GotRob Gripe


Rather than reclaim a player in -34- and attack his cluster there, you prefer to provide support for a tribe with a 3:1 advantage as they disrespect you, and only need the support to supplement themselves because of their own terrible planning.

Way to cover for the noobs in GotRob

Put it down to them being allies, I'd still be ashamed to be providing support to such poor allies, in both their demeanor towards you and towards everyone else. In addition, it's prime-time to hit them and win the world, and you shirk from it, preferring to cover for their shortcomings. PITA, I have a lot of respect for and I'd love for them to win the world, but they didn't make a single power-play in this world. They've played smart, don't get me wrong, but it's a shame that they've not once made a single play that contained an element of excitement, and they've managed to generally feed on noob coalitions and tribes that were already dead/dying. And so, as GotRob fights a tiny foe who is doing fine, PITA feels the need to support GotRob for their own shortcomings. Sad day indeed for W59.
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I didnt find anyy logic in what u6 is posting here :)

I doubt you could find logic in a calculus textbook either, but that's just me.

cowsattack posted a map, The Howling asked who was included on the map, because it wasn't labelled. U6 correctly labelled the tribes that cowsattack put into the map. cows didn't actually know which tribes were involved, so he was wrong. I don't think it's that complicated guys....


You recruited a Tuff member, a tribe we were at war with, and it was before we recruited any Tuff members. He's in K43, in the middle of a PITA continent. Not quite sure what you expected with that one there.

tuff member in k43? there was kupal from shave in our tribe for abit while you were at war? i was voted down due to his location and he was expelled by our dukes

i started a huge debate in the tribe about him fighting alone and we should try to help. you see he was my tribemate when i started in this world over there prior to being overrun and restarting in k37 yes i am a restart who thought i might be able to help a friend so again i am guilty of trying to help a tribemate. my first acct on this world was lesss

even tho i am pretty sure anyone recruited in a pita area would not be around very long i was willing to try and help him relocate and risk the wrath of pita to do it.

pita hasnt done anything for us or really any against nor should they. what i would like to see is how well we do against gotrob before 10 to 1 odds kick in. i hope i have explained why i did what i did i am simply asking for the same courtsey from you why are you doing what your doing?

best regards lesss