1. .Ichigo Kurosaki.

    Item / Tribe merchant boost

    Didn't see this somewhere else. The idea is quite simple, since we have so many items which boost your speed to attack barbarians by 10% or a tribe boost for this. haul% boost. Can we have similar boosts for merchants? Merchants carry 10% more for example or travel x% amount faster? This would...
  2. Misc Preventive stack planner

    As a tribe admin one of the most annoying task is to organize the preventive stacks for the more exposed villages. Some players will constantly write to you complaining and asking for more troops, other are too shy or cocky and will lose villages for not asking more troops. Hand checking...
  3. bobertini

    Alter forum moderator tribe rights

    Can the ability to edit/delete be split? i.e. ability to edit and ablility to delete threads?
  4. Map/Coord BetterMap

    Hello, This script was created 6-7 years ago on .ro, it's approved on but I wasn't able to find the topic of the script on the .ro forum, only in the script collection. What it does basically shows the player names on the map under their villages and can make the background of the text for a...

    Failed Vote NO outside account sitting

    World 129 is ruined by outside the tribe account sitting. The world is limited to 15 players per tribe. While this and uber support activated is GREAT! We should prevent outside the tribe account sitting. There are people on the world that literally joined just to sit frontline accounts...
  6. Declare war to many tribes at the same time

    If you declare a war you can only choose one tribe as enemy, but sometimes you have more than one tribe at the opposition. Then you have to wait, that your enemy invites the other tribes, which are belonging to them. But if they don't do this, you have to declare a war to each one of them. The...
  7. SinekValesi

    Reward Committed Sitter

    I think there should be some rewards for account sitters. Actually some players sit many accounts, spending hours and hours to help their tribe/tribemates but get nothing in return. And this makes the dedicated and devoted sitters look like he's or she's doing nothing in the war. Even they are...
  8. TheRealNuno

    mass friend requests for allied tribes

    I think that allied tribes should have a button to send several friend requests in a row, maybe here
  9. AuroraMoon

    Add tech levels to tribal overview

    this is mainly for tech worlds however it would be nice if tech levels for troops was added to the tribe setting options to be ticked that way a tribes leadership can make sure troops are fighting in top form during tribal supports
  10. Add the ability to search the noble planner log

    Currently, if you want to view all the entries for a particular village in the noble planner log, you have to manually look through the pages, find the village and then click it. I am suggesting adding a search/filter feature to the noble planner log (similar to the one found in the noble...
  11. Eakshow McGee

    Tribe Settings: Troops At Home

    Add a new tab, At Home, which shows what troops that belong to the village which are home. Issue right now is Troops include all the troops that belong to the village, even the ones that isnt home. Defense shows all troops currently in the village, including support. So currently there is no...
  12. SwedishBlueCheese

    Duplicate Remove attack barbs tribequest on non hauls

    Right now we got attack X amounts of barbs with 20 pop as tribequest on 125 which is a non haul Its 0 reason to attack barbs on a non haul, can we please remove it
  13. Eakshow McGee

    Include Supporter in Tribe Mission

    Currently the "Defeat Units (Population)" tribe mission doesn't include troops killed as support. Therefore I suggest that troops killed as supporter should be included in Defeat Units (Population). There is no reason to exclude those from completing it, people supporting are as big part of the...
  14. Duplicate Make diplomacy a binding agreement

    So I have come up with a brilliant idea Say you would able to agree on a NAP for a certain amount of time and the game would make it so you physically cant attack each other. Obviously both tribes would have to agree to this before it comes into action. This way diplomacy actually carries some...
  15. Duplicate More advanced diplomacy

    Might not be everyone's cup of tea but what about a way of making an agreement of sorts? If you want to ally with a tribe, you 'lock' it in for an agreed upon period and for that entire period you can support each other but not attack (no backstabbing), when the 'contract' expires, it can be...
  16. bobertini

    Request Account sitting from tribe overview + player profile

    Hi, Currently requesting an account sitter via app is a nightmare (no auto complete username popup when typing it). My suggestion forms two parts, 1 being straight forward and another being slightly complex. Ideally, both could be added but I'd settle for a min of at least option 1. 1 - On...
  17. Improving Sharing Village Notes Function

    Given this is an integral part of the game when working together, putting together fang/nuke/fake scripts etc.; I think a good idea to improve the functionality of the sharing village notes would be to allow the village notes to appear simply from scrolling over the village on the map and...
  18. Eakshow McGee

    Search with Tribe Tag in Player rankings

    Add tribe tag as a search option for individual player rankings: Players Continent Players Opponents Defeated In a day ranking This way its easier to get an overview of a whole tribe and the stats of different players in it, without checking every individual player. (eg. possible to see ODS...
  19. Failed Vote Not counting OD from attacking/defending from your own tribe

    Basically, I think OD stats should not count when it is from your own tribe as to prevent boosting of OD stats. Some OD is organic when players go inactive etc, but overall it would stop the abuse of boosting OD stats.
  20. Duplicate Tribe buildings/troops info sharing

    When looking at the tribe members troop count/buildings from the members screen, can we see all members listed in one go instead of selecting individually?