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Thanks guys for all the well wishes. Even ingame the shear amount of the mails are astounding. :icon_redface: Anyone who thinks I've run away clearly does not know me. I'm really busy in real life. Hopefully soon I'll have one of my projects off the ground and there'll be a website showing how that project intends on building up the Youth of my country via Sports and Business development.

I'll be popping around when I have time (~^,). Unfortunately I don't have the time to even play world 69 and a couple of my friends and I have being waiting YEARS to play that world. But what can one do when they are short on time.

im yet to receive the prem he borrowed way back in jan.

Jan 15,2013 06:13 Points redeemed -200 0 Account Manager en63 30
Jan 15,2013 06:13 Transfer 170 200 from: Anorexic Panda
Jan 15,2013 02:02 Points redeemed -200 30 Premium en63 30 auto

I don't how you can say you burrowed me it, as you know I was overseas so I never asked for anything. My account was supplied with enough premium to run Farm assistant and a Premium account a month in advance. Nor have you once eluded to such a fact until now that I owe you. I donate premium all the time to players who don't have it without asking anything in return. But what extent was that premium used for, the premium I "Burrowed"? Someone was too lazy to watch my account so they activated Account Manager. Never have I activated account manager on my account before its a waste of premium. Ysanoire can attest to me finding no benefit with AM because she finds no benefit in it as well.

But you consider it a debt and so it has been paid up. Last thing I need is someone selfish claiming I owe them.

Max, you can transfer the premium to dd1980, i'm playing the casual world ;)

Ah Sid:) You won our bet. I forgot how much I owe you. I've transferred 100pp, the rest I'll have to transfer after 5th June,as it's restricted.

May 27,2013 15:05 Transfer -100 1310 to: dd1980
May 27,2013 15:04 Transfer -100 1410 to: Anorexic Panda
May 27,2013 15:01 Transfer -70 1300 to: Anorexic Panda

I'll be around guys have no fear (~^,) I still need to give back to the TW community.


Max, you really need to put your head in the freezer. If I had meant any negativity against you on that issue, I very well would have pointed it out before when all the mud splashing was taking place. Just referred to sid's post, meant for him to stand in queue. All in good faith and humour.

If I hurt your ego, my bad.

All this spewing venom and mud splashing , below my dignity so wont comment and reply to those.

Word of advise :icon_idea:, start meditating.

~kkey (Anorexic Panda)
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