[H]ostile Extinction.




We. Are. Hostile.
One last time.
Formed: 12/03/09
Disbanded: 22/04/10 @ 13:00ST

Green Typing = Greenmonsta
Everything else is from Hazad.

So the time has finally come for us to disband [H]. I started writing this with the intention of making my regular picture heavy piece of PnP, however I could not find pictures I felt were suitable, and all you lucky readers to go through a text wall.

I also wanted this thread to be something we can read down the track. Bring a tear to my eye and all that stuff.

I wanted to explain the situation here with total honesty. Everything I state in this post is the truth as far as I know it.

Brief [H]ostile History

Hostile Introduction Thread.

^^ I was not in [H] at this time, but I can definitely appreciate a good intro thread when I see one. Even back then, the tribe had a lot of spirit.

At the beginning of w32 there was a premade called iP. I am not going to get far into this story, as it is something that keeps coming to the surface on these forums anyway. Point is, iP was defeated by Hate. and most players quit. A select few players however, decided to restart and hit the rim.

I felt it was important to cover this issue. Hostile had a few members from a premade, but was very far from a premade itself. This tribe was forged in game, not put together before the world opened.

The following was written by greenmonsta, but reworded by Hazad to make it gooder

I would like to add a small bit about [H] history in here, though I can't remember much, and wasn't paying much attention during the Scream war, I'll do my best.

Now while we were fighting the scream war, a fair few of us were still learning the ropes, it is a war we struggled to fight and it was a close one, but it was our first victory I believe, and it was a great one since we defeated them from the brink of defeat ourselves.

Just before the Scream war ended, H.L were a small tribe in K32 where we had 4-5 members (the scream war took place in K23). I was picking at some H.L members, admittedly against better judgement, which caused tensions between us. I and a couple of players requested war against them since we heard rumours of a merge. Our request was denied and Nemesis formed an NAP with them in order to focus on the Scream war. Shortly after this, H.L merged with half of K32 and became a top20 tribe along with their academy - H.A, and forged an alliance with KTH-N. I spied for a short time in H.L and rejoined [H] at nemesis' request. Unfortunately, I believe this helped trigger a war between the H.L alliance and [H]. Luckily, we had finished the Scream war just days before.
At this point I was very unhappy with [H] leadership and saw the tribe as a failure. I left the tribe in a fit of rage and deleted my account. I also contacted the original owner of Nemesis' account (Miggy) and got the password.

I proceeded to take control of that account and joined leadership with Josh, Hazad, Bossa and Bite.me, under the radar, of course, since most of [H] were still displeased with my actions. After a couple of months leading with the help of Josh, Bossa, Hazad and some from Bite.me, I officially took over leadership with these fine fellas at my side. I gave the command and they did the work. I can honestly say I don't deserve as much credit as I seem to get for leading [H], all I did was guide the tribe, Josh, Bossa, Bite and Hazad made sure the tribe moved in the directions I suggested.

^^ As a side note on this I wanted to add that I was the unwilling duke of Scream at the end of it. It was largely my own actions back then that caused the H.L war to happen. I was pushing them pretty hard to wake up to the '3 week NAP' they had with [H] at the time.

The length of this history is starting to get a little out of hand. So briefly

Scream war declaration

H.L declares on [H]

We continued to pulverize tribes such as
H.A / Avoid

I could continue going on here, but I don't see the point to name every single little tribe. These were just the good ones. (Can't forget overthrowing the leader of TPU somewhere in there too lol)

Why are we disbanding?

The term 'quit while we are ahead' comes to mind here. Not in a war sense, because we have yet to lose a war.

When the H.L war finished, we were an incredibly tight knit group of players. In game of course, we were becoming very efficient. More importantly than that though, it was the most fun any of us had ever had in a tribe. I don't want to leave out the De-Fi people we recruited (and the other recruits we picked up along the way). Some great personalities and plenty of skill coming from them. They injected some much needed new life into [H] and it revived our desire to continue playing.

I have been in plenty of tribes across the different worlds. From shitty tribes that were not even close to the top 100, to top ranked tribes with an immense amount of skill, I ended up quitting every single one out of boredom. I was bored because in comparison to [H], they were bland. Inactivity has taken its toll on us though over time, and a lot of us share the sentiments that we should disband while we still have the fond memories. (For the record, I do find it odd that we can develop such a bond through a browser game medium. Makes it no less real for us though)

I wanted to make all the readers here understand that our reason for disbanding is not because we couldn't dig ourselves out of the inactivity. Instead, we chose to stop. We stopped recruitment, and we stopped bringing in new players for old accounts. I slowed down the frequency of posting new ops also, which slowed things down a lot. To date, the only thing that could defeat Hostile was ourselves.

The 3-way war

This was our clincher to w32. We were not seeking to win this war, regardless of the impression some of us gave at various times. We were seeking a bit of a challenge to ease ourselves into the impending inactive slump.

Time decided some time into the war that ignoring us was the best policy. Interesting choice, and understandable too. I ask myself the question... would I be making this post so soon if they had unleashed everything on us? No. However the timeframe was not as long as some would believe. Had time attacked us with everything they had, I would have given us an extra 2 weeks max before I would be making this post anyway.

A couple members went too far with trying to provoke Time, which I didn't agree with but they can do as they wish.

The end

Within a few minutes of posting this, Greenmonsta will hit the disband button (glad I don't have to do it).

Some players wish to continue working together. Some want to join other tribes. Some will delete. I won't reveal the details for this because it is a new beginning, and I won't be leader of anything to be revealing such things anyway.

