GotRob Gripe


Something this frustrating... Really drives me, I must admit. i do some of my best writing a little bit angry. I realize in advance, some people might not care. But when someone does something this... dumb. There's really no other word for it. When someone does something like this, I don't know what else to do but have them weighed and measured in the court of public opinion. Have at 'er!

A few days back, my coplayer noticed that someone in GTC had made noble claims on villages about a 60 hour drive from them, and directly beside me. These were my farms, and he actually initially assumed that the claims had been made in error. They were just too weird. So he had this mail conversation:

GearHound on 12.05. at 21:18
628|293 and the village next to it.

I farm these daily. I'm sorry but these are vital to my growth. I'm aiming for top 20 here and this won't help.

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:22
[player]geani29[/player]recommended to take in the area

GearHound on 12.05. at 21:22
Have you sent nobles? I think that may have been a joke.

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:29
villages told me that they take [player]geani29[/player]

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:30
you can conffirma herself

GearHound on 12.05. at 21:30
Yes, yes.

I'm speaking to her. Have you sent nobles?

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:34
yes.I'm sorry.

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:38
villages where they take?

GearHound on 12.05. at 21:46
How many hours do your nobles have to travel?

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:52
the two villages to the colleague [player]ditzah[/player] and I are going to take everything in the area during the nobles arrive tomorrow

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:53
Attack on Barbarian village (628|293) K26 tomorrow at 01:11:15:952 3:17:55
Attack on Barbarian village (627|293) K26 tomorrow at 13:34:10:910 15:40:50

GearHound on 12.05. at 21:54
How many nobles did you send?

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:57
four in both villages

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 21:57
I'm sorry.

ioji.1968 on 12.05. at 22:00
not send without consent player [player]geani29[/player]

GearHound on 12.05. at 23:10
Can you send me the times for each noble to arrive at each village?

I'm sorry, it seems this isn't your fault but I specifically told Geani not to tell people to noble in my area. And I can't allow people to do so.

I have two options:

Support the barb to kill your last noble to each... so that you only lose one noble and not all 4. (I need to know all 4 times for this and how many troops you sent with the last noble.)

Take the village back after you take it.

ioji.1968 on 13.05. at 04:36
you talked to player [player]geani29[/player]?

Well unfortunately, there was no talking to either Geani or Saggy, our dukes. They were out for the week. Their words, not mine. I'll post that later. I still had no idea what was going on, but I did know that I didn't like it. They players in question, ioji.1968 and ditzah are hopelessly inactive and this situation just didn't make sense. At this point, I'll admit maybe we didn't handle this the best way possible, but we renobled these vills.

A few days later, Marcus finally caught Geani, back from her trip:

[5/16/2012 4:18:43 PM] Marcus McCloud: Okay, so story behind it would be this 20k inactive player claiming and nobling my barbs for no apparent reason? and then telling me that it had been you who had ordered him to
[5/16/2012 4:19:11 PM] geani29: hes not inactive
[5/16/2012 4:19:19 PM] geani29: he was no 1 on a romanian world

I love this "Old World Hero" attitude, by the way, number one on a romanian server, but bottom of the barrel on .net. Maybe the Romanian server is slower?

[5/16/2012 4:19:21 PM] Marcus McCloud: I get you want to firm up the "frontlines" but with such players?
[5/16/2012 4:19:25 PM] Marcus McCloud: I checked tw stats
[5/16/2012 4:19:32 PM] Marcus McCloud: And on this world, he is inactive
[5/16/2012 4:19:40 PM] geani29: and i told them to take barbs there and make D for 34

Note here, make D for 34

[5/16/2012 4:19:51 PM] Marcus McCloud: Who are napped... but yes
[5/16/2012 4:19:59 PM] geani29: if me or shaggy say somthing, we have some reasons
[5/16/2012 4:20:10 PM] geani29: your behaviour, attacking them, its bad
[5/16/2012 4:20:13 PM] geani29: verry
[5/16/2012 4:20:13 PM] Marcus McCloud: This player is inactive on this world though
[5/16/2012 4:20:19 PM] geani29: not your problem
[5/16/2012 4:20:22 PM] Marcus McCloud: He was 15k before he tooks the villages
[5/16/2012 4:20:27 PM] geani29: as I said, i told them
[5/16/2012 4:20:35 PM] Marcus McCloud: Okay, and I asked you not to
[5/16/2012 4:20:40 PM] geani29: who is napped?
[5/16/2012 4:20:42 PM] geani29: 34?
[5/16/2012 4:20:46 PM] Marcus McCloud: Yes
[5/16/2012 4:20:49 PM] geani29: and?
[5/16/2012 4:20:55 PM] geani29: that nap will be gone soon

Oooh! Bazinga!

[5/16/2012 4:21:05 PM] Marcus McCloud: Okay, thats nice :)
[5/16/2012 4:21:07 PM] geani29: aha
[5/16/2012 4:22:10 PM] Marcus McCloud: The reason I got annoyed was because we (mostly Gear) have put a lot of effort into creating this area which we are currently farming thoroughly, and we weren't asked or considered before this move went ahead
[5/16/2012 4:22:41 PM] Marcus McCloud: Personally, I think that the northeastern players know where the extra villages are needed most - where -34- are strongest, weakest etc
[5/16/2012 4:23:21 PM] Marcus McCloud: For example, I would have boasted knowing Mutley's online times pretty precisely if it weren't for the fact that he's gone inactive
[5/16/2012 4:23:26 PM] geani29: you 2 want to play alone then?
[5/16/2012 4:23:29 PM] geani29: go play solitaire, ok?
[5/16/2012 4:23:34 PM] geani29: we are a tribe
[5/16/2012 4:23:44 PM] Marcus McCloud: No, I want to play in a tribe that utilises it's players to it's best
[5/16/2012 4:23:46 PM] geani29: if you are alone there, you wont survive
[5/16/2012 4:23:54 PM] geani29: I will move all my k 45 core tthere

She refers to it as "her core" more on that later.

