Insane Lag in W32??


Has the lag been sorted for all you guys who had problems? I had whilst sitting somebody 2 days ago, nearly made a nuke come after the nobles :S but im all fine now.


You just contradicted yourself :lol:

Ya, the 43ms was the time it took to process the request and send it back, the the server is taken out of the equation, therefore by logical deduction. From the server back to your place is not pat of the server or TW so it's not their fault :icon_wink:

If I took your post wrong I apologise. :icon_cool:

clarify as im awake now (i think)

when you send a server a request it finds out the info you need, that is what the 42ms is referring to. Has nothing to do with sending it back yet, its how long it took to find what you were looking for.

Example: google when you google something it says ten million results found in 1.5seconds or something. it hasnt sent you all ten million its just shown you what it has found in those 1.5 seconds. Same goes for tw i believe.

Thats my theroy anyways, so like i posted earlier :) the lag can occur anywhere from the server (sending back the info!!!) to your home computer.

Could also be completely wrong :icon_razz:


i am only getting lag in the fourms ... not in game.

same actually. Game is fine, the forum lag is unbelieveable. Sometimes my browser refuses to load the web page and sits there saying 14/14 elements loaded (20% ish) or something without adding anymore. I have to wait about 10 mins to be able to do something.

Could be my browser else, doubt it though.