Laying Down the Law

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Casus Belli

Casus, why don't you just delete everyone's posts and lock the thing? your just asking it to be spammed.
No, I'm leaving it open for discussion because some people have actual questions or comments of relevance. My warning is already in here, all off topic posts will be infracted and deleted. I really do want y'all to be able to come to me w/ your opinions or questions, but I will not allow spam in this thread.

5tr, I will not discuss your infractions here, but you're always welcome to ask me things over mail. As is, I've posted some of my main rules if you would bother to read them. And ftr, I in no way come from upper class. I'm actually pretty broke. So stop putting your assumptions on these forums.


i have a question: is there a way to see how many infractions we've received, as well as when and what for?

drugthief 1

if i could do pics i could...i would do it that way but....


go to your User CP >>> then just scroll down and you should be able to see...if should be somewhere there...i forget...i haven't been infracted in a while so i haven't checked.


Go on your own profile on here, scroll to the bottom and there will be listed all the infractions/warnings you have received =)


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Hey. Call me Typhi, it's easier on the fingers.
I'm the new Elder for Ws 11 - 15. In terms of day-to-day moderation, you won't hear or see much of me, because I have confidence that with the mods you have I won't need to step in much in that regard. I'll also cover for mods when they are unable to moderate themselves.

As my signature states, I am also here to handle any conflicts between you and the moderators, should you be unable to resolve them between yourselves. Examples of this may include apparently unwarranted infractions, unjust handling of a topic, etc.

I'm also available to answer any questions you may have regarding the forums.
Not open for further replies.