow. DW im not a cat abuser, I just wanted to cuddle it