I will make CoA & Profile Pics FREE!


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A decent cartoon drawing done on Microsoft paint of a cow meme/comic.

Even if we don’t use it I think it’s be amusing to see what you come up with.

Thanking you homizzle


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Picture: You choose or create, preferably something related to my name
Text: PayMaBills
Effect: No clue, not sure what effects there are lol, surprise me

thanks :)

Seven Devils

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Got time , can try one for me. Prefered with a devil ish , and or if, you think it fits, Seven Devils or just Seven is fine as well


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Saint Laurent is in need<3

@polly - I am quite pleased with this one, idk.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the forums won't show the images properly if you're on the phone.
I highly recommend logging in onto a PC if you wish to view my creations.
Also, I still have lots of things to do today, but I am also trying to keep up with your requests - it's really fun :)


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Picture: Typhlosion (Pokemon)
Effect: Fire Effect? or Pokemon related maybe? Or Pokemon and tw mixed together.

or Surprise me :p