Duplicate Mail like tribe chat(but not for tribe)


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I feel that this should have been implement a long time ago surprised no one has mentioned this that I have saw.

I suggest TW's create a mail that is made for 3 or more players to see(currently you can only do 2). When running ops you usually have 4+ players participating and you want everyone to see all responses from all players and currently you have to keep forwarding the mail to everyone and that gets very clustered and is hard to run anything without confusion.

  • So here's how it would generally work
  • So you'd type in a title
  • Then you'd click something like create chat
  • Then once you create the chat you can add players to the chat so the would be like small bar were you can type in a players name and click add player to chat and you can add as many as you want.
  • This would be just like a tribe chat but only for player requested by the create of the chat

How would this benefit TW's.
  1. Would take away the hassle of forwarding everyone's mails around when running Attacks(ops)
  2. Would also help with support(stacking) when your under attack, because immediately when some supports you and covers the village the others will know that that village does not need support right away to avoid over stacking villages that do not need it.
  3. When recruiting a player you can add the dukes/barons and recruiters of the tribe along with the player trying to be recruited so all tribal positions can ask the player questions at the same time and all will see them in the chat immediately.
  4. Also for diplomacy you can add all the dukes and diplomats of both tribes and discuss diplomacy together.

There are plenty more examples of this but believe this gives you a good idea of what I'm talking about.



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I'm going to reject this idea as it was suggested before on another market. The previous suggestion was however not rejected, so there's hope!