Interesting and funny igms


And we're off topic, lets not do this fight. Y'all already have it going on in other threads, I promise you it's gonna be the same thing -_-


kawy today at 06:56
nice going
i'll remember this

kawy today at 06:59
and i'll also make sure your leaders know you have no idea how to honor an agreement

best stock up on defence

you'll need it

heavymetal16 today at 11:25
yays finaly a NL member will attack me, please do me 1 favour as it is the reason i choose you, dont delete within 48hours like the others.

i guess you dont read your own forums, the nap was terminated.

rofl, a NL member telling me to stack defence, a salute the brave girl, but still what a wake up to find, told to stack and not 1 single inbound.
NL words>actions


who'd even want to take out heavy?... how boring would the forums be if you were gone?? :p


i know, it be like signing the end of w15, good thing i iz 1337 ey XD


Just so you know that isn't the kawy it was 2 months ago it's a new owner.

<3 original kawy.


orginal kawy was awesome, the new one well is going to be heavynated (my new word for owned), and he/she gave us in TSoH a new spam thread, which is my awesome support thread as i iz scawed =S


For the record, I never had any agreement with Kawy or anyone in NL1. I had an agreement with cain and draak of NL3 and NL1 was listed as NAP by default. Now that cain and draak are NOT NL anymore, I have no reason to continue a NAP with NL.


rofl, a NL member telling me to stack defence, a salute the brave girl, but still what a wake up to find, told to stack and not 1 single inbound.
NL words>actions

Forgot heavy was a tsoh i was like so its... NWO vs NL? lol nvm.

How could she try to attack heavy hes like.. forum god!


she hasnt got a chance, the only place she could even attempt to damage me at is from her K47 and that being nuked so often useing the troops against me would suicide lol
just sent another like 100 nukes at them, running low now so rebuilding


Sthurlo, please leave me alone!:icon_cry:

sthurlo today at 09:36
will u stop attacking [player]Marshm2[/player] plz mate he said he is sorry so plz stop and can we plz be NAP

BlueDragonne today at 10:45
Ok, i will stop attacking marshm2, but no NAP will be implented.

sthurlo today at 13:59
kk tks thow

BlueDragonne today at 14:18

sthurlo today at 14:19
i see u are a strong person could we be freinds and could the TRIBES PLZ BE NAP OR ALLIES

BlueDragonne today at 14:21
I have all the friends i need right here in my tribe.

I'm going to have to say no to the NAP and ALLIANCE, because...

.1/ Location; you are not near us.
.2/ You are too small to be of any help to us.
.3/ Your N00beh.

sthurlo today at 14:22
no we are not and if u would like to say that to me again then u will have to deal with my allies kk and pa

BlueDragonne today at 14:29
Who are your allies? who are your PA's?

Btw, yes you are a noob, whacha' gonna do about it?

sthurlo today at 14:30
oh and what was that about u were going to wipe out [player]santadragon[/player] guy mate dont see him losing points do u

BlueDragonne today at 14:31
Marshm made it up, you would have to be an idiot not to know that, he is a child.

Get your PA's on me if you like, i welcome their pressence.

Noob >.>

BlueDragonne today at 14:35
Come on, where are these allies?

sthurlo today at 14:38
hag on

BlueDragonne today at 14:38

sthurlo today at 14:44
kk then mate here y go they are on my profile as well kk
[player]Robbie Rampage[/player]
and more kk

sthurlo today at 14:44

sthurlo today at 14:45

BlueDragonne today at 14:49
Oh no! :O

Your threatening me, with that list when...

1 of them is my co-duke :)O), another i know well, someone from tsoh-f who is not near me, the rest im not even going to bother talking about O_O

sthurlo today at 14:50
no i am not saying that i just want to be freinds that is all kk



Look what he's done now.

Made an Exile2, notice it's always these kinda people who make these stupid fake family branches.