Laying Down the Law

Discussion in 'World 15' started by Casus Belli, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Casus Belli

    Casus Belli Guest

    You know, when I was assigned moderator, I was happy. I figured that since I was assigned 2 worlds that have both been around for some time, then they'd know the rules. I mean, that's something you're supposed to know by this point. But the more I mod, the more I see y'all don't. Petn went through and gave every forum some nice highlights and a link to the rules, but it's clear that this forum as a whole hasn't bothered to read them. So I figured the best solution to this for me to sit down with you and have a serious talk about it, and lay the rules down. I thought y'all knew me well enough to know my limits, but I've had to be gone for around a week due to real life issues, and the crap that has happened while I was gone is unbelievable to me.

    So lets go over some things that will get you infractions with me, shall we?

    -You don't get to decide who posts here This is one of my biggest problems right now. I don't care if you like someone. I don't care if you think they're stupid, bad posters, spammers, uninformed, ect. They have just as much right to be on these forums as you. YOU don't get to decide who posts, and you have no right to tell them to stop posting. The Tribal Wars forums are for anyone who has, is, or might play TW. So that means everyone. They don't even have to play this world to post here. And if they used to play this world and quit and still wanna post, then they're more than welcome to.

    -Stop cursing Understand that I was raised in a conservative family, so I'm sorry but I have a harsher view on cursing in the forums. The "f word" is never allowed, in any context. That includes phrases like "gtfo" or "stfu". Those are just as infractable as if you actually spelled out the word. And if you think putting random characters in the word makes it not cursing, you're wrong there too. If the intent behind is to curse, than it's considered cursing. So stop it.

    -One Word Posts Ok, seriously, if all you have to say to something is ":icon_surprised:" or ":icon_twisted:" or any other emote, then it's not worth the post. If all you have to say is "lol", "yes", "agreed" or anything like that, then it's not worth the post. If you can't be spared the time to make your post longer than one word, then I consider it you just wanting attention, and I'll be happy to give you some in the form of an infraction for spamming.

    -Multiple posts in a row This is spam people. Your posts have this wonderful button that says edit. Use it. If you can't fit it all into one post, then it either doesn't need to be said or it can dang well wait till someone else has posted.

    -Insulting members Look, I could care less if you like someone or not. You're not expected to. It would be pretty creepy if you did. But whether you like them or not, you will not make personal remarks to them here. You will not call them stupid or insult their intelligence here. I don't honestly care if you insult their ability as a player in TW. That's part of PnP, but when you make it personal to their real life, you've gone too far and I will act. This also include insulting the way others post. Personally, I would love it if we all spoke good English in complete sentences using punctuation and grammar, but I know that won't happen. Understand that the people on these forums are from all over the world and so their English won't be perfect. It may be extremely hard to understand, but get over it and don't comment on it.

    -Don't mod bash Alright, this one is slightly personal to me, and I feel that's understandable. Look, I'm not stupid. I understand you might not always agree with what I say or do, and that's fine. I'm generally pretty reasonable, if you message me. But I will not be in any way reasonable if you start posting derogatory comments on the forums. That's no way to get me or any other mod to listen, and it only makes you look like the bad guy. If you have a problem, mail me and I'm more than willing to discuss it with you. If you have questions, mail me and I'll do my best to answer you, and if I don't know the answer I'll direct you to someone who does. But insulting moderators, ANY moderators, forum or ingame, is unacceptable.

    -Don't Spam Do I really need to explain this? Look, I've pretty lenient in the general section, and if you just feel an absolute need to spam... well, I'd prefer you do it on your ig forums, but if that can't happen then use the general forums here. But the threads in these forums have a topic, stick to it. I'm sick of seeing random discussions that are in no imaginable stretch related to the topic. And when I tell you to go on topic when I see this stuff, that doesn't mean one more post and then you'll stop, it means drop it right then. You're welcome to mail somebody if it that's important.

    I may have to edit this list over time, but for right now I think that should be about it... oh wait, one more thing.

    Learn to report posts
    Look, if someone makes a post you find offensive or you think is off topic or spamming or breaks some rule, report it. If you insult the poster for that, you're just gonna get yourself in trouble which helps no one. It's easy. Next to the posts is the user's info, right? Under their name and avvy and location you'll see a little triangle w/ a ! in it. If you hover your mouse over it it should read something like "report this post". You're gonna click it, and write why you think the post breaks rules and hit enter. Voila, I'll get a report of it. If you have a problem with a whole thread, you only need to do 1 report. I have to review the thread in question, not just the post when it's reported. I will warn you though, don't abuse the report system. You can't just report all of someone's posts b/c you don't like them. If you do that we can ban you for abusing the report system.
  2. 5tr pure5

    5tr pure5 Guest

    -One Word Posts Ok, seriously, if all you have to say to something is "" or "" or any other emote, then it's not worth the post. If all you have to say is "lol", "yes", "agreed" or anything like that, then it's not worth the post. If you can't be spared the time to make your post longer than one word, then I consider it you just wanting attention, and I'll be happy to give you some in the form of an infraction for spamming.

    this include stuff like Lol 2? n Agreed Sir couse thy pritty much same as them?
  3. hellforge05

    hellforge05 Guest

    I agree with causus... especially the cursing and insulting part!! hell yeah!

