Funny Ingame Messages


ok so its not ingame but its in skype:

[10:24:24 PM] rpw262: well i could flood if you prefer ;)

[10:24:30 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: yes plz

[10:24:34 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: help me sink the world

[10:24:44 PM] rpw262: lol not that kind of flood

[10:24:48 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: :O

[10:24:54 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: what kind?

[10:25:25 PM] rpw262: flood = posting a bunch of spam in a row

[10:25:39 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: that makes no sense

[10:25:58 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: as flames evaporate the water and you solve both problems at once

[10:26:07 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: and then

[10:26:10 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: there would be no water

[10:26:19 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: so no bridges for trolls to hide under

[10:26:52 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: what about spam

[10:26:53 PM] Alistair - Lord.Of.Time: :S

[10:33:20 PM] rpw262: the flames and water boil the spam



Where was that WATER when we were going ballistic on each other in the Hubris/DSL thread... Would have saved so much red eye external watching...



ok194611 on 07.01. at 22:52

Amber Fiefdom on 07.01. at 22:59
Because you took my bloody village while I was at work. I sent my defense when you sent scouts, but they didn't make it fast enough. Clear your troops and don't attack me again. I might be nice enough to pay you back for your noble.

ok194611 on 07.01. at 23:10
How do I know you'll pay me? You can just easily wipe this village and then not pay me back.

Amber Fiefdom on 07.01. at 23:11
I can send you the resources right now. I keep 200k res in my main village at all times for emergencies.

ok194611 on 07.01. at 23:16
Send 40k 50k 50k to this village

Once I know you can't cancel the merchants, I'll withdraw my troops... The walls are lvl 16, anything you lose to that is none of my concern...

Amber Fiefdom on 07.01. at 23:17
I have enough troops to take it down.

ok194611 on 07.01. at 23:20
You'll be the one rebuilding it... Do we have a deal or not?

Amber Fiefdom on 07.01. at 23:23
Please, don't touch my villages again, or I will have to Rim you.

ok194611 on 07.01. at 23:28
How did they find that out? Once the resources land, I'll withdraw my troops once they land

Amber Fiefdom on 08.01. at 04:32
You lied to me, this means war.

ok194611 on 08.01. at 04:34
Between Ass and Sekrit/Priest? OH NOES!!

Amber Fiefdom on 08.01. at 04:35
That was really a jerk move. I can understand telling me off, but lying is kind of nasty.

ok194611 on 08.01. at 04:36
Coming from a guy who back stabbed his tribe, twice.

Amber Fiefdom on 08.01. at 04:37

ok194611 on 08.01. at 04:37
The one that you betrayed to join Sekrit, I know all.

Amber Fiefdom on 08.01. at 04:40
What you "know" is mostly rumors and udder BS. I was kicked from Sekrit, because of a lie that I was recruiting for ass. I wasn't but I did have an offer to go to their tribe so I did. Now I have little buggers like you picking at me. You would be nothing by yourself, so stop giving me your pompous little lip.

ok194611 on 08.01. at 04:43
Ahahaha, I didn't even ask for help on this, do you think I can't handle you on my own?

Amber Fiefdom on 08.01. at 04:44
[player]fireabend[/player] [player]livethehighlife[/player] and I were looking for someone to Rim. I think I just found them. Just remember I warned you.

Amber Fiefdom on 08.01. at 04:45
And please next time you send mail try to spell "support" right.

ok194611 on 08.01. at 04:50
hahahahahahaha- oh wait you're serious let me laugh even harder -HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA

Can you please send me the conversation where you tell them that you openly admitted to attacking me? I couldn't have hoped for a better information from a spy

Amber Fiefdom on 08.01. at 04:52
As they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Please, tell me what the rim look like when you get there, I have never been.

ok194611 on 08.01. at 04:56
It's kind of like France.

:icon_twisted: He is an utter noob


This guy thought he won our little feud because he was going to noble me xD

Lord Hammar today at 21:15
I've sent the report off, you'll be gettin yours soon. €:) how'd ya make out "Turncoat" ta-he-ta-he.

tennacious-dee today at 21:23
haha yeah, that was a little uncalled for, the attack, but i was heated youd ask me for help after not helping me. o well. i guess i get what i deserve right? im going to have fun dodging your attacks tahetahe, btw, im going to quit this world VERY soon cuz i have a premade i have to lead on w55 and dont want to deal with TOO much.

Lord Hammar today at 21:27
Dodge all you want, you won't have a village to come home to! Good bye. €:)

tennacious-dee today at 21:46
lol idk if you got this yet but im quitting this world. ive already been talking to gustokohappyka, and i said he can take my village(s) if you want to count my free farm as a village. if you noble it, gusto will noble it away from you xD

Lord Hammar today at 21:49
Go away little boy.

tennacious-dee today at 21:52
ahah cuz u no you lost? you go away. no matter what you do to me, you cant win. noble my village? idc lol. youll end up losing it to gusto, and if you fight back, hell destroy you. you lost get over yourself.

Lord Hammar today at 21:53
Go away turncoat loser.

and then.... he blocked me lol


Foltair today at 19:27
I'd be grateful to have the honour of having a place in your tribe! xD

If I have to answer to any questions just ask :)


greenmonsta today at 19:27
faaaark is the recruiter

Foltair today at 19:28
thanks :)

Foltair today at 19:29
sorry, but who?

greenmonsta today at 19:30

Foltair today at 19:33

greenmonsta today at 19:35
No, Faaark

Foltair today at 19:36

greenmonsta today at 19:38
No thanks, I have a spoon

Foltair today at 19:39
Sure it aint too big? A fork has multiple uses.

greenmonsta today at 19:40
spork then?

Foltair today at 19:40
Spock might actually be more helpful.

greenmonsta today at 19:42
Nah, his ears keep getting in the way.

Foltair today at 19:43
Therefore they are useful as spoons.

greatswisscheese today at 19:44
Hey Don't know if you remember me from MarsAt but up until today I was a member with them almost since I started two months ago. I obviously had more points at one point but got nobled and had to restart. I was hoping for an invite to Static. I'm very active, logging in multiple times a day. Assuming that I were to get an invite as soon as this village was ready I'll be nobling another village in k66 I'm just hoping for the chance. Please consider it?

greenmonsta today at 19:45

greatswisscheese today at 19:49
I hardly think It's fair to say I'm not a good player because I got nobled. I keep a constant 2:1 troops to point ratio but I was attacked by too many nukes there was nothing I could do. But I guess if that's your decision Maybe I'll try again later with more points

greenmonsta today at 19:55

greatswisscheese today at 20:00
meh it was a little difficult but this is important enough to take the time

epiic akatsuki today at 19:34
hi green,
martian told me to mail you regarding an application to your tribe, i am an ex-mars at at i was told we are merging into you.

I believe i would be a good addition to your tribe, i am a team player and will happily support and help any tribes folk around me, i have over a 2:1 ratio of troops to points and i have specialist villages for different troops.

Let me know if im good enough and if not what i can do to improve.


greenmonsta today at 19:35
I think you're lying though.

epiic akatsuki today at 19:42
excuse me?

here is the copy of the message:
Martian Undesirable today at 19:17
Most of the invites from Static have gone out. If you did not receive one do not panic, mail an application to greenmonsta.

If Static are not willing to invite you, feel free to apply around. Motive, Iponu and IP4YOU would be good alternatives as they all played a part in Rogues fall.

Its been an interesting experience to say the least, leading MarsAt. Good luck!


greenmonsta today at 19:42
Yeah but I still think you're lying.

epiic akatsuki today at 19:42
about what may i ask?

greenmonsta today at 19:43
Everything you just said.

epiic akatsuki today at 19:43
do you want me to forward you the message then?

greenmonsta today at 19:44
No, I want you to tell the truth.

epiic akatsuki today at 19:48
about what? i have spoken the truth, please provide me with details on what you think i am lying about

greenmonsta today at 19:49
Sorry, but if you don't know then I'm not telling you.

epiic akatsuki today at 19:50

do you want me to get martian to talk to you then? seeing as contact is becoming quite problematic between us now.

greenmonsta today at 19:56
No, I want you to talk to me. If you can't tell me the truth then you're no use to me in Static.

epiic akatsuki today at 20:05
the only thing i can think of that you think i am lying about is that i would be useful to static, that is an opinion of mine and may not be supported by people like yourself.

