1. Duplicate Members section (in tribe)

    Hii! In the "Members" section (in the tribe), only in the summary you can see all the members at once + change the order you see them (according to rank, villages, name etc.), so I can sort the members as I wish. BUT, if I go to the Troops, Building or Defense section (in the "Members"...
  2. Albert Wesker

    Rejected Limit amount of tribe switches

    I Would like to see this implemented by the TW Community as maybe other players could agree on this, many players are complaining on this matter, "change tribe too many times" affect the tribe in question as for example : player leaves the current tribe and join other tribe not once, not...
  3. misteralb

    Failed Vote Make Tribe Settings to be tribe based instead of global player settings

    Make this settings to be tribe settings (as their settings group says) not player settings. This settings are currently found on Settings -> Game Options, so they are universal player settings. If instead we move this settings into the tribe section. We make this settings to be tribe specific...
  4. Say Hi

    Tagging on forum

    Would be nice if we can tag our tribemates/allies on forum comments. What is needed: personal tags (like @Say ByeHi) tribal tags (like @-NF-/@tribe) tagging everyone who can read the forum (like @all/@everyone) Possible feature: rank tags (like @aristocracy) leadership generated tags...
  5. Failed Vote Shared diplomacy.

    I was wondering if a shared diplomacy feature could be installed similar to the shared noble planner. you can have it so that you share the 3 separate diplomatic status’s . example if you want to share all 3 with a tribe you can, or you can share only enemies. I think this would help when a...
  6. DaanRabih

    Duplicate Alliance/nap cooldown period

    I think it is time we make making NaP's and Alliances more binding. The idea is to make a tribe able to send an offer of alliance of NaP with certain settings and adding morale punishments for the tribe that breaks the alliance or nap -Too be able to send a diplomacy request - the option to...
  7. La Mori

    La Mori where death awaits Seeking all experienced players & active players Good luck on the world!
  8. Demon MoonBat

    Duplicate Alliances and the Noble Planner

    When you add someone as a friend in the game, they have to accept the friend request before they become your friend. When they become your friend, you are automatically granted the ability to see when they are online. My idea, my suggestion, is similar in how it would work, which is why I...
  9. Shinko to Kuma

    Troop Counter/Vault Overwatch - Defensive tool for tribe leaders

    This script is the ultimate all in one defensive counterside to the Vault script from @tcamps. It allows the tribe leadership to visualize the accounts of it's members, and very easily manage troop movement to the front where it is necessary, as well as having a great insight of how their...
  10. Stats Display incomings tribe members

    This script has previously been approved in ticket t14533794. Script Loader: javascript:$.getScript('');void(0); Description: When you run the script, a new mission icon will be displayed. If you click it, a...
  11. Duplicate Opponents Defeated As Supporter - War Statistics

    Hi, I would like to propose a new part of statistics in ongoing wars. Today we can see "Defeated opponents while attacking" and "Defeated opponents while defending". I think a new part showing "Defeated opponents while supporting" would be a nice and fun extra statistic for backline players...
  12. Duplicate War Statistics - Opponents Defeated As Supporter

    Hi, I suggest another war statistic part for opponents defeated as supporter. Today, as a blackline player, you can contribute a lot to ongoing wars but won't get any statistics for the effort. Since war statistics already include stats for both "Defeated opponents while defending" and...
  13. 7Jefferson

    Rejected Quick war statistics

    Hi, Perhaps a smooth idea if there was a small area which showed war stats directly. So for example, turn this into simple text: For example to like: "Enemy: 100 villages Allies: 200 villages Your tribe: 75 villages"
  14. Mass resource sending to tribe members

    Would it be possible to adapt the 'Request' section of the market to be able to send resources to other players from your own villages? Similar in function to how the 'Request Troops' section of the rally point is now 'Mass Support' just with resources instead of troops.

    Design update (Tribe overview)

    Hi, I think it'd be nice to change the current tribe overview, ennoblements: To this:
  16. DaWolf85

    Implemented Support Outside Tribe Setting: Supports Turn Into Visits

    Call it what you like, but the concept is in the title, and it does what it says on the tin. When you send a support command to a player not in your tribe, this suggestion would allow you to send the command. However, when the command arrives at the given village, if the village is not in your...
  17. kokobest

    Duplicate Attack Barbarian tribe quest in the late game

    I've noticed that in late game, there's nearly no barbarians on the map, making the "attack barbarian" tribe quest basically impossible to complete. Perhaps change this to something else or remove it altogether in the late game (can do a check on how many barbarians left in the world, if below a...
  18. Lord Batan

    Rejected Prevention of betrayal

    I’ve been playing this game for 8 years now and I notice where the biggest problem is in this game. These are not premium points or multiple players on a single account, although it also makes this game unbalanced. The biggest problem I’ve noticed so far that destroys my will to play is the...
  19. JawJaw

    Implemented [internal] Tribe only marketplace listings

    Hey guys, Our developers are looking for feedback on the following internal improvement suggestion: It would be convenient/useful to be able to create marketplace trades that only tribe mates and potentially allies could accept/see. You can filter available marketplace trades by tribe mates...
  20. JawJaw

    Implemented [internal] New/Recently updated section for tribe forums

    Hey guys, Our developers are looking for feedback on the following internal improvement suggestion: When the player gets a notification for a new forum message in their tribal forum, it just takes them to the main page of the tribal forum, leaving them to manually navigate to where the new...