[5/16/2012 4:23:56 PM] Marcus McCloud: And using player's knowledge would seem a good idea
[5/16/2012 4:24:01 PM] geani29: for your knowledge
[5/16/2012 4:24:03 PM] geani29: ok?
[5/16/2012 4:24:15 PM] Marcus McCloud: I want to work with you lot
[5/16/2012 4:24:19 PM] geani29: in our border, its not possiblle to be just a single player
[5/16/2012 4:24:27 PM] geani29: that is not a border, is a massacre
[5/16/2012 4:24:29 PM] geani29: thats it
[5/16/2012 4:24:37 PM] Marcus McCloud: But i'm not able to do that if I'm not even considered
[5/16/2012 4:24:42 PM] Marcus McCloud: We can imput too
[5/16/2012 4:24:46 PM] geani29: you are
[5/16/2012 4:24:54 PM | Edited 4:25:03 PM] geani29: but not when you ignore my orders
[5/16/2012 4:25:06 PM] Marcus McCloud: I wasn't ordered to help people noble in our area
[5/16/2012 4:25:10 PM] geani29: have a chat with shaggy as well, tomorrow

Lots here. Shaggy was distracted, more on that later. Also, note, This isn't the first time it was said, nor the last, but the point here was that

[5/16/2012 4:25:20 PM] Marcus McCloud: We can inform people the best places to do so
[5/16/2012 4:25:21 PM] geani29: i didnt need your help
[5/16/2012 4:25:30 PM] geani29: I told those 2 ROMANIAN GUYS TO DO SOMETING
[5/16/2012 4:25:34 PM] Marcus McCloud: Exactly - I'm not being considered then.
[5/16/2012 4:25:35 PM] geani29: and you attacked them
[5/16/2012 4:25:46 PM] geani29: for me, is an offence
[5/16/2012 4:25:52 PM] geani29: dont know for you
[5/16/2012 4:26:03 PM] Marcus McCloud: So is nobling player's barbs, for some
[5/16/2012 4:26:04 PM] geani29: talk to shaggy tomorrow, ok? Im tired, ive been n roads 4 days
[5/16/2012 4:26:08 PM] geani29: gn

See.... Geani did this to me too. You disagree with her and she hoists responsibility to someone else. Leadery, no? She talked more anyway:

[5/16/2012 4:26:15 PM | Edited 4:26:34 PM] Marcus McCloud: I might ask, why didn't we simply noble barbs in the -34- cluster?
[5/16/2012 4:26:38 PM] geani29: because i told them to make d there, where they ae safe
[5/16/2012 4:26:43 PM] geani29: in the midle of our players
[5/16/2012 4:26:46 PM] geani29: simpple
[5/16/2012 4:26:57 PM] geani29: no problem, they will take in the midle of noobs
[5/16/2012 4:27:02 PM] geani29: they will bash for noobs

Remember earlier, when I said to remember this? How do D troops bash?

[5/16/2012 4:27:16 PM] Marcus McCloud: ?
[5/16/2012 4:28:23 PM] Marcus McCloud: I've talked to Jamie a few days ago
[5/16/2012 4:28:28 PM] Marcus McCloud: Expressed my side
[5/16/2012 4:28:46 PM] geani29: and what he said?
[5/16/2012 4:28:48 PM] geani29: he agrees?
[5/16/2012 4:30:04 PM] Marcus McCloud: [Sunday, May 13, 2012 11:30 AM] JamieRed: <<< yeah, should have told you first
[5/16/2012 4:30:16 PM] Marcus McCloud: That's my point that pissed me off
[5/16/2012 4:30:24 PM] Marcus McCloud: And he agrees with that
[5/16/2012 4:31:46 PM] Marcus McCloud: I'd happily stack these guys if anything goes down with -34-
[5/16/2012 4:31:52 PM] Marcus McCloud: Morale would kill -34- :D
[5/16/2012 4:32:47 PM] geani29: i agree with your point
[5/16/2012 4:32:58 PM] geani29: not with you attacking them
[5/16/2012 4:33:07 PM] geani29: you know what Gtc is?

Here it comes...

[5/16/2012 4:34:25 PM] Marcus McCloud: I don't know the full in's and out's but an "academy" tribe, something I would normally associate with inactives and small players who don't make the cut
[5/16/2012 4:34:37 PM] Marcus McCloud: Internals...
[5/16/2012 4:36:16 PM] geani29: really
[5/16/2012 4:36:21 PM] geani29: we come from gtc
[5/16/2012 4:36:37 PM] geani29: we had gtc 4 years on ro server
[5/16/2012 4:36:58 PM] geani29: we are over 25 romanians here
[5/16/2012 4:37:10 PM] geani29: those 2 small guys are romanians
[5/16/2012 4:37:17 PM] geani29: you understand now?
[5/16/2012 4:37:23 PM] geani29: I am gtc
[5/16/2012 4:37:41 PM] geani29: gtc is our good and our recruitment, when need it
[5/16/2012 4:37:52 PM] geani29: so, if i say something, i know why
[5/16/2012 4:38:15 PM] geani29: i need small players close to 34, cose we have big players there
[5/16/2012 4:38:36 PM] geani29: dont matter they are noobs or not, if i ask them for sitter, and play there, i will get results
[5/16/2012 4:38:46 PM] geani29: like i did before with many acc
[5/16/2012 4:38:47 PM] Marcus McCloud: I checked twstats and ditzah goes inactive for days at a time
[5/16/2012 4:38:52 PM] geani29: no matter
[5/16/2012 4:38:57 PM] geani29: check blashak2 stats
[5/16/2012 4:38:58 PM] Marcus McCloud: Okay, thats true
[5/16/2012 4:39:02 PM] geani29: check razvr6
[5/16/2012 4:39:09 PM] geani29: check nicodim or martianul75
[5/16/2012 4:39:13 PM] geani29: all sat by me
[5/16/2012 4:39:18 PM] geani29: when need it
[5/16/2012 4:39:26 PM] geani29: u understand?
[5/16/2012 4:39:30 PM] geani29: check acarulpaun
[5/16/2012 4:39:32 PM] geani29: etc etc

So GTC is a tribe full of Old World Heroes from Romania, who can't seem to play here. They're inactive, but that's OK, because Geani has a standing sit with all of them and does all their work for them. Which she then uses to bash for her. With D troops. I did not just make that up. it's all there.

[5/16/2012 4:39:43 PM] Marcus McCloud: As long as you're not co-ordinating attacks with each of them... ;)

Ooooh. There's the rub. Is using sat accounts to noble barbs and build troops to bash for you bannable? I'll let the admins decide.

[5/16/2012 4:39:54 PM] geani29: you know just your square, I know much more
[5/16/2012 4:40:05 PM] geani29: and i plan everything, me and shaggy
[5/16/2012 4:40:10 PM] geani29: i hope you understand now
[5/16/2012 4:40:24 PM] Marcus McCloud: Okay, i understand better, yes
[5/16/2012 4:40:30 PM] geani29: we want the rim, cant be done just with huge players
[5/16/2012 4:40:54 PM] Marcus McCloud: But are you trying to claim you know the northeastern continents better than noob on fire, dmcd, ruey, porta and me?
[5/16/2012 4:41:08 PM] Marcus McCloud: I do want the rim (chuckle)
[5/16/2012 4:41:23 PM] Marcus McCloud: Please, work with us
[5/16/2012 4:41:27 PM] geani29: you are not enough, if me and shagy consider we need more players there, we move more

Just to recap:

Marcus: Work with us
Geani: You aren't enough, I need my Romanian inactives to help you.

