How does Tribal Wars affect your life ?

Discussion in 'W34 General discussion:' started by Dhairya1, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Dhairya1

    Dhairya1 Guest

    To me nothin it's for fun :lol:
  2. steveland

    steveland Guest

    It makes me constantly tired, moody and irritable. Much like the missus ;)
  3. It fills in the time between work, drinking and sleep, so it makes me feel good :)
  4. Matrix1314

    Matrix1314 Guest

    It kind of waste your time when you are press for more time and you see 100s and 1000s of incomings heading right at your villages, staying up all night trying to label them and then you barely have enough energy to wake up and work

    Makes you mad and frustrated in the PNP when some ppl tries to flame you all day non-stop with irrelevant things.

    And in the end this game is soo addicting you don't know how to let go unless you realize that rl is more important.
  5. Dhairya1

    Dhairya1 Guest


    Right :)
  6. travismarsh

    travismarsh Guest

    You mean real life is more wonder my wife hates this report i did for wrok sucked...and I am still in front of this screen even when i am trying to get unbanned for nobling an innactive tribemate with another account I was sitting....:icon_sad: Stupid me...LMAO.....I guess that is what I gt for being a noob....and not playing real life...I mean not comming to reality...hell i dont know what i mean.....:icon_confused:
  7. carlito50

    carlito50 Guest

    Seconded. Get's me moody when a nuke dies. :icon_neutral:
  8. Dhairya1

    Dhairya1 Guest


    It's bad if you have really done this
  9. Bittergal

    Bittergal Guest

    Naah I'm a OD whore - I get mad when my nuke comes back unharmed. Especially if I have to wait for the pally to get back too (as opposed to just appointing him somewhere)
  10. Lacus.

    Lacus. Guest

    I'm also an OD whore but whatever, its a nice anger management/day improvement game, if I get pissed off I piss someone else off by nuking them and I feel better because I know in my heart I just ruined their day ^^
  11. carlito50

    carlito50 Guest

    So that's why you do it.:icon_confused:
  12. sirotilc

    sirotilc Non-stop Poster

    Jul 16, 2009
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    Best answer ever

    That is the best answer ever!!!!

  13. it makes u stay awake until the computer updates ur od,,,,,tw makes me feel alive ,,,,the girlfriend seems more loveable after ive took a village,,,should be part of the family planning clinics programme
  14. Dhairya1

    Dhairya1 Guest

    What !!!
  15. Sheeesh???

    Sheeesh??? Guest

    Hmmmm are you saying the misses loves you more if you take a village in Tribal Wars??
  16. Bittergal

    Bittergal Guest

    LOL I learned looong ago not to tell the missus I took another village. Her response is usually something like: So now I'm going to see even less of you?
  17. travismarsh

    travismarsh Guest

    LOL...I hear that a good bit...take a couple need to build the place the way I want it...I will be to bed soon.....and she knows 4 hrs later I might be there....LOL
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  18. 1000-4

    1000-4 Guest

    It has had such a profound effect on my life that I shall take an axe to my own head at 23:45 (server time) to test my defence technology
  19. Dhairya1

    Dhairya1 Guest

    Is it true? It can't be
  20. Flump

    Flump Guest

    No reply = maybe?! ^.<