I have a troop farm population of 21164 before any troops have been created from my 3rd village which i conquered 2 days ago.

i have always supported my tribesfolk especially players such as [player]blueavenger[/player], the player next to me

greenmonsta today at 20:08
Well to be honest, I just don't believe a word of that.

epiic akatsuki today at 20:11
feel free to ask [player]blueavenger[/player] and [player]martian undesirable[/player], they will confirm this.

At marsat we were always taught to troop whore not point whore and that is what i have done.

greenmonsta today at 20:12
I need proof, but I'm sure you're lying about this whole thing.

epiic akatsuki today at 20:13
do you want to account sit me then if it will get me into static so i can rejoin my old tribesfolk

greenmonsta today at 20:14
I only want you to tell the truth and stop lying to me.

Just some fun I've been having :3


LOL, :icon_rolleyes:

Knight1st today at 19:46
I want to grow and show you what I can really do so send me an invite.. Geeky and Ladd had to work together to take 5 of my villas because neither could do it by themselves let me get 100 villas and then lets see if they want to try again..
caliptoe world 1
Jaaz world 8
ricevase world 28
1stKnight world 40

check my stats...

I am going totally offensive so if you do not invite me then rim me so I can re-start where you have no members and then I will come back instead of me making good villas for a bunch of losers like them.. this is very frustrating for me being left with two villas where I can not restart but at these stupid fucks mercy instead...

I will forgive and forget if you invite me otherwise I will stay with the two villas until I have nukes and nobles built and I will attack and keep attacking until you either rim me or get sick of my mails.. Whichever comes first... Knight1st...

hot beef

Theres no way you could think we were inactive:

ultimatewarriorz on 25.01. at 21:56
do you still play on tw?
Roversbeef today at 00:05
Who is you? but yes someone is playing this account and that's 'Hot Beef' and 'Potash'. Those are our external forum names anyway.
ultimatewarriorz today at 16:39
oright becasue i was going to ask you if i could have ya account if ya didnt play tw


Yeah hes a funny bugger :)

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:05
do you still play tw?

INCOMING Attacks today at 22:06

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:07
could i please have your account to play on , on this world because your accounts good and i got nobled at 10k points and i cba to do alll of it again so can i please?

INCOMING Attacks today at 22:10
who nobled you at 10k points?

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:11
i cnt remember because when i got nobled i left this world then i wanted to join back so i did and can i please?

INCOMING Attacks today at 22:12
i dont know, no one plays this account so who's going to give you the password to it?

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:13
do you not know the password for your account?

INCOMING Attacks today at 22:15
Nope we are allwayz logged in, afraid to close the computer and the window.

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:15
aww right so i cnt have it :/


I was feeling left out because I didn't get one but then I did. :icon_biggrin:

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:32
do you still play tw?

CarBattery today at 22:33
Are you high?

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:33
haha wey aye and do you?

CarBattery today at 22:33
No, do you?

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:35
yeah and i was going to ask you if i could have you account to play on because your high in the world and i need a good account PLEASE?

CarBattery today at 22:36
Yeah, the password is:


ultimatewarriorz today at 22:38
really haha?

CarBattery today at 22:38
Yeah, that's the password, honest.

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:39
no its not?

CarBattery today at 22:40
It didn't work? Did you use capitals?

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:41
no its didnt and whats ya email and i will change it and i pu the password as you told me?

CarBattery today at 22:43
The email is, the password is the same as below.

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:46
it better be?

CarBattery today at 22:47
It is! Why would I lie?

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:49
i dunno but no its not. :/ change the password too safc4life2k11?

CarBattery today at 22:50
You're doing it wrong!

I changed the password to: UGottaBKiddinMe

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:51
your not even going to give me it i know becz of the passwords haha

CarBattery today at 22:52
What about the passwords?

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:52
your a bull shiter becz ive just tryed it again and is rong and it dm nomore do bye

CarBattery today at 22:54
Aww, we were just going to give you our new password. :(

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:55
what is it then just tell me please?

CarBattery today at 22:55
The password is: USoDumbUCrackMeUp

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:56
HAHA i bet you its not

CarBattery today at 22:57
I bet it is! Try it!

ultimatewarriorz today at 22:58
i have haha

CarBattery today at 22:58
It didn't work again? What's happening?

ultimatewarriorz today at 23:01
it doesnt matter.

CarBattery today at 23:01
Good-bye nubcake.


i guess no one above 30th ranked got a mail :(

I am almost in top 30. hopefully i get mail