[5/16/2012 4:41:27 PM] geani29: like we did in 46, 55
[5/16/2012 4:41:35 PM] geani29: etc
[5/16/2012 4:41:52 PM] geani29: thats why we are leaders and got rob is here
[5/16/2012 4:41:53 PM] Marcus McCloud: Then use us and our skills, our knowledge
[5/16/2012 4:41:58 PM] geani29: we do
[5/16/2012 4:42:03 PM] geani29: we do ops, we plan things
[5/16/2012 4:42:08 PM] geani29: just be patient
[5/16/2012 4:42:48 PM] Marcus McCloud: It doesn't feel like it when suddenly our barbs are being nobled by very small players and we aren't informed why or even who they are. Thank you for your time...
[5/16/2012 4:43:57 PM] geani29: they are in gtc, no need to be worry
[5/16/2012 4:43:59 PM] geani29: gtc-gotrob
[5/16/2012 4:44:04 PM] geani29: same leadership
[5/16/2012 4:44:17 PM] Marcus McCloud: bashers basically
[5/16/2012 4:44:21 PM] geani29: some, yes
[5/16/2012 4:44:31 PM] geani29: some food
[5/16/2012 4:44:39 PM] geani29: some, they grow, like luiwet
[5/16/2012 4:44:42 PM] geani29: and other
[5/16/2012 4:44:49 PM] Marcus McCloud: from first view, they appear to be simply inactive. There is no way to know that you are sitting them all.
[5/16/2012 4:44:54 PM] geani29: call it kindergarden
[5/16/2012 4:45:20 PM] Marcus McCloud: In reality though, a rarity are going to make it into GotRob
[5/16/2012 4:45:24 PM] Marcus McCloud: Ever
[5/16/2012 4:45:48 PM] geani29: more are allready here
[5/16/2012 4:45:55 PM] geani29: check gtc s stats
[5/16/2012 4:46:02 PM] geani29: few were eaten
[5/16/2012 4:46:03 PM] geani29: etc
[5/16/2012 4:46:15 PM] Marcus McCloud: More have been moved down from GotRob to GTC than the other way round

Well of course it did. GotRob was full.

[5/16/2012 4:46:36 PM] Marcus McCloud: And the more good players the recruit from elsewhere, the more are going to get moved down
[5/16/2012 4:46:37 PM] geani29: its normal
[5/16/2012 4:46:55 PM] geani29: we dont move good players there
[5/16/2012 4:47:03 PM] geani29: just inactoves or quiters

Hear that GTC? From Geani's mouth. you are inactives and quitters.

[5/16/2012 4:47:36 PM] Marcus McCloud: Exactly, so anyone is GTC we are basically just using for our own beneift
[5/16/2012 4:48:32 PM] geani29: exactly
[5/16/2012 4:48:37 PM] geani29: finally
[5/16/2012 4:50:24 PM] Marcus McCloud: lol...
[5/16/2012 4:50:40 PM | Edited 4:50:48 PM] Marcus McCloud: Did you get the message from barb about Ride and -34-...?
[5/16/2012 4:51:12 PM] geani29: which message
[5/16/2012 4:51:27 PM] Marcus McCloud: They've been in talks about a merger
[5/16/2012 4:51:32 PM] Marcus McCloud: Thought you lot should know
[5/16/2012 4:51:56 PM] geani29: aa
[5/16/2012 4:52:04 PM] geani29: i know rhat
[5/16/2012 4:52:08 PM] Marcus McCloud: It was news to barb
[5/16/2012 4:52:18 PM] Marcus McCloud: Hodgy is being very arrogant though (chuckle)
[5/16/2012 4:52:37 PM] geani29: :D

I didn't actually have this conversation, but i was added to the conversation before it happened, and have this in my skype box right now. My apologies to Marcus, for not asking him in advance if I could make this post. But i am annoyed. And I do my best writing angry, remember? I had a discussion with him though, and I was of the opinion that possibly Geani had set us up. I mean, the villages in question were not actually near 34, nothing about this made sense. I had actually thought that it was possible that Geani had pushed this so that she could see our reaction. After this, I guess I just no longer respect her intelligence enough for that. I don't think she was devious enough for that. I think she honestly thought that this was a good idea.

Later, I had a conversation With Shaggy:

[7:53:48 PM] JamieRed: How u doing
[7:53:59 PM] GearHound: Dunno
[7:54:02 PM] GearHound: Now bad
[7:54:05 PM] GearHound: You?
[7:54:57 PM] JamieRed: I heard u spoken to geani

Not answering my question should have been my first hint he was angry.

[7:55:06 PM] GearHound: Marcus mostly
[7:55:11 PM] GearHound: But I tried too
[7:55:46 PM] GearHound: I don't know what to say
[7:56:29 PM] GearHound: She's very.... Unhelpful. And maybe it's a language barrier or something, but she hits me as monumentally unintelligent.
[7:57:12 PM] JamieRed: no shes good
[7:57:19 PM] JamieRed: and u can understand her

Well, now that we can all see what was written, does anyone understand what she was doing?

[7:57:24 PM] JamieRed: the things u did
[7:57:29 PM] JamieRed: nobled the barbs
[7:57:36 PM] JamieRed: when she told them to take?
[7:58:02 PM] GearHound: Yeah. I stand by what we did.
[7:58:44 PM] GearHound: Me and Marcus talked about it, neither of us are stupid people, and we just couldn't understand it
[7:59:09 PM] GearHound: We actually discussed the possibility that she had done it to set us up and judge our reaction
[7:59:48 PM] GearHound: When Marcus asked her about it, he got a half nonsensical conversation, which I'd be more tahn happy to show you. It really didn't make sense
[8:00:07 PM] GearHound: A line I really liked was something along the lines of "When i tell you to do something, do it."
[8:00:19 PM] GearHound: Well... She didn't TELL us anything
[8:00:27 PM] GearHound: And I think that was a big part of the problem

I still stand by this. What would you do if your villages were suddenly surrounded by grey padlocks owned by 15k point people three continents away, and no one told you about it?

[8:03:21 PM] GearHound: Jamie?
[8:03:59 PM] JamieRed: yeah
[8:04:05 PM] JamieRed: was just reading
[8:04:12 PM] JamieRed: yeah she most probs said that
[8:04:17 PM] GearHound: Fair
[8:04:20 PM] JamieRed: as we here do what we say
[8:04:24 PM] JamieRed: me and geani
[8:04:34 PM] JamieRed: geani enlgish isn't the best
[8:04:42 PM] JamieRed: but is understandable
[8:04:55 PM] GearHound: Well. Maybe it's a language barier then
[8:04:56 PM] JamieRed: we do things for a reason
[8:05:01 PM] GearHound: Can you explain it to me?
[8:05:11 PM] JamieRed: well i'll explain
[8:05:31 PM] JamieRed: a number of players asked me to move players to that side of the world

Wasn't me. Just saying. If people over here wanted inactive low point neighbors, they should have got them.