    After all, we're not babies here anymore guys....

    So let's try to behave like a professional or if you're still not, try to act like a "good" player..
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  4. leonidas27

    leonidas27 Still Going Strong

    Jan 6, 2009
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    thank casus i should get less abused on here now :lol:

  5. HK45DT

    HK45DT Guest

    With All Due Respect to the Moderator:

    I normally do not post on anything - however - I feel compelled to comment.

    This sounds like censorship to me - if you say that people are allowed to post - then why would you be putting out this huge "Laying down the Law" Thread to Censor the participants actions. To me that is a No-No....this is not a communist war game - I hope it isn't?

    I can understand Cursing - is a no no, however the rest of the thread is non-sense - this is why we have these forums, to have a healthy spirited debate, as in real life people yell at each other call each other stupid and do a little bashing here and there - Sounds a lot like the Obama Administration - trying to control all actions of it people - I do believe in my conservative opinion, that this "Laying down the Law" is over the top with regard to control - if it becomes law of the the land then so be it - I will abide by it, however, I will find another forum to post in...good luck

    I am certainly not looking for a Ban from these forums - so please do not view this as bashing - just commenting on your post - I am assuming since you did not lock it you wanted feedback?


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  6. alihumphrey

    alihumphrey Guest

    I think you slightly miss understood this, although I agree "Laying down the law" is slightly harsh words to use, but used in frustration. What I think she is trying to get at is posts like the above from 5ptur, leo and other's (Im guilty of this also) are here and oftne in other forums spammy, insulting, compleltly off topic, rude, hurtful and many other things. Also I believe this topic has been so over run is because she logs on in the evening, however Im going to skype her now and ask her to sort this out because its slightly out of hand. Also everythingn she has stated is in the rules, but you probably have all read the rules(or you should have:icon_eek:), what she has done is to interpret them/ translate them if you wish into examples and things simpler to digest. I believe this was written under due distress as we do sorta make alot of work for her, however she only bashes us at the top, the rest is simply the rule book being written in plain sight for all those who decide to brake it open.

    Why she kept it open, I think that was because she wanted to make sure people could question each interpritation and in some ways debate over how the rules should be interpreted. Like she said if you see a bad post then there should be 0 tolerance from us the plebs if you like, we should auto report and have it sorted. However if we did that every time there was a spamy post, players and users here who are considerd important or intresting would be gone within a week due to bans and so forth. (I'd deffiatley be gone)

    to sum it up, I doubt this is not communism, facism or any other type of ruling here, more a guidance as to how to stop urself from getting a ban, if treated like so, I reckon from a little co-operation from some of the more active users here we can help here keep this forum slightly easier to moderate.

    Sorry cassus for being a bad forum.... :icon_cry: we never meant to make you angry

    and leo if you didn't post so many infract's then people would probs not care about your being here, I Know I don't
  7. 5tr pure5

    5tr pure5 Guest

    the rules r harsh 2....i swear mods forget its a game sometimes,

    btw do these mods get paid?
  8. alihumphrey

    alihumphrey Guest

    there paid in free premium, not bad I guess
  9. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    there not harsh, i seen harsher ones, plus after what some of us spammers on this forum have done*not saying anything* i dont blame her.
    shame i like her really, or else i would cause some more chaos :icon_cry:
  10. spl10246

    spl10246 Guest

    Since when was reducing spam (which helps the forum run quicker without needing a bandwidth upgrade, etc.) censorship? And Obama? What on earth does he have to do with this?
    The forum is meant to discuss in-game things. I'm pretty sure she is not trying to take Exile. down and ruin you... :icon_rolleyes:
  11. HK45DT

    HK45DT Guest

    Stirring the pot is fun - I don't like Spam either - the "Laying Down the Law" thing is complete control thing and a I see it as censorship - this is just a game and we should all have fun with banter - I mainly use Skype, and regarding Obama he was brought into this because I can, it is my god given right to condescend him if I want to - plus I am a conservative - a true conservative will bash Obama any chance we get :icon_evil:
  12. Casus Belli

    Casus Belli Guest

    Well, the "Laying down the law" title was actually kinda a thing for my W11 forums. One of their old mods, xEllax has made that thread and I just named mine after her. Y'all both got the same thread, so while you may not be seeing a big problem with something I mentioned, it might be happening over in 11.

