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Discussion in 'World 5' started by alfonso625, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    Hi guys, this is alfonso625 from TRUST2 before then merged with SCI family, then finally joining SCIRSA, hehehe..

    I just want to say hello to all those players that I still remember, hope they do too.

    This guys are the trusted people I knew way back 2009, from SCIRSA and all SCI family, or from The Bear Clan before, and Woah! Everything changed, hehehe..


    I last remember, this guys are from FAITH/HOPE, since we're from TRUST, ahahaha.. :p
    october17 -> one of my best buddies before, hehehe..
    Last Body -> the same, with october, hehe..

    Btw sorry for my grammar, ahahaha, if there's something wrong in my english, it's ok, no one's perfect, hahaha.. XD

    Nice to see you all again guys, hope you win this world, hehehe. I wish I can join you, hehehe..
  2. Last Body

    Last Body Guest

    Hey Alfonso.
    nice to see you here and hope you're doing good in life :)

    Before we merged into SCI family we was TRU-R2, in R2 family. It is a long time ago, not easy to remember ;)
  3. goldaigel

    goldaigel Active Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    I aper and every one want to come back to world 5 if this keep up like this the moods must make rule to let us have our old villages back.
    I would like to sea TSE faces :axemen:
  4. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    hahaha, woah, I remembered gold something who is a player before, ahaha.. maybe he's ~TSE~..

    yeah that's real Last, I'm one of those members before, ahahaha.. from the BEAR CLAN, bwahahaha, I wish I still have an account to play in w5, hehehe...
  5. Last Body

    Last Body Guest

    You do remember..
    The Bear Clan(Name of the tribe) was TRU-R2(Tag) :icon_wink:
  6. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    ahaha.. I really do remember, hahaha.. I also remember wigsplitter, bwahahaha... and some more players, and kindly correct me if Im wrong, who's the last duke of the The Bear Clan? I mean, when TRUST/TRU-R2/R2-TRU joined Sci family, mainly naming SCIRSA/SCIR0S/ having the SCIR0N on the North and SCIRNA on the academy of SCIR0N, and the SCI in the east, I forgot it, bwahaha..

    Yeah, I really do remember, almost everything, also gingerballs, and other good players, hehehe..
  7. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    if only TSE and SCI family joined forces together, and might create a tribe, that tribe, will surely overpower the VVV Family, ahaha..

    STILL VVV since, 4 years ago, bwahaha.. =D
  8. Last Body

    Last Body Guest

    Tregellas and Grizbr was the last dukes of The Bear Clan. Banesblood (and maybe ONECHOP) was duke(s) too, but left very early. You remember those guys?
  9. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    Only most of the villages did.
    The players sci hoped to receive along with the villages preferred not join a low quality tribe.

    Sci wouldn't be able to overpower my dog when she is playing a 1000 villages account and you talk about vvv. :p
  10. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    yeah mate, remember them, Tregellas especially, he gifted to me some of his villages, and also Grizbr, hehehe..

    but ONECHOP, though I remember, we're not closest, I think the one that was close to him was pepenk, he even gifted some of his villages, well, in K59 I believe to pepenk..

    Sorry, but I think I didn't got your whole idea.. =D
  11. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    It all comes down to this:
    1, R2-tru didn't merge into sci.
    2, sci fails/failed
    3, My dog is a better player then most of the sci players, therefor sci teaming up on VVV belongs in 2,.
    4, You think?
  12. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    I remembered, TRU-R2 and R2-Tru the bear clan, gone to SCIRSA and some in SCIR0S...

    Nope Sci only failed due to SCIOVA and SCIR0N gone to others, but Im glad that SCIR0S is still fighting back..

    I really wish and I really hope, SCI family will still win the war and the world.. *cross-fingers..

    I wanna go back and play in w5.. :(
  13. Chingis Khan

    Chingis Khan Guest

    There are very few original Sciros players left. In fact most of their top players are from other tribes from lost wars or former allies they let down. Makes you wonder where their real loyalties lie.

    Make sure they dont get stuck as you may be there a long time.

    Ask Sciros, they have lots of acconts needing players.
  14. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    ahahaha.. well, I'm also busy in w57.. =D ahahaha.. started playing a month ago, well, got 30k already.. XD
  15. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    You have to make up your mind ... Keep playing there and lose all your villages soon, or take a sci account here...and also lose all your villages soon ... rather sad really but there it is. :p
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  16. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    woah.. hahaha.. that won't happen at this moment, but if it will happen in the future, Im ready, Im always ready.. =D

    about the sci account.. hmm, nah? I will still based my time playing in it..

    maybe VVV/TSE will let me use their account, anyways, Im not siding anyone, but my hearts belong to SCI, well TRUST and SCI, ahahaha.. XD
  17. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    I would get some professional help for your severe contradicting disorder. :p
  18. andrew6ca

    andrew6ca Guest

    Good grief......
  19. drxavier

    drxavier Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2008
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    some stats
    Name First seen Last seen Conquers
    rowanbaen 2007-10-03 20:11 2009-08-01 23:41 564


    its interesting that someone can be still bitter ~2 years on.... and is still here reading the W5 forum ....2 years on.... he obviously is still suffering from clownitis he caught from the likes of Dazreid and Fizz :icon_biggrin:
  20. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    I must agree too.
    But you can't blame me that the single person on this forum in favorite of sci is actually kinda silly.

    I never would've guessed that your homepage is a link to my W5 stats.
    Hate to break it to ya but those stats won't change for a very long time. You can relax now. :p

    By the way ... my homepage is Google.

    Please Xavier, don't post your 'notes to self'.
    I like the way you think about yourself but this isn't the place to admit it.

    Being a member of scir0s the following might be a bombshell.

    There are legal ways to play another account.
    Legal ways that don't get you banned. :p
    I'm sure your remaining leaders won't be able to tell you more about this so if you like to know more submit a support ticket and find out. :p

    Dazreid? :p who is he? ... Your invisible friend? :p
    The only person who was, and is suffering from 'clownitis' is you.
    Don't try to make it look i'm the one with problems, its obviously you.

    Wanna see something worth calling epic fail?
    Drxavier's stats.
    At the moment you have 2008 villages.

    1005 villages you nobled as a barbarian.
    1003 were inactives from your own tribe or inactive members from another tribe.

    0 villages you nobled with a fight, zero, none.
    How did you put it before? Oh yes, EPIC FAIL!
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