[8:05:35 PM] GearHound: Can you explain why we told an account to noble barbs in the middle of my cluster, on a 60 hour trip, when they haven't shown growth in a month?
[8:05:44 PM] JamieRed: isn't worth 5 days travel for nothi8ng
[8:05:51 PM] JamieRed: so we nobled barbs
[8:06:18 PM] JamieRed: yeah barbs, you will thank us afterwards
[8:06:27 PM] JamieRed: you will be against it now
[8:06:33 PM] JamieRed: like i hated it at first
[8:06:44 PM] JamieRed: but i trusted what geani did
[8:06:45 PM] GearHound: I'm not saying that nobling barbs to make a front is a bad thing, sometimes it's necessary
[8:06:58 PM] JamieRed: and now we are what we are because of it
[8:07:01 PM] GearHound: I have a problem with these 16k players that don't know how to play taking my farms out
[8:07:13 PM] GearHound: They're inactive
[8:07:22 PM] JamieRed: she has a reason for it believe me

Still don't know it.

[8:07:33 PM] JamieRed: she must have some kind of control
[8:07:46 PM] GearHound: She said, and these aren't direct quotes, but i could find the lines if you wanted:
[8:07:47 PM] JamieRed: she won't move no one near the front for nothing
[8:08:06 PM] GearHound: That she wanted them to noble and build D, so they could bash for me when the nap with 34 falls through

She really did, read above.

[8:08:23 PM] JamieRed: nothing about 34

Oh really? So we're nobling barbs 3 k's away in my cluster for fun?

[8:08:35 PM] JamieRed: more to make our guys active and good
[8:08:42 PM] GearHound: She said that these are all good romanian players, and she has all their inactives sits, so when we need them, we can use them
[8:08:46 PM] JamieRed: that is end off
[8:09:08 PM] JamieRed: the main players was about to launch
[8:09:15 PM] JamieRed: until u did what u did
[8:09:23 PM] JamieRed: lucky i wasn't around
[8:09:36 PM] JamieRed: I havent been around for last week

From his own mouth: He was gone for a week.

[8:09:52 PM] JamieRed: but if geani tells people to do it
[8:09:54 PM] JamieRed: its for a reason
[8:10:02 PM] JamieRed: U willl be get
[8:10:16 PM] JamieRed: So don't please do what u did and do what u did
[8:10:20 PM] GearHound: See. I still have a problem with that part
[8:10:25 PM] GearHound: No one told anyone anything
[8:10:44 PM] JamieRed: That part i didn't agree with

Thank you. It's probably the only time you agreed with me.

[8:10:46 PM] GearHound: And I got this half garbled message telling me that Geani told him to, and then you were both gone for a week
[8:10:51 PM] JamieRed: but we told noob
[8:11:07 PM] JamieRed: as shes well liked in the ex one gang

"noob" is noob on fire. It is an account coplayed by at least two people. I think maybe three. For the record. Barb is a wonderful person and I like her. All the relations I've had with her have been friendly and nothing I say in any way should be taken against her. Sling, on the other hand is the guy that dissolved ONE on a whim. i don't dislike him personally, but I wouldn't trust him to lead either. more on that later. The thing to take away right now is: Someone told noob that GTC was going to noble barbs beside me Why they couldn't tell me, dunno.

[8:11:11 PM] JamieRed: that joined us
[8:11:17 PM] JamieRed: we taken it as that
[8:11:36 PM] JamieRed: I even canceled claims afterwards and stoped nobling there
[8:11:46 PM] GearHound: Well... Be that as it may, they didn't noble near noob, and you didn't tell me
[8:12:15 PM] JamieRed: no until u said that
[8:12:16 PM] GearHound: Now that you've told me, I'd like to discuss it on it's merits, i still don't understand
[8:12:32 PM] GearHound: If you want us to develop that front, i can noble barbs faster than these guys could ever hope to
[8:12:36 PM] GearHound: It jst doesn't make sense
[8:12:48 PM] JamieRed: Yeah i want u to do that
[8:12:57 PM] JamieRed: but want some of our core players there also
[8:13:02 PM] GearHound: Ok
[8:13:07 PM] GearHound: No, I'd like some neighbors
[8:13:13 PM] JamieRed: why, you think its a farm gone

Well.... It is a farm gone. And with some of them having 0 growth for 7 days, it'll have a nice red warehouse I can't pillage. The thing is, I wouldn't mind having a competent neighbor or two, not to belittle my current neighbors, but the more the merrier. I just couldn't see this working out well for anyone.

[8:13:15 PM] GearHound: But these guys aren't anything like a core plaer
[8:13:26 PM] JamieRed: but if u have one of the core guys there

I see reading this now, he meant players from the core, not players that are any good. Like I had originally read it. my bad.

[8:13:33 PM] GearHound: They're food, that we keep around as pets
[8:13:37 PM] JamieRed: the D and O u will get it better
[8:13:49 PM] GearHound: You're talking about bashers?
[8:13:56 PM] JamieRed: no no
[8:14:03 PM] JamieRed: gear please listen
[8:14:12 PM] JamieRed: the players we move to your area
[8:14:16 PM] JamieRed: us or gtc
[8:14:25 PM] JamieRed: 10k or 1 million
[8:14:35 PM] JamieRed: there is a reason for it

PLEASE! PLEASE tell me your reason! You just said we aren't warring 34, even though Geani did. So why are you nobling barbs and building a front! PLEASE TELL MEEEEE!

[8:15:00 PM] GearHound: Explain GTC to me
[8:15:18 PM] GearHound: 21 of the 48 have a 0 growth day in the last week
5 are seven consecutive 0
6 have negative growth
27 had growth less than 10k
[8:15:32 PM] GearHound: Why are they even around?

Real stats. Not even making that up.

[8:15:52 PM] JamieRed: well they was most of the best players we taken in

Oh. My. God.

[8:15:54 PM] GearHound: ditzah, the guy you tried to send to me, has been playing for 6 months and his biggest village is 4k
[8:15:59 PM] GearHound: He just doesn't know how to grow
[8:16:09 PM] JamieRed: some are shit and what not
[8:16:14 PM] JamieRed: yeah i agree

I lied, he agreed twice. Here is where he said that the inactive was inactive. I almost thought we were making progress.

[8:16:27 PM] JamieRed: but take it upon yourself and noble them
[8:16:32 PM] GearHound: deal!