I would just like to say that [H] is easily the best tribe I have ever been a part of. I am proud to have led such an amazing group of members and proud to have had the chance to play alongside them. [H] is a tribe that I don't believe can be topped, it was a unique experience that cannot and will never be recreated. Just to make that clear, [H] Will never be remade. I'll be deleting, if anyone wants to find me I'm on W49 in Undefined on my real account. I may look to co-leading a tribe with the same [H] members in the future if they are still around, but for now I am just another player in W49, and I look forward to (hopefully) fighting a lot of my best TW friends (from Hate./Time, [H] and W4) currently residing in Fame in W49. Good luck W32, and goodbye.

Final Member list (couple people had left before I got this screenshot unfortunately)


Final Point ranking (or near enough)


Final tribal ODA ranks and scores

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I had a blast in this world! [H] was one of the best tribes I've been in, even though it was a short amount of time I was in the tribe, I made some great friendships, and I hope to stay in touch with most of you while I'm playing TW.

edit: I'll be deleting my account in the next few days
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bye guys GL in other worlds. I'll be stayin here and hanging around


Well, it has been a long time. Ive outlived one of my enemies. It kinda fills me with a tiny hole in my TW life which I have to replace.

But I think it is time to tell the real truth about me and hostile.

Now we all know that Hostile began as a small tribe as RJ and that it became hostile after Noble merged into it and then it warred scream. And that after that war, I was deposed. But what really happened?

This is the truth, and only the truth.

Greenmonsta is my brother.

You see, during the scream war, I realised that I had made some mistakes and that I needed to find a solution to my rapidly lowering popularity. So I crafted up a revolution that would take place with my own brother taking my place as leader of hostile and it was this way that I could keep leading hostile without anyone knowing at all. It succeeded and to this day, I have been in control of hostile. It is time for me to quit too, as I am quitting with hostile. Good luck to all...

PS: if you believe this, you are an idiot...


I'm so happy I founded [H] with Nathan. A massive thanks goes out to Nathan :) .. And now for the soppy shyte.

[H] is one to go down in history on top, and not falling in a blaze of fail.

You don't know what you have(had), until it's gone.

I'll see ya's in a new world (at current, w49), or catch me on Skype (is in my profile).

See ya guys. Thanks for all the fun, both [H] + enemies, past and present! :icon_cry::icon_cry:


As I believe Vinny Jones said in Lock Stock:- "It's been emotional"

Good luck to all, see you on other worlds, places, etc.


Its really awesome to have been a part of [H]. It was fun fighting alongside many of the guys from [H]. Some have become reall good friend and will always be my friend even after TW. Also honestly I think we had a gr8 leadership. Green josh and Hazad were all so freakin awesome. They put up with my tantrums and my idiocy most of the time and their faith in me was unwavering. I shall always be willing to play alongside these guys in the future.

And just one last thing. I think probs [H] is the only tribe in the .net history to have recruited from so many tribes yet have almost no spies in their ranks throughout their history. And this speaks for itself. It speaks about the love and the trust that each member had among them. And this I think is the biggest achievement of [H].

<3 you [H]. Will miss [H] always.......... I probably might be deleting my account too!


I will be around for a couple of days before hitting delete. I also might rejoin after I delete with greenmonsta, just so I can log in and watch when the world closes.

But if you want to contact me, PM me here or in W49 under greenmonsta.

I've said my piece in the main post, it's been an amazing year, easily the best out of my 3-4 years playing TW. Safe to say I'll never have as much fun.


GL guys. most of you guys are diamond geezers. take care and keep being [H]ostile not in form but attitude.


I have spoke to some of you directly by mail today already.

been a pleasure from day one,you were great friends,enemies and a great laugh.

You were probably the best "non-allies" we ever had ( yes we never did any ops together or any joint wars together" but we had a great "understanding" for eachother and a great deal of fun over the last year ).
the 3 way war was great fun and added a great twist on a boring drawn out world of a game.

Thanks for all the memories,fun and everything else.

Hopefully I will be in the same tribe as some of you guys in another world in the not too far future ( personal life permitting ).

Hope you all have a great future ahead of you and enjoy life to the full.




GL and goodbye to those that are leaving, its been a pleasure fighting with you and against you in the last couple of years.
I'll have to find someone other than Hazad and Greeny to intimidate me. [H] was truly a great tribe


Wow. That was fun. As many know ( or may not) I wasnt a part of [H] for the H/L, etc stuff. i got here later. 3 days before the LOL war actually. The players of [H] were nice and extremely skilled. As such, quite a few got nicknames. I personally have to say, up till now this has been one of the fun moments in my Tribal Wars career.

Thanks to everyone for not taking it personal.



You guys were among the greatest players i know and i'm glad you're teaming up with some of my other friends in Fame. Show w49 what it means to rule.


You guys were among the greatest players i know and i'm glad you're teaming up with some of my other friends in Fame. Show w49 what it means to rule.

Except I'm in undefined and lookin' to be wiping some of you good folk out of W49 at some point :icon_twisted:

Being in the same tribe as [H] has been amazing. Fighting them will be better. I know how skilled they are, I know they will function as a single unit. Therefore I know they will provide us with a great battle. Also it will just be fun rimming AJ :lol:


[H] was my trampoline. Found the better talents in there, both in playing AND teaching how to play. would never have made it this far (this being my first world) without these guys.

Had the best time, the best laughs, the best support in game and in life (being an expat is sometimes hard and lonely). This group of guys (mainly and thank GOD cause the girls we had AJ scared away pretty quickly!!) will stay in a tiny drawer up there for a long time.

Cheers, and best of luck to all of us/you!

P.S. Sticking personally around. There's some simcity building to be done.



Even though I haven't been playing with [H] that long, I've still played with them long enough to say that it was truly a great experience and this group of players that I played with will never be forgotten.

Thanks for the ride brotha's, see you's in a future world! Peace.