Rejected Hello, I will be making a repost of my suggestion that I passed to the Brazilian server.


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Hello, I will be making a repost of my suggestion that I passed to the Brazilian server. ( Remember i used google translate. I will leave the link for original post)

As we know, it is not new that the game has died, fewer players online and several third-party mechanisms getting in the way.

The lack of major updates doesn't exist, it's always small changes that barely affect the game and that could be the biggest problem.

1. I think that a different troop mechanism should be inserted, it seems that each world is the same and make the blacksmith search leave doing the usual layout and just attack. Despite the fact that there are troops by levels, which for me is much nicer, it is still sedimentary. In other games troops/characters evolve well over 3 levels and without restrictions. Why not take a look at the new hits and adapt too. Troops with real changes per level different research methods in addition to resources, a different style of troop evolution. Customize your troops with weapons like the paladin.

2.Bandeiras which we really use the looting flag has fallen by the wayside, the attack and defense flags are only used on specific days other than that population, currency and resources are used. it wasn't bad to put one that shortens the construction time of buildings (an old request from the people that never came to the game).

3. Events is more like a file that the boss tells you to sign once a day. Click a button and wait for the next attack time. Not to mention the extreme value of the pps in the event, it doesn't pay to invest in events, at least nowadays. The event store today is very precarious, players buy packages, duplicators, and other decrees that are not worth it and come out in the daily bonus.

4. Daily Bonus Wait 9 days to open a golden chest while others only come with irregularly used items. Add more items (less enemy attack luck; more luck; morale boost was interesting and much more.)
5. Market: Perhaps for me the building that most needs to be updated poorly adapted and perhaps reasons of hatred for most players with low financial power. I would recommend creating a unique resource valuation form. Just as an x of pp gives an x of resources because each resource does not have its value (rising and falling throughout the game as players buy) instead of direct exchange with players I recommend doing something like the premium market but with resources per example clay is on the rise today (1 clay is worth 2.39 of wood) then I go there and change it depending on the value of the resource on the day. Another idea was to place "relics, medals" that were found when attacking a village, then this item has a property like the flag plus x of recruitment (and opening such a market in the market exchange for pp for resources I leave the decision of the programmers of the best way to balance the game)

6. I think it's time to include better functions in Account Managers and Premium Accounts. Farm and automatic collection together with the account manager, the manager came to make our lives easier but what he offers is still not enough, mass attacks because mass support has not yet been inserted, it has been in the game for a long time. A way of automating attacks because that has been the real problem in games, many players stem from such third-party mechanisms for the same reason, isn't it a reason for inno to be able to win yours too?

7. Perhaps the craziest thing ever said in this forum, but 500 years ago was every town the same? Why didn't the player decide he wanted buildings to do? 2 barracks and a stable in a village in the other village I put 1 workshop and 1 barracks and maybe an extra iron mine if it doesn't cover the population it could be functional "you don't need to change the view of the village" maybe just inform that it has 2 identical buildings because that would be the biggest problem. (I know it's a totally game-changing idea that would take a long time to implement, but I'm glad this tab is called suggestions.)
8. Transferring troops from one village to another is already possible with the paladin, if I have 2 villages one has 100 explorer the other 50 why not be able to move my troops to only one without going beyond the farm and using them more compactly.

While I love this game for what it has meant to so many here today, we're going to do that every day. It's small changes that make a difference that's my thinking. Of course, some of them are absurd to think about, but I think that the step starts by suggesting that the next one, because it is done with more support, is perhaps possible.