[8:16:41 PM] JamieRed: its no deal


[8:16:46 PM] GearHound: And heck, if we want to bring in some ne faces, by all means, there's room
[8:16:56 PM] GearHound: I just don't want these villages going to waste on some pet project
[8:17:12 PM] JamieRed: no thats bullshit
[8:17:18 PM] JamieRed: we do things for a reason
[8:17:23 PM] JamieRed: end off
[8:17:37 PM] JamieRed: you saw what we did as the core tribe
[8:17:44 PM] JamieRed: was alone at first

And here it comes:

[8:17:44 PM] GearHound: The only reason to build on that side of me is a conflict with 34
[8:17:51 PM] GearHound: Which you said earlier wasn't going to happen
[8:17:56 PM] GearHound: Even though Geani did
[8:18:01 PM] GearHound: Color me confused
[8:18:16 PM] JamieRed: it will or it might not
[8:18:24 PM] JamieRed: they are pushing things right now
[8:18:33 PM] JamieRed: we have players like yourself
[8:18:44 PM] JamieRed: causing more problems
[8:18:57 PM] JamieRed: your the only one about barbs

BAZINGA! We are having problems with 34, so we are making a front. Just in case. I don't know how what I did at all affected the conflict with 34. but hey. Bazinga anyway.

[8:19:04 PM] GearHound: Well... Hum
[8:19:09 PM] JamieRed: but the rest is about friendship
[8:19:18 PM] GearHound: Do you have coords of other vills in K25 that 'core' players are nobling
[8:19:35 PM] JamieRed: you will see what we noble this week
[8:19:41 PM] JamieRed: no on your side
[8:19:45 PM] JamieRed: not*

Read: No. but I realize that I'm not getting anywhere with this.

[8:20:18 PM] GearHound: You know... I like to think I'm more connected to the Ex-One players than you.
[8:20:21 PM] GearHound: I could be wrong
[8:20:41 PM] GearHound: I've heard, and you don't have to confirm or deny this, that noob on fire may be given privs
[8:20:43 PM] JamieRed: what u mean by that
[8:20:45 PM] GearHound: It's just a rumor
[8:21:00 PM] JamieRed: given prives?

He really didn't know what that meant.

[8:21:02 PM] GearHound: You said that a lot of people like noob
[8:21:07 PM] GearHound: Made baron, or Duke
[8:21:19 PM] GearHound: I'd like to point out that a lot of people like Barb

See? I said I like her.

[8:21:27 PM] JamieRed: am no noob
[8:21:33 PM] JamieRed: but noob on fire
[8:21:44 PM] JamieRed: well barb is well respected within gotrob
[8:21:56 PM] GearHound: But she's not the only co on that account, and we from one remember how ONE ended

One minute of notice, then dissolution, then scramble scramble scramble. Because Sling is a great leader.

[8:21:58 PM] JamieRed: the OP's don't lie

I make a point of this later. Good op participation doesn't mean a good leader. Good players do not always make good leaders. I'm sure we all know examples.

[8:22:22 PM] JamieRed: [8:21 PM] GearHound:
<<< But she's not the only co on that account, and we from one remember how ONE ended yeah and?
[8:22:33 PM] JamieRed: can't blame barb or what not
[8:22:46 PM] JamieRed: one was a sinking ship anyways
[8:22:51 PM] GearHound: No no, I'm not saying we do that
[8:23:05 PM] GearHound: I am saying that you can't give Barb privs without giving sling privs
[8:23:05 PM] JamieRed: wasn't barb that done that disband anyways

He knows there's at least two people on there.

[8:23:09 PM] GearHound: And we saw how that worked
[8:23:28 PM] JamieRed: what u mean?
[8:23:57 PM] GearHound: They're on the same account
[8:24:05 PM] GearHound: Noob on Fire is played by three people
[8:24:10 PM] GearHound: barb is only one of them
[8:24:18 PM] JamieRed: correct

See? Confirmation.

[8:24:38 PM] GearHound: So you can't give Barb privs unless you give Sling privs too, because he's the other guy on that account
[8:24:38 PM] JamieRed: I spoken to sling first
[8:24:56 PM] JamieRed: who says they got privs?
[8:25:06 PM] GearHound: No no. No one says they HAVE privs
[8:25:17 PM] GearHound: It's a rumor that there has been a discussion about them getting privs
[8:25:30 PM] JamieRed: [8:23 PM] GearHound: <<< I am saying that you can't give Barb privs without giving sling privs??
[8:25:43 PM] GearHound: And I'm saying that if that happens, the people who came here from ONE might havea problem with that
[8:25:58 PM] JamieRed: [8:25 PM] GearHound: <<< It's a rumor that there has been a discussion about them getting privsI don't get it, whats the problem if they have anyways?
[8:26:10 PM] GearHound: Sling dsbanded ONE on a minute's notice
[8:26:27 PM] GearHound: He's not a leader
[8:26:28 PM] JamieRed: Maybe but won't just be a min in hes head

Yes, in his head, I'm sure the minute lasted several hours.

[8:26:35 PM] JamieRed: gear mate
[8:26:52 PM] JamieRed: noob on fire, i have respected since day one
[8:27:02 PM] JamieRed: but havnt given them nothing
[8:27:03 PM] GearHound: Their a great team, they play well
[8:27:06 PM] GearHound: They don't lead well
[8:27:08 PM] JamieRed: as they don't want nothing
[8:27:21 PM] JamieRed: they made that to me
[8:27:38 PM] GearHound: Hey, like I said, you don't have to confirm or deny
[8:27:48 PM] GearHound: It's a rumor, it might not be true
[8:28:22 PM] JamieRed: I will answer as they made a thing when they did it
[8:28:37 PM] JamieRed: they didn't want nothing do with leadership or nothing
[8:29:02 PM] JamieRed: since them after the OP, there was a couple good ones
[8:29:10 PM] JamieRed: the rest wasn't that good
[8:29:33 PM | Edited 8:29:43 PM] GearHound: You realize that Marcus and I took 6 or the 21 TITAN vills, right?

My point there being that noob on fire actually had the same participation as we did in the op in question. Every time he talked about respect, he talked about op participation. What he really meant was that they were online on Skype at the same time and he just likes her.

[8:29:39 PM] JamieRed: but am giving them a second chance before of noob on fire
[8:29:51 PM] JamieRed: didn't say you mate
[8:30:04 PM] JamieRed: just said there was certain players
[8:30:13 PM] GearHound: I'm about to type a lot
[8:30:23 PM] GearHound: And I'm sorry in advance, but please hear me out
[8:30:28 PM] GearHound: you might even like what i type

I really meant that.

