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I think there should be some rewards for account sitters. Actually some players sit many accounts, spending hours and hours to help their tribe/tribemates but get nothing in return. And this makes the dedicated and devoted sitters look like he's or she's doing nothing in the war. Even they are the ones who are literally doing something crucial for their tribe. My suggestion is to add "Committed Sitter" as an achievement, measuring the online time of the account being sat by the committed player.


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Usually, when I vote NO on a suggestion I want to explain my point of view, and why I voted no.

I voted no because I wouldn't like to see an achievement for something that I think is bad for the game. In my opinion it seems like is promoting player inactivity and accounts sit (which IMO should happen as little as possible).

I have been playing for around 13 years. In 13 years, we didn't have a problem recognizing the contribution account sitters gave while sitting accounts. We don't need achievements to remind us about the commitment needed and to be nice with account sitters.

That's my opinion tho, not necessarily everyone needs to agree with this (hence votes).


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"Promoting player activity" !?
If someone wants to play tw then they will, noone will think to themselves " I really wanna log on and play, but if I do, my sitter wont get the achievement flag so I guess I wont log on"
When someone quits the game, tribe members are like vultures and internal asap. a grey flag won't change that fact.

"Ive played for" 15 years and in my experience, most* tribies are not aware of tribe contributions made by members, especially account sitting
(*well, maybe in late game when you've gotten to know all members, but in early game maybe barons, council, active members, but most members are clueless as to what happens behind the scenes)

Id like to add something, to avoid abuse;
I think the achievement should apply only if you sit members of the same tribe, so you can't get the achievement if you're sitting a push account for a month before internalling it yourself.
and/or maybe it shouldn't apply to sitting people you invited? (for the same reason)

I voted YES.


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addendum, RE Abuse;
you shouldn't get the achievement if you're acc sitting a Res Seller account (that's a net increase of X is more than 400 PP?)

"Active during a war" is probly impossible to measure? ('coz if you snipe 3 snob trains, you don't kill much troops)
actively sitting @ Peace time for a week can be equally or more important

Suggestion regarding Criteria to Qualify as an active sitter;
an increase in statistics such as
*(farm- or scav-) haul increase
*total points (by X%)
*increase in total amount of troops recruited
(any of the 4 would suffice)
so you don't get the achievement if you're not actively sitting but you do get the achievement even if the account that's being sat is getting bashed and loses villages and troops