Hugs and kisses kissing behind or just not smart?


okay, my account is only at 21 points and it has been for some time, but it will be worth it.

ted the stoner

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not surprising from a backsstabber, but me thinks he gonna get nobled long before me.
Get rekt

pity your the expert at making yourself sound retarded.

yeah, not too worried about a newb trying to take my village, but have fun.

and i'm sure your going to be fighting for your village soon enough, but hey have loads of fun dreaming why don't you.

for Golden:

I learned my lesson :/

for Golden:

and for Holly:

and for Corleone:


such danger, wow.

Just coz


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Aye, his village wasn't in the greatest condition. So thank you for sacrificing yourself and nobling him.
Though he (Ripfin) was implying he'll co-play someone else on the other side of the world a few hours before he got rimmed...


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Ripfin you were a terrible player and poster in w2. Looks like nothing has changed.

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Ripfin got stabbed in the back by his own tribe golden who was surrounding him then nobled by them. Such an impressive feat from Golden. How did you ever manage to noble a guy who was tribeless and surrounded?

Props to golden!