[8:31:56 PM] GearHound: I really dislike " old world heroes" those people that say, "Back in world 1 I was god" Well, that's great, why do you suck now? And I hate people who name drop. But I'm about to. In W38 Myself, Destructo Girl, AuskillaD and Frankie made ART. We owned the world better than PITA is doing now.
[8:32:15 PM] GearHound: There were others, lots of them, but those are names known around
[8:32:27 PM] GearHound: Behn, Rankeed? Miggy? No? Anyway
[8:33:11 PM] GearHound: My point is that I understand how a tribe works, we owned the world until we quit. One of us went to jail, one of us went on a tour around the globe, Alex got bored, i moved.
[8:33:41 PM] GearHound: The worst thing that BoK did was merge into Time, and the worst thing Time did was merge into ONE
[8:33:52 PM] GearHound: Every time we took on their conflicts and dead weight
[8:34:21 PM] GearHound: GotRob is a healthier tribe than ONE and Time. But it's by no means perfect
[8:35:05 PM] GearHound: And I think what frustrates me is that every time I make a suggestion on how things could improve, I get ignored, and told "Do things the way we tell you, because we've told it to you"
[8:35:11 PM] GearHound: But it doesn't make sense to me
[8:35:20 PM] GearHound: And I'm not a dumb person! I swear
[8:36:00 PM] GearHound: So if you can't explain it to me in a way that makes sense, and Marcus doesn't get it eaither, it's either because there's a breakdown in communication, or the idea just really isn't that good
[8:36:01 PM] JamieRed: so what u ryin to say
[8:36:47 PM] GearHound: What it boils down to is that ideas aren't good just because they come from you and Geani, and you are viciously underappreciating your talent

What he said!

[8:37:32 PM] JamieRed: no not at all
[8:37:39 PM] JamieRed: I see the road u taken
[8:37:49 PM] JamieRed: you are so for yourself
[8:37:57 PM] JamieRed: and against noob for some reason

Where the heck did you see that in what I just wrote? And I thought you knew Noob wasn't a person?

[8:38:16 PM] GearHound: I've made suggestions on how this tribe could be better
[8:38:50 PM] GearHound: And I don't think I'm for myself. We've taken sits for tribe members, and send D when people were attacked
[8:38:54 PM] GearHound: We take part in ops
[8:39:14 PM | Edited 8:39:51 PM] GearHound: And I'm not against 'noob'. 'noob' is not a person
[8:39:24 PM] GearHound: I like barb! A lot. She was a good leader
[8:39:31 PM] GearHound: But her coplayers cannot be trusted with privs
[8:39:38 PM] GearHound: It's demonstrated

I reminded him.

[8:40:50 PM] GearHound: When we leared that those GTC guys were about to noble those barbs, we wanted to stack them so they couldn't be taken
[8:41:31 PM] GearHound: but we talked, and decided that it would be best if we could snipe it, because then hewouldn't lose his nuke and four nobles, only one
[8:41:39 PM] GearHound: But we couldn't get the land times
[8:41:49 PM] GearHound: So we settled on recapturing them
[8:42:05 PM] GearHound: It was the most tribe friendly way of doing a bad, yet necesary thing
[8:42:26 PM] GearHound: You guys didn't tell us what you wanted!
[8:42:29 PM] GearHound: You still haven't


[8:42:45 PM] JamieRed: I haven't been on since last friday proper


[8:42:55 PM] JamieRed: the things u did you should be kicked
[8:43:04 PM] JamieRed: geani dealt with u
[8:43:16 PM] JamieRed: I don't like how u chatting to me

I think I was respectful. Sure my cations now demonstrate some of my thoughts. But even leaders need to take criticism and run with it. You sir, have a massive ego. I do too, don't get me wrong. But if someone disagreeing with you in a respectful manner is too much, there's a problem.

[8:43:17 PM] GearHound: You want us to leave?
[8:43:32 PM] JamieRed: I don't liked how u doing things
[8:43:35 PM] JamieRed: so yeah

This is where I kinda gave up, and started trolling. When someone says I'm not welcome, good to know.

[8:44:31 PM] JamieRed: and by the sounds u talking alot more isn't happy with noob on fire

NOOB ISN"T A PERSON! I like Barb. I don't think Sling should lead. What part of that is too complicated?! If he doesn't have privs like you said, GREAT! Why are we still on this?!

[8:44:39 PM] GearHound: Noob on fire isn't a person
[8:44:44 PM] GearHound: They're a great team
[8:44:52 PM] JamieRed: yeah correct
[8:44:56 PM] GearHound: But they have demonstrated they they can't lead
[8:44:58 PM] JamieRed: h
[8:45:12 PM] JamieRed: who saying they are leading?
[8:45:22 PM] GearHound: No one
[8:45:25 PM] GearHound: It was a rumor
[8:45:26 PM] JamieRed: they made it clear they didn't want to
[8:45:34 PM] GearHound: Then there's no problem, is there?
[8:45:54 PM] GearHound: This really isn't about Sling
[8:46:18 PM] JamieRed: sling? really i only spoken with him a couple of times

Who is this 'sleeeeng' you speak of?

[8:46:27 PM] JamieRed: I deal with barb
[8:46:31 PM] GearHound: Sling is the one who nuked ONE
[8:46:32 PM] JamieRed: and shes one of the best
[8:46:44 PM] JamieRed: nuked ONE?
[8:46:48 PM | Edited 8:47:00 PM] GearHound: Yes she is! And it's unfortunate that Sling coplays the account
[8:47:03 PM] GearHound: But he does
[8:47:28 PM] GearHound: Which is why I was concerned when I heard a rumor that we were going togive the account privs
[8:47:35 PM] GearHound: If they aren't, there's no problem
[8:48:12 PM] JamieRed: no they are not
[8:48:17 PM] GearHound: Great!
[8:48:25 PM] GearHound: So it's not an issue1
[8:48:26 PM] JamieRed: but don't like what your saying about them

You don't like that I'm saying i like barb, but that the account shouldn't have privs, because a coplayer on the account has a history of dissolving his tribe. And that would especially suck here because your inactives wouldn't be able to get back in.

[8:48:34 PM] JamieRed: what issue is there anyways
[8:48:53 PM] GearHound: I don't know how else to say it...
[8:49:17 PM] GearHound: Sling made some really poor leadership choices, as good of a player as he migt be, that doesn't mean he's a good leader
[8:49:34 PM] GearHound: Some of the best leaders I've met played small accounts, and some of the worst leaders are in the top 20
[8:49:38 PM] JamieRed: You think we would give anyone leadership?
[8:49:46 PM] GearHound: I heard a rumor
[8:49:58 PM] JamieRed: the rumor is full of shit then
[8:50:03 PM] GearHound: Great!
[8:50:12 PM] GearHound: I'm really not making an issue with it

Really... Would like to move on.

