IDC Out - A story most unfortunate

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Now that the world is completed I had to give a shoutout to the IDC players who made the relocation to the NE and fought on in Hoodie and were critical in Hoodies eventual triumph. It's not easy to play on after your own premade is taken out but you guys did so and did so in a very effective way. My hugest shoutout is to who has become one of my greatest TW friends and if this happens to be my last world playing glad I got to spend it in the trenches with you. This person is of course Connor. If you've been in a tribe with Connor you know his dedication to the tribe and the hours he puts in. You need a sitter when you're under heavy fire? Connor is always there offering up himself and will keep playing that account longer than he should when the player doesn't come back. In fact the only time I've seen the little punk quit is one of his first worlds where I was training him after meeting him through his Dad that I used to play with (little punk just disappeared on me). For me Connor should get so much praise for this world. He won't but those of us who know him know the quality that he has. If Family had just a few players like Connor they would have actually been a scary fighting force.

To keep things short love you guys we had fun going down and fun rising back up being a part of the world win.

p.s. Thank you to Hoodie leadership for allowing us to move up to you and fighting on alongside you. Its not everyday that a tribe will do this as they can't see past their own selfishness and look at the big picture that having more quality players around you can create. Loved bringing home the dub with you.