1. xXLordWardXx

    Rejected Setting: Supporting non tribe members

    This rule is in regards to 112 setting where you can only support tribe members. In short, the support setting that lets players only support tribe members is being heavily abused. Players from family tribes that rhyme with Bheeze are leaving their tribe to join a sister tribe, sending or...
  2. Dipsomaniac

    Implemented Planner sort

    Please make the tribe noble planner sortable on village points like all other headings.
  3. ChipCollector

    Failed Vote Shared Tribe Overview

    Good Day, The Tribe Overview is a well-down Place to keep yourself up to date. As you know you get a good summary of what has happened. There are those Categories yet, which are shown in the Tribe Overview: - Ennoblements - Diplomacy - Members - Misc I would like to suggest that you can...
  4. ChipCollector

    Rejected Cooldown for Workaround "Only own-Tribe Support"

    Good Day, As you may know, there are some World Settings/Rules that only allow you to Support Tribe Members with Troops. Actually on Server 112. Overview: - Tribe-Member supports TribeMember: Works - Ally/NAP-Member supports Tirbe-Member: Denied because of the Rule So there is in my view an...
  5. Duplicate Tribe - Members troops global overview + export

    the TW feautre "Allow tribe aristocracy to see your troops in your villages." its good. but its slow to open player by player (being a duke) could it be a option to open all player at the same time? and a EXPORT botton to post it in forum/notebook... thanks
  6. Submitted View Member troops directly on village profile

    This stuff where you can activate tribalsettings and watch what sort of defence they got in the village is great. My idea is, if it is active - Allow baron/dukes to see that stuff on the village itself. Thus i do not need to run to the member screen, locate the name, the village and see what...
  7. Duplicate Nap-Ally Feature

    Just like "accepting" a Noble-Planner or an invite to War etc , we can have an invitation to "Being allies" instead of just adding some tribes to our Diplomacy , even if we are not actual allies-NAP. Also , there can be an auto-"Announcement-Report" which informs the members of each tribe that...
  8. Dr.Bunny

    Rejected Tribe Diplomatic Agreement

    Can tribalwars add features for the tribes that wanna make agreements betwen eachother? Example : border line. Imagine Added up a feature in the tribe menu like Diplomacy agreements and you tap to get in to see agreements youve did with other tribes signed from the leader and diplomat of the...
  9. nightblade.greyswandir

    Rejected add to new tribe members features

    Admin, can I make a poll for this, instead of multiple threads? Before approving you can tell me to make separate threads for each request. List explanations: 1. Make the player selection above tabs so when switching from troops tab to building tab to defense tab the same player is always...
  10. Implemented Kicking banned players should offer no penalty

    Cheaters should be free of penalty to kick from the tribe without a loss of prestige
  11. EmperorFluff

    Implemented Defeated Opponents while Supporting in tribe war statistics.

    Currently TW's only have Defeated Opponents while Attacking and Defending. When a player supports a different player the supporter gets no credit for supporting. Acctually the player you supported gets all the credit the defeated opponents. And it makes the supporting player look like he's or...
  12. Rejected Tribe Chat Feature

    I remember back in 2016 that the tribe chat was available for everyone to talk as a whole. I don't know why it was removed but I believe it should be back. It will also help the communication in a tribe between everyone.
  13. Rejected Tribe memeber Make it 60? or more then

    Maybe good plan is make tribe member make it 60memeber or not 30 member people
  14. EmperorFluff

    Duplicate Mail like tribe chat(but not for tribe)

    I feel that this should have been implement a long time ago surprised no one has mentioned this that I have saw. I suggest TW's create a mail that is made for 3 or more players to see(currently you can only do 2). When running ops you usually have 4+ players participating and you want everyone...
  15. Ally/Nap Cancellation Timer - Cosmetic

    Yeah the title doesn't really help but couldn't describe it properly in 5 words. In some cases that an "Ally-NAP" relationship in between two tribes , or more , comes to an end we usually set a "period of no interraction , attacking each other" etc. For example , as soon as we set our...
  16. Implemented Topic Movement - Log

    As long as there are more than 1 persons that are able to "handle" Topics on Tribe's forum ( move / delete / lock ) , there might occur issues with who locked what , who deleted etc. Of course if the Duke or a member asks "who did it" , the person that did it on purpose or by mistake won't...
  17. nightblade.greyswandir

    Notes on players and tribes pages

    Just found out that I can't make a note on the player page. Want to write "good supporter, help him anytime" but I can't ... Can we have text field notes on player and tribe pages same like on village pages? Maybe, if possible that can have a checkbox, private/shared.
  18. Command Sharing Report

    Just a little something extra for command sharing, not sure if this has already been posted but would it be possible for when command sharing for the report to be shared on the village information, instead of having to wait for a player to forward / post the report in the tribal forums. Village...
  19. Failed Vote Tribal Morale

    I think it would be nice to see a new aspect being added to the game. Tribal morale The game has gotten to the stage where we can see the two or three potential winners to a world pretty early on. And the days of a rim tribe coming in and making a serious difference to a world is very very...
  20. Bobah

    Rejected Add german to preferred language (tribe option)

    Hello, could u may add german to the Preferred language in the tribe options? Manny german speaking players from Germany, Switzerland and Austria (100mio people) are here around and the game comes from there... d^L^b Would be nice! LG Bobah