How long till the world gets closed?


How long will it be till the world gets closed to new people joining? I think we are behind the timeline in comparison to other worlds. Do we need to do one of those countdown thingies that other worlds have?
92776 villages.
60% owned by dvader
90% owned by dvader/XVI alliance.


cant keep the number of players down if people can restart and or jsut still b e here with 0 points. Shouldn't these at 0 just be deleted since they havent restarted already and stop rimmed form restarting. makes no sense not to stop it at this stage.


i read somewhere that there will be no world changes while its still profitable, so the amount of revenue it generates from PP outweights the cost of running the world, so basically, while we keep buying premium, they will keep letting new players join and restart, so in turn we keep buying premium to remove these players, so its still profitable, so they keep it open for new players, so new players join and existing ones keep buying PP........ and so on i guess.


well the percentages are there for the world to be closed, we have surpassed the mark set by the last world that we recieved a mail about, so there has to be a standard unless theres going to be different rules for different worlds, in which case we should all go on PP strike because personally i'd like to get on with attacking the active people and concentrating on them rather than using PP and time catting the new vills that keep popping up everywhere that never get past 1 village now

everyone knows that DVADER and XVI are sharing the world unless something major happens, even the mods know this and it has been accepted.

we could all go barb tho and screw the world up :lol:


unless you know what we have been told we are allowed to do in this world then......

to be quite honest, if its jsut a matter of getting more PP out of us, i cant see the logic. im guessing that all these people on 0 points or on a minimum point restart village wont be buying PP, and i know that i wont be buying, and a lot of my friends wont be buying PP just to noble out/cat all these low point single village players. all it will be doing is making a lot of people unhappy and reducing the will to play on another world after this one eventually finishes.....therefore meaning that PP will still not be being bought as much


Thats the plan. Thats been the plan.
We own the turf. we own the percentage.

But TW mixed up the stages.

We cant get to stage 2 because they are still allowing new players and restart. How the hell are we gonna get under 500 players when they keep letting them in. We have people joining and restarting specifically to stop us from winning. especially players with 0 point wtf. we cant rim them, we cant cat them, there is nothing we can do.

So either change stage 2, or implement stage 3 allready. we own the %age whats the damn problem.


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I agree, what is the hold up. There are currently 553 players showing in the rankings. Only 484 have points. We are running out of targets and are currently taking out 116 point villages that sit with 0 points for who knows how long until the player decides to restart and do it all again.


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Its tw admins way of saying we are gonna screw some more premium out of you guys... we should all just not add anymore premium :p


so here we are, the time is now, according to the rules we are now at stage 2 as below and definatly into stage 3 as well.

Do we need to apply for these stages to be implemented?

Stage 2:

When the world reaches less than 500 players we run a second survey with the option to reduce coin/packet costs further to 1/3rd of the standard cost.

Stage 3:

When a tribe (or family of tribes) reaches between 70% and 80% domination* we will start the endgame phase. This involves closing the world to new registrations (if not already done), preventing players from starting over after being conquered and reducing coin/packet coins to 25% of the standard cost.

We then give the winning tribe three months to either finish by eliminating all opposition and thus end the world early (DNY did this) otherwise the world will be closed and whichever tribe has the most points will be declared the winner. If players wish for a world to continue past the 3 months, the dominating tribe must split up into smaller, warring factions.

We will be starting the end game phase on another world by the end of this month.

* domination - Percentage of player owned villages owned by a tribe.


do we not have a mod here anymore who can shed some light?
I think using anymore pp is a waste of time if all there is to do is keep removing players who re-start, dont think ill be renewing mine anymore till these stages are implemented.


Extend premium account

The premium account is active on one world.End: Mar 04, 2011 20:51:47
Automatically extend:
(as long as enough premium points are available) not activated
it wont be being activated again, nor anymore being used until we get an answer..........