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Discussion in 'World 61' started by The Wumpian Emperor, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. So, it's 20 days since my last post on this. K25 has changed quite dramatically. Let's take a look guys :)

    Inside the Continent
    Utterly dominate the continent. They are ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and without a doubt have complete control of the continent, after taking in the members of GRINGR (most). Of the top 20 players in the continent, all 20 who are in a tribe are in one of these three tribes. They own the south of the continent, and also are first in continent 35 (one continent south) and a bit of the east. Expect them to be winners of the continent for now and a while. :D

    The only other tribe in the continent, unfortunately they don't stand much of a chance. The three tribes combined roughly account for 2.2 million points, occupying ranks 3, 4, and 5 in the continent... isn't much more to say, expect them to fall in this continent. This isn't to say, they aren't doing well in K24 (to the west, 2nd place to UCN[see below]) They may be able to withstand Gians [family] for a while if their coordination efforts go extremely well.

    Looking Inwards
    To the west is "Under Construction" and they are currently holders of the rank-1 position in K24, which means they have the capabilities to strike to the east when they like. They seem to have many members of the TED/TEB former tribe [that attacked me :icon_eek: but failed :icon_razz:], however do not have as much power as the Gians gang. However, as they grow, expect them to be a force.

    Other Tribes
    The Wumpian Empire still is the best tribe in the continent. Shouldn't be changing anytime soon.

    So, as you can see, the competitors for the continent have dwindled to 3, with current and probable-future control going to Gians, G!ans, and Glans..... keep updated for more! As long as I'm still here. :D

    April 2nd
    [SPOIL]So, hai there guys. I'm The Wumpian Emperor, I'm basically the only person in K25, who is not in the leading tribes :O
    So, let's break down, who could take over the area:

    Inside the Continent
    A group of tribes, that are ranked 3rd and 4th in the continent, however, if combined, they would be first. They are mostly dominant in the southern portion of the continent. They thoroughly dominate the continent to the south (K35) and are looking to expand northward. They have 8 members in the top 9, but only 9 in the top 20.

    GRIGNR is ranked first in the continent, and has the majority of it's villages in the southeast and southwest of the continent. They are a tribe of fifty-three members and are closing in from the east and the west, and would like to take over the continent as well. They occupy 10 of the 11 spots between the ranks of 10 and 20.

    Looking Inwards
    TED and TEB are the leaders to the west of K25, in K24, where they own all of the top 20 player ranks. They are well spread throughough the inner section of the continent, and are looking to expand eastward into K25. [personal note: they want to noble me :p] They currently have a very small foothold in the continent, but watch out as they plan on coming in.

    Hex are similar to TED, however they are to the east, and are smaller. They have a weaker foothold in K26, and are barely leading the continent, however, due to their location, are threatening to move into K26, as they are right along the border. Though they are small, they still have the possibility of coming in and taking over the east.

    Other Tribes
    The Wumpian Empire is the dominant tribe in... uh... my mind.

    I was planning on putting this into the "Inside the Continent" subsection, however this tribe, though ranked 2nd in the continent, appears to be no threat to any tribe in the area, as their tribal average points is barely a five-digit number. Though they dominate the center of the continent, they are just too late to the party, and are growing too slowly to possibly have a chance.

    So, there's a little summary of how things are going in K25, and how things may play out, so keep tuned in for the action :)


    G!ans/Gians - Yellow
    GRIGNR - Blue
    TED/TEB - Black
    Hex - Green
    |W| - White
    FORT - Pink
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  2. The future should prove to be interesting to say the least ^^

    I wish you good luck :)
  3. asgard273

    asgard273 Guest

    fort have a strong position if they start expanding towards the rim
  4. They're too small, and by the time they grow (limited hauls world) to the current standard, we would all be at a couple hundred thousand points.
  5. Almurph

    Almurph Guest

    Hahahaha yes agreed.
  6. devilkilt

    devilkilt Non-stop Poster

    Feb 15, 2012
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    TED family here for fun :)

    But nice to see someone talk about rim tribes.

    Thank you for this thread bro keep this up very interesting read
  7. imori

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    May 1, 2007
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    I see Fort following the standard of most somewhat good rim tribes. They'll get to a point where they realize that they're not going to be able to do anything, so their good members will all jump ship to one of the big local tribes and then clean up the rest.
  8. Vondur

    Vondur Guest

    Oi. I see a future clash between them guards n' tractors. Either for k25 or the surrounding area. Should be a great sight.


    Seems like a legit tribe overall. Currently number 1 in the continent by an advantage of 400k over FORT. GRIGNR's od is respectful considering their rank. An overall good tribe who I think will retain their rank for the time to come, and a tribe to be on the lookout for those tribes expanding towards the rim. Keep tractin' that space!

    Seems like a very weak tribe. They are a small tribe who are growing, as wumpian said, very slowly. I have low expectations for this tribe and expect to be food. Their OD is terrible. For me or the greatest tribe on earth, |W|. :icon_wink:

    The smaller extension of the varangian family. They are a family tribe, so I do not have any natural inclination towards them. Their war with GRIGNR in the near future should be interesting.

    On a side note, thanks Wump for making a thread on k25. I've been itching to post but have no reason to. :lol:
  9. xshahzad

    xshahzad Guest

    Tribal wars is a team game.

    Why don't u join a top tribe in ur area?

    G!ans or GRIGNR would suit you.
  10. NappySlapper

    NappySlapper Guest

    I have asked Wump to Join G!ans but he doesn't like me very much :(
  11. I am a top tribe in the area :)
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  12. Shoe Cleaner

    Shoe Cleaner Guest

    I think Riot! will take over this part soon too
  13. They're a bit far, I guess.
  14. ryan17g

    ryan17g Guest

    also a dangerous one if they cant keep there shit together...
  15. stepheeen

    stepheeen Guest

    K25 Space Race: UCN VS. Gians
  16. benreynolds

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    Apr 17, 2012
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    FORT and TOWER are dead.. rebranded as 'Band of Survivors'..
  17. NappySlapper

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    UCN and Gians are not going to noble in each others K so looks like gians have won that space race steve :p
  18. Daze16

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    May 9, 2011
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    I dont see UCN(its now Apathy) attacking Gians, though thats just my opinion.
    And HAW seems to love having family tribes. its insane. =P
  19. General Russell

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    Apr 15, 2012
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    Ugh, yes I know :icon_rolleyes:. I think 4 is too many, but when you realize TAW is K15, it makes it a bit better (although not much)...