June 2019 W106 Cluster Contest Thread


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Dear Players,

For this months contest we thought we'd run a slightly different idea that has been adopted and well received in other markets.

The concept behind the contest for this month is to allow you the players to show off your clusters!

What is a cluster?

A cluster is a term used in game for the spread of your villages across the world.

How can I show off my cluster?
Here is an example,

How was the example created?

Simply head over to twstats and go to the map tool such as; https://www.twstats.com/en106/index.php?page=map

What are the contest requirements?

  • Your entry must make use of the spoilers feature when submiting your entry.
  • The image needs to be made by using this https://www.twstats.com/en106/index.php?page=map website
  • Your own cluster should be in yellow and clearly visible, the cluster of your tribe in blue and your enemies in red. Marking other players/tribes is allowed but not required.
  • Zoom level should be on 250% and your entire cluster should be visible.
  • You should select "markers only" and have the background black.
  • You should mention your account name in your submission post.
  • It is allowed to edit the image, to come up with a creative shape your cluster resembles. Please note that if you choose to do this, you also have to provide an unedited image of the cluster.
Once you have finished creating the image, you can post it below. It would be nice if you could provide a brief explanation to go with the image (e.g. which shape your cluster resembles, if you're happy about your cluster, how you wish to improve it, etc.). This is not obligatory, however does add a nice touch to your submission.
Sign-ups close 27th June 2019, any entries after this date will not count. The winners will be announced after the 29th June 2019.

You can discuss entries in this topic.

1st place 400 pp
2nd place 200 pp
3rd place 100 pp

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team
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Instead of making this shitty contest, why don't you focus on fixing the damn game and not do events every 10 days ?


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My IGN is Jorgy. I would like to win first place because in my opinion i have one of the worst positions in W106, centered in the middle (my 001 is at 499|505 while 500|500 is the exact middle) with clusters inside 4 different factions.

I didnt make my clusters into a thing because im bad at paint lol but i guess it could resemble a large peanut with two feet, feel free to use your imagination.

UNI is the big black that covers the rest of the map to your left but when i tried to color them they overshadowed my cluster or the tribe so i didnt include them for the sake of visibility.

The Roman Empire

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IGN: The Roman Empire
Connecting the clusters is a work in progress. Our little tribe has gained nearly 155 million ODD in the last 40 days thanks to the sea of red that is UNI. One could argue we're screwed, but we're still fighting =D



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looks kinda like a small crawling animal that touches UNI with one Paw :D Maybe a dog or a mouse?
And on the bottom right, that's like a drop of poop LOL


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A Brief history of the cluster
When I had returned to TW to help the players of Redcup / *GT I quickly found that we were ruled by an arrogant dictator who NAP'ed all borders and food, denied accounts internals and hurled rumors around. Why? Probably because GT went through a rampage through the rim when the acting duke "Roman Empire" told us that if we want to grow we should go to the rim. After some rumors floated about our account while we minded our business (After roman disbanded the tribe for no reason, then wanting to eat those members from the tribe.) We were attacked by some that wanted to manipulate others into attacking us. Sure backfired didn't it?

IGN: The Roman Empire
Our little tribe has gained nearly 155 million ODD in the last 40 days thanks to the sea of red that is UNI. One could argue we're screwed, but we're still fighting =D
Since the disband of 3301 on the 2019-05-13 *Gran Torino solo battled TFTP, |P| and VS untill support and an invitation came from UNI.

During the disband of the tribe *GT had 1,846,049 ODD, as of current *GT has R1 with 104,421,415 ODD. "One could argue we're screwed, but we're still fighting =D"
If *GT was a tribe alone it would be placed at Rank 4 above -VS- which only just merged on the 24th of June.

Gonna yeet vlad and DaveDunks through the TP front line with a cheeky sling shot maneuver


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Dear players,

First and foremost, thank you to all players who participated in the June 2019 Cluster Contest!

I can announce that the winners of the contest for W106 are:

1st Place - @k3it4 (400pp)
2nd Place - @The Roman Empire (200pp)
3rd Place - @Jorgy (100pp)

Congratulations to the above!

To collect your prize please pm @Jirki88 with the in-game account you'd like to receive the premium points on.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback, including future contest ideas, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team​


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2 contests in a row now that the best post from the same acc doesn’t even get into the top 3 :/

Seems someone has a vendetta against someone.


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i did not realise that having no discernible cluster was all you needed to get 3rd place. Thanks Bob, ill take that into consideration next time.

Aside from the image, we take into account how creative people can be with it.