    I don't want to censor y'all, I merely want to make sure everything you say meets my standards. >.> Kidding, I honestly want y'all to have fun on here, and to enjoy posting, but you have to realize that people come from all over the world on the game and are all different ages and are offended by different things. Almost all of what I posted is stated in the rules at some point or another, but I highlighted what I have the most problems with as a moderator of 11 and 15. You may think a little insult is perfectly fine, and if so, go you. But we have members who have been extremely angry towards some of what was said to them, and it's my job to keep these forums friendly for them too.

    I'm all up for discussion on this, it's why I left it open, and as long as you address me in a respectful manner than I would never infract you for that. If you have any questions you're always more than welcome to pm me or you can continue to talk on here.

    I'm thinking you don't use other forums if you think we're that strict. No, we haven't forgotten this is a game, but the forum people can entirely too into this thing and stuff becomes personal. These rules are put into place so that this remains just a game.

    @ Ali, Heavy, and Spl: I love y'all too :icon_redface: Although I would love you more Ali if you learned how to spell Casus -_-'

    @ the rest of you: Continue to spam this thread at your own risk. So far I was nice and each person only got 1 infraction. From now on it'll be 1 infraction per off topic post. I'm generally good about letting you guys slide, but this is a serious thread and if you don't have a relevant point, question, or an answer to a question then you probably can go post in another thread.
  13. grimnova

    grimnova Non-stop Poster

    Dec 29, 2008
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    I agree with everything detailed here by Casus.

    Open debate is good, but personal insults, spam and off topic subjects detracts from the actual purpose of the thread - I agree that this is censorship, but quite rightly put in place to make this a suitable forum from all ages, sexes and ethnic groups.

    If people cannot discuss anything without dragging the topic into the gutter then I doubt very much that they have anything worthwhile to say.

    You can post humourous, entertaining comments while abiding by the rules - which have always been in place. - Anyone wants to avoid them..fine...go IGM, Tribe forums or Skype - but stop dragging our OPEN forum through the mud.

    ..there, that's my penny well and truly spent.
  14. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    5tr pure5

    you have only just started posting here, what yesterday so please stop complaining about the modding as no one else is who actually uses the forum on a regular bases.

    please we all told you not to double post and it stated it in the rules casus posted yet you do it anyway -_-, and what does her rl have to do with her modding?
    so please go back in game with your such "intelligent" comments.
  15. 5tr pure5

    5tr pure5 Guest

    cant delete post's else i'd hav put thm together >.<

    personal back grounds are important....2out of every 3 judges go to public schools,

    working class background means ur laid back and bend rules,

    yea im bending thm abit far back but if people dont we'll all look like robots
  16. 5tr pure5

    5tr pure5 Guest

    i agree with the rules just not as harsh as tht,

    as ig u kno people tht hav swapped acc's, attacked with 2 acc's, been given acc's from quitters,

    how many hav u reported?

    yes it's all ban able but we still see a blind eye to it, and not gone "by the book"

    i mean like saying "st*u" in some text of arguing is unacceptable but in a forum where it's players from any world any tribe and size having a laugh,

    One word posts are some times needed, i think personaly it's rude not to talk back to someone if they have written a essay on their tribes rules and that,

    you could right something like
    "yes Duke's and barons i fully agree and will follow you into hells gateway"

    but no i am lazy like most people and just write

    Personal background differers on harshness (sorry but im kinda stereotyping)
    tends to be : More money in the bank, More u care of ridding people with less in the bank, people dont notice it but its true,

    well tht's my view of this,
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  17. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    none, even know i know alot of players who have/still are doing it =P

    not really, if your banned/infracted for a reason that is unfit, you message the mod about it (<3 casus she always replies =D )

    thats why you make other words for that sort of saying, just got to remember little kids play this game aswell.

    so just say "lol ok :)"

    it changes from person to person :)

    (sorry for spamming your awesome thread casus, ill stop now and let you do your magic =) )
  18. bodfish

    bodfish Guest

    Casus, why don't you just delete everyone's posts and lock the thing? your just asking it to be spammed.
  19. drugthief 1

    drugthief 1 Guest

    Just for you 5st pure5 :icon_rolleyes:

    And what does heavy's pic gotta do with anything?
    If anyone is taking this personal is you.
    You don't even post regularly on wouldn't say half of the things your talking about right now if you would go through all of the threads/posts/and if you could see the deleted stuff.

    I know we have caused casus some trouble but we are here to like liven the forums up every now and again..and casus is kool with that..she only infracts when we get way out of hand..shes generally nice and warns us more then infracts.

    What ever you issues you have...please take it somewhere one is so far is agreeings with what you are saying...and this could be classifed as some of the more personal stuff thats shown up on the forums.

    Although is could be put as censorship...its done everywhere in the world to different i see no reason why anyone would get offended by matter what country you live...certain types of censorship will always exist.

    TIMMISH Guest

    This thread is now officially fail.

    Back off people, we have one of the most lenient mods around, apart from maybe ima ballbreaker on W25.

    Stop whining, I always get infracted and I just accept it :icon_wink:
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