Goodbye world 33

Discussion in 'World 33' started by Drunk in the morning, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    Poor Zesky you can look at what ever you want Hawks isn't falling and neither will they. By what you have said you are definitely a fallen LEGION player so no wonder you rather come under an alias. Personally i would say either BOB my old friend or Brett but who knows. Lets put it easy for you as you dont have to much between the ears to think for yourself, even if half of hawks leave right now i would still put money on them to win. Legion has gone to nobling inactive's, inactive that went barb and those lovable 1000 point barbs which at this stage wouldn't help them anymore.
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  2. pugzie 122

    pugzie 122 Guest

    hahahahaha cracking post mate, nice one.

    he might shut up now.
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  3. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    I do not think its brett. Much more honorable guy...
  4. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    LOL yeah most of the time had my words with him.
  5. Drunk in the morning

    Drunk in the morning Contributing Poster

    Oct 29, 2009
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    atleast its keeping the forum active! go Zesky!

    Also, Imma have a go at w56, seeing as you dont have to be so active there :)

    if anyone from LEGION wants revenge I'll be playing under DrunkinTheMorning. Wont be joining any premades.
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    DDRMAAX Guest

    Ready, on the count of 3 ...


  7. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest

  8. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Hey drunk . If you want your account back , am sure we can get it for you sooner or later.

  9. Zesky

    Zesky Guest

    At least Legion members are brave. Unlike Hawks rookie members. Too arrogant. Kill Hawks!
  10. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Hes not a rookie lol

    Btw bravery is revealing your alias ;)
  11. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    Mate if i am a rookie then its a bunch of noobs playing this game as i take any villa i want and no one and i mean no one can stop me. This is a fact as any legion member that was near me they all fell victim to my awesomeness. Lucky for you this is my last world or i would come mess you up in W56 with your little premade tribe.
  12. mike62

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    Sep 4, 2008
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    Sorry but got to ask this,
    Do you still play with action man? That was the most childish response ive read in this thread to date, you obviously had a lot of inactives round as i cant see any other way you could have progressed.

    This thread started as a goodbye and has ended up a childish slang match, the lad is leaving what does it matter that he may have upset a few people. Dont know him personally but it doesnt stop me saying good luck for the future Drunkie.
  13. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    It's alright. Qoos can afford to respond in such a fashion as he is one of the finest players in the world and generally has this acknowledged by both friend and foe. Zesky earned such a response from him.
  14. most know that I'm not a huge fan of qoos...however...

    To say that qoos and acids conquers have been due to them hitting mostly inactive players is doing them a great injustice. If you look at every enemy player they've hit almost all of them have been active...the only reason for their eventual inactivity is because they give up once they see how tenacious and unforgiving qoos and acid are. Qoos and Acid are by far 2 of the best mid-late game players on W33 hands down.

    and yes this thread did start as a good bye thread but the goodbyes have been made by mostly former enemies and some fellow tribesmates and it did have soem flames due to the way he left and the controversies surrounding his departure... and then some fool comes in and starts saying stupid crap like...

    so of course we burn him...and of course it derails the thread but due to the inactivity of our forums, lack of life, and blues dungeons escapades with our forum mod :icon_wink:, our mod let's it graciously slide (which I thank him for not being such and overbearing moderator). Plus Drunk himself doesn't mind so I really so no problem with this threads slight long as it doesn't get to bad...but even then...whatevers :lol:
  15. HuaMulan

    HuaMulan Guest

    Striker seems to be a nice guy, why wont he answer u the question?
    As for me im still waiting >.>

    I think there is too much flamming in this thread, dont totally blame it on zesky... who are the loud mouths that says how good they are blah blah which is totally off topic? It takes two to tangle :p
    Some rpg i use to play, people who flame on each other on the forum all the time, its not good.
  16. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    check who's goodbye this is for.

    Then check who he is slanging.

    Read the entire thread before commenting :icon_neutral:
  17. nah he answered well technically he didn't...but thats another story for another time...

    but I asked you to agree to a deal


  18. HuaMulan

    HuaMulan Guest

    Why don't u try and see? :p no matter what i answer or promise here u probably not gonna believe anyways :p

    Oh i will not dodge if u promise to send real nukes, not lousy ones, not fake ones etc.
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  19. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest

    All bow down , the allknowing mighty Mike has spoken .....
  20. AreYouKidden

    AreYouKidden Guest

    Due to the generally good nature of this forum's members, I've let a number of threads drag off topic, figuring it was harmless, but when threads get derailed to the point that the topic is no longer spoken about I feel the need to step in.

    Try to keep things on topic folks, if you have grips about a player, or another topic, feel free to start a new topic, or find one better suited to the rant, but don't derail this thread any further please.