[8:50:29 PM] JamieRed: Hope not, you should respect her
[8:50:32 PM] JamieRed: if anything
[8:50:46 PM] GearHound: Jaime, when I joined gotrob, I still have the mail where I told you that I fully believed that i could work with Sling so long as he wasn't in a leadership position
[8:50:57 PM] GearHound: This isn't new news
[8:52:03 PM] GearHound: If that's not happening, I have one fewer problem
[8:52:28 PM] GearHound: I would like, however to discuss other issues that i think effects the tribe.
[8:52:40 PM] JamieRed: sure fire them
[8:52:57 PM] GearHound: I know I might seem like a shit disturber, and I'm sorry about it, but if you want to look at it another way, it shows that i care
[8:53:31 PM] GearHound: I think that we as a tribe have a problem with communication
[8:53:52 PM] JamieRed: no lately since i been gone
[8:53:58 PM] JamieRed: there been alot of (redacted) going on
[8:54:01 PM] JamieRed: the barb (redacted)

He has a hard time letting go. Tunnel vision. I say we have a communication problem... He says: Yeah, I was gone. But you shouldn't have done what you did.

[8:54:01 PM] GearHound: This situation is a prime example, we had a problem, you and Geani were both gone, and we didn't know who to turn to, so we had to handle it ourselves

I agree, Ok. Maybe we shouldn't have done that.... But about that communication problem...

[8:54:05 PM] JamieRed: hurt alot of us

WHO? Ok. Yeah. We nobled two 2.5k villas that we have since grown larger than the intended player's largest village. You tell me who all was hurt by an inactive not nobling a farm barb near a player who is active. The inactive player? Sure. He's down a noble and some time. Who else? A lot of us. Diva.

[8:54:14 PM] GearHound: And I'll admit, maybe we did a (redacted) job
[8:54:17 PM] JamieRed: they nobled for a reason
[8:54:25 PM] GearHound: But we didn't know that
[8:54:37 PM] JamieRed: yeah alot did
But not me.... About that communication problem....

[8:54:40 PM] JamieRed: but what u did
[8:54:44 PM] JamieRed: was out of order
[8:55:20 PM] GearHound: Look at it from my perspective...
[8:55:32 PM] GearHound: Some inactive is nobling into my cluster
[8:55:35 PM] GearHound: No one knows anything
[8:55:41 PM] GearHound: And I did ask in the group chat
[8:55:57 PM] GearHound: The leaders are gone.
[8:56:07 PM] GearHound: I'm not happy, and I don't know what's goin on
[8:57:08 PM] JamieRed: dark isn't inactive
Well.... He wasn't in the chat either. Neither were you, or Geani, or any of the barons, or anyone other than Sockit actually. This is what was actually in the tribe chat though:

[5/12/2012 4:00:44 PM] Barb: I am sure there is a reason, which K?
[5/12/2012 4:00:57 PM] james - WAM: gear hound, if you dont want them to
[5/12/2012 4:01:03 PM] GearHound: Stack?
[5/12/2012 4:01:05 PM] james - WAM: tell them they are your farms
[5/12/2012 4:01:10 PM] james - WAM: and take em

So uh.... that's Barb, from noob on fire. She didn't know about it. And there's another guy saying take it. Weird.

[5/12/2012 4:01:21 PM] Barb: do not stack against them
[5/12/2012 4:01:24 PM] james - WAM: bang out of order
[5/12/2012 4:01:32 PM] GearHound: Well... Obviously don't stack against them
[5/12/2012 4:01:36 PM] james - WAM: no
[5/12/2012 4:01:37 PM] GearHound: That's like... a cardinal rule
[5/12/2012 4:01:38 PM] james - WAM: just recap

Hey barb.... If you knew about this, now would be a great time to speak up?

[5/12/2012 4:02:52 PM] sockit1710/ArtyUSMC/GOLIONS: really we should be nobling players not farms
[5/12/2012 4:05:01 PM] Barb: I am sure the deal is that player needs to be moved to a more secure area
[5/12/2012 4:05:08 PM] Barb: it is two villages, they are moving south
[5/12/2012 4:05:42 PM] GearHound: Then Geanni should offer her own barbs
[5/12/2012 4:05:44 PM] GearHound: Or mail me
[5/12/2012 4:05:56 PM] GearHound: Or not just throw out some stupid knee-jerk coords
[5/12/2012 4:06:03 PM] GearHound: Or let the 30k inactive nothing die
[5/12/2012 4:06:03 PM] Barb: did you send her a message?
[5/12/2012 4:06:12 PM] sockit1710/ArtyUSMC/GOLIONS: i agree with the mailing part, nobling someone's farms with out asking or contacting that person is plain rude
[5/12/2012 4:06:25 PM] Barb: I don't know the full story here
[5/12/2012 4:06:46 PM] Barb: but I do know that player was under attack a few days ago
[5/12/2012 4:07:11 PM] Barb: best bet is talk to both of them
[5/12/2012 4:07:35 PM] Barb: if geanni said to noble, don't go to shaggy, go to her.

"Barb: I don't know the full story here." Weird. So you didn't ask for this, like Shaggy said you did? And you didn' know about it, like Shaggy said you did. Weird. I believe barb, by the way. Moving on:

[8:57:14 PM] GearHound: Dark didn't noblw
[8:57:16 PM] JamieRed: You banned him
[8:57:26 PM] JamieRed: he had things claimed

I didn't ban anyone. No one named Dark was involved. And if he had vills claimed, Shaggy... you deleted them. I don't have privs!

[8:57:51 PM] GearHound: I banned him?
[8:58:30 PM] GearHound: ioji.1968 had the villages claimed and ditzah did the nobling
[8:58:35 PM] GearHound: Which is lame on it's own
[8:58:45 PM] GearHound: They are both quite inactive
[8:59:27 PM] GearHound: 41. ioji.1968 39,720 8 +555 +443 +783 +654 +433 +453 +298 +3,619
[8:59:36 PM] GearHound: 45. ditzah 14,570 3 0 0 +5,535 -5,139 0 0 0 +396
[9:01:55 PM] JamieRed: You nobled villages from us
[9:02:02 PM] JamieRed: don't start playing them games
[9:02:07 PM] JamieRed: if anymore (redacted)
[9:02:12 PM] JamieRed: your kicked
[9:02:36 PM] GearHound: What games? Those are numbers from TWstats
[9:04:36 PM] GearHound: And yes, i nobled villages from this guy
[9:04:46 PM] GearHound: I STILL don't know why he was even trying


[9:05:10 PM] GearHound: And you can't deny that there was no leadership in place at the time this stuff was going down to help us deal eith it
[9:05:36 PM] GearHound: Maybe if someone was there to tell us what was going on, this wouldn't have happened
[9:07:06 PM] JamieRed: [9:05 PM] GearHound: <<< And you can't deny that there was no leadership in place at the time this stuff was going down to help us deal eith it
Maybe if someone was there to tell us what was going on, this wouldn't have happened
[9:07:01 PM] JamieRed:very true, youknow what, you can go (redacted) yourself
[9:07:12 PM] JamieRed: no time for (redacted) heads

And this is where I'm booted.

