Hey!!! Where did everybody go????

Discussion in 'World 46' started by Spidee1, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Spidee1

    Spidee1 Guest

    Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there? Not finding anyone here or on the world............
  2. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    Remember this post?

    Yeah well the exact opposite happened. Whoops :lol:
  3. Spidee1

    Spidee1 Guest

    DDDDDDDDDDDDDD....I knew I could count on you for a response. Hey I take full responsibility, Twist was within a few million points and I single handedly took the entire tribe down. Just in case you want to know what happened. I saved you. :icon_twisted:
  4. Spidee1

    Spidee1 Guest

    So...really...where did everybody go? No more forums??
  5. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    Well considering the majority of people you talked to barbed/left the world, there's not many people who want to talk to you on here
  6. Marcus the Mad

    Marcus the Mad Contributing Poster

    Sep 2, 2010
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    Rather, I've grown tired and can't be bothered to care about this war anymore. I've done my part, I made friends on both sides, I'm happy.
  7. Spidee1

    Spidee1 Guest

    D-the majority of the people I talk to, are in TSL...lol.....including my immediate family members. Marcus, there is no more war.
  8. Spidee1

    Spidee1 Guest

    So, with the dissolving of Twist, how long does it take for the moderators to declare a winner?
  9. thegrinreefer

    thegrinreefer Non-stop Poster

    Oct 17, 2010
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  10. The.Ogre

    The.Ogre Guest

    Hey Clara I guess everyone else quit to this used to be fun before everyone started tearing everyone else apart this tribe just became a drudge to be apart of. To bad Pete didn't keep Anarky together who knows where we would be now. TSL has alot of talent how they kept ego's from clashing is something I would like to know!
  11. Sharkey95

    Sharkey95 Still Going Strong

    Feb 6, 2011
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    Simple, its called the no bullshit policy. Cause a problem you get kicked and eaten :icon_redface:
  12. ampatriot

    ampatriot Guest

    Hey cimm! Havent seen you in a bit, you've been missed of course!

    Are you still on your account?
  13. .kracken

    .kracken Guest

  14. Itchynakas

    Itchynakas Guest

    Love hearing people that have no relevance here anymore as they obv quit due to this or that but whatever they quit then they come bk and talk about if only,

    All of you are either yellow bellied thats chickens if your a simpleton, Maybe too busy in rl yet 90% of ex skill/twist/anarky that quit ended up deleting not passing sits.

    Anarky would of got raped thats a fact ya fool so go run along mr ogre
  15. weasledna

    weasledna Guest

    You been at the vodka again Mr Nakas .:icon_eek:
  16. Itchynakas

    Itchynakas Guest

    Weasly what you saying keep tellin ya i am teetotal,
    How did i ever get so mis-understood :icon_biggrin: