Gg royale


You guys fought long and hard, thanks for the fight. Predictable result in the end.


And no rematches!
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tw news team here reporting from studio 77;
Gratz to both sides, Was a very hard fought war but the war archive does not lie.
good job to my mvp's of the war
-Krieger: Many dont like him but he knows how to spam his nukes on you, GG no RE
-Meepworrior (with the O): Great defending against Kriegers spam of nukes, GG no RE
-Welsh Celts: the mastermind and orchestrator, good tactics to anticipate royaleA downfall, GG no RE

Edit: Sources tell me RoyalE declared again?!?!?
I urge all peoples from both sides not to attack and follow the rule of GG no RE.
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Fair play to Civil, a well deserved victory, always knew the royalE bunch were just nubs. gg


Yea, well done Team Meep. Impressing for how long you have been able to hold out. Outcome allready decided in advance, just a matter of how hard you could make it for Royale to get those villages. And you did excellent. Also from what I have heard Royale s cooperation got better and better along the way, so well done to them too. If anything they have been insisting and kept attacking until it was over. Good fight as it should be.


I wonder how many more forums about RoyalE Civil members would make before they win this world..


What players? it's just me, Yak isn't even active anymore. He was only active when he was spying on Bacon.

Everything in Bacon was public no need for spies then eh ?