[9:07:57 PM] GearHound: Time for some copy past on the externals!
[9:25:23 PM] JamieRed: go for it then bad boy
[9:25:43 PM] JamieRed: go tell us don't noble barbs then you will have a shock

LOL. LOLOLOLOLOL. That last line. Should go down. in history.[/SPOIL]

But anyway. That was therapeutic. I feel better.
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Lol not shit, GotRob is lead by inexperienced leaders, of course things like this will happen.


You're looking to use [noparse][spoil][/spoil][/noparse], not .

And I told you about geani before, just as I told the rest of GotRob. It's a wonder Jamie can work with her.


You're looking to use [noparse][spoil][/spoil][/noparse], not .

And I told you about geani before, just as I told the rest of GotRob. It's a wonder Jamie can work with her.

Thank yoooou.


I feel pretty bad for you; I knew geani and Jamie were extremely rude and refused to listen to their members, but I didn't know it was that bad. Seems to be a running theme with the downfalls of tribes on this world. shAve's leaders refused to listen, ~ONE~'s elected leader disbanded rather than listen, and so on and so forth.

Good thing CAN's members listen and encourage debate, eh? :icon_razz:.


I honestly thought it was an amusing read. I don`t think it`ll change anything, I just hope they find it good and embarrassing.


Geanie is proving that she is more and more a clown. I have not seen her do anything in this world to even prove that she is a top notch player. All she is done is shoot her mouth off and make incoherent sentences. I hope that if they start attacking -34- that everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and starts pounding on got rob. Lets see how well there big plan pans out then. I cant wait to see what happens.


finally, you have another thing to do on externals :))

carry on kids :p


Your patience is amazing. Were I faced with such unbridled arrogance coupled with ignorance I would have resorted to sarcasm and baiting much, much sooner.


This was very interesting reading! Geany & Jamie, I sincerely hope you can learn from this! The tribe is not something you do for your own benefit and it's not something you do to push accounts you are sitting so that you can use them for your own goals.

GearHound did not ask anything that was not a valid point and the line of "I tell you to do something and you do it" is bullshit! No one comes here to play to be told what to do. You are supposed to encourage the players to play with you and follow your logic because they want to, not because they feel they must! Only than you will have a successful tribe that will last long!

Furthermore the experience in previous worlds and different servers does not determine how beneficial player is for the tribe, it's an indication what the player can achieve if they decide to put their mind to it but many factors influence the players capability.

You two have attacked player for simply protecting his own area but you not once have spoken to him about moving others in to the area, had you done that I am sure you would have been able to figure out the best place and have them moved without impact on your other players.

It would seem, he was kicked out for simply standing up for himself and asking questions.

I don't know if this was the only time there was an issue but to kick a player out for this shows a very unskilled leadership! You can't even call it leadership it's more of dictatorship!

Furthermore the link you have in your signature to show your achievement on Romanian server is not that impressive. Your last 760 conquered villas were internalling and barb nobeling! Don't even need to look any further than that!
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lol...well first mistake I can see that Jamie made is to assume that Barb or anyone on the Noob on Fire account is either liked or respected from the majority of ex ONE players.

I about fell out of my chair lol'ing that infact you think that.


Lol... Typical Geani.

How did you not know this? Geani couldn't care about anything other then her "epic" romanian players. :lol:

I stopped reading about half way through because just reading how she talks annoys me, hence why I still have her blocked on here. :p


GotRob has always been a dictatorship kind of leadership. Isn't that obvious since the beginning? But it's because of that that the tribe is where it is now.


interesting reading as far as the part about gearhound going it alone! I wont allow that to happen he and his co player have always been there to help any player that has asked them and have been honorable tribemates in the past to me.

Welcome to -34- invite sent if you choose to accept it.

best regards Name it Lesss


finally, you have another thing to do on externals :))

carry on kids :p

Your aggrogance will be your downfall. Too bad you will drag shaggy with you. But it seems his aggrogance is just sllightly dimished by your shadow. How mighty is the mighty Gotrob?

Maybe all these romanians will win this world we shall see inactive or not.


Wow, that was quite an interesting read, and it took so long to get even some form of an answer out of anyone.

I understand sharing the front line, so that some pressure if taken off players, but sending small 15k point players to the front, who when the time comes will be sat by geani, for bashing with swords and spears, is.. well stupid.
Im sure this may not be always the case, but it just looks bad with the lack of communication. And there is really no need for it a simple message sent to the whole tribe, explaining that players will be moved to frontlines and other key locations would have been my opinion anyway.

Anyway good luck to you gearhound, and co.


Your aggrogance will be your downfall. Too bad you will drag shaggy with you. But it seems his aggrogance is just sllightly dimished by your shadow. How mighty is the mighty Gotrob?

Maybe all these romanians will win this world we shall see inactive or not.

Gotrob is not mighty, As soon as the "Endwar" hits pita will more then likely Easily eliminate them (What i dont get is, Pita Knows this, So they decided to take the easy way out by taking out ShAve and "Allying" with gotrob.) No offence to pita, You guys did the same in W55, And i expected it here to.

None the less, good luck pita :p

(BTW, "All" of gotrob decided i was a big enough threat that 90% of them will need to fake me even though most of old shAve and the world knows i havnt been playign seriously for awhile :p.


my old friend geani, i still seen you havent change you are killing your trieb from the inside but soon the world will seen how weak gotrob really is we showed when you and one attacked 2 players but still couldnt rim them haha and yet those 2 player diodnt even have support

oh ya im back


Don't noble in mates zone of control without mailing them first...commonsense, I would have recapped. This is the most sillyness I have read in a long time....Makes me want to say OHHHHHHH LONNNNGGGGG JOHNNNNSSSOOOOONNNN


Gotrob is not mighty, As soon as the "Endwar" hits pita will more then likely Easily eliminate them (What i dont get is, Pita Knows this, So they decided to take the easy way out by taking out ShAve and "Allying" with gotrob.) No offence to pita, You guys did the same in W55, And i expected it here to.

You can blame poor diplomacy for PITA hitting Shave. Not sure what you would have expected us to do when Tarbin dropped the alliance with us and then said that Shave was planning to roll right over PITA.

And care to expand on your W55 comment? I feel like this argument was just made in the W55 forums, and if I'm correct in what I believe you are talking about, it's quite a silly argument, but I'd like to hear what you have to say first.