1. Implemented Allow account manager supply route to tribe stronghold

    Currently account manager does not let you create a delivery to your tribe stronghold because "the village does not belong to you". I propose that this be allowed so rather than having to send tribe stronghold resource quotas manually you can just set and forget.
  2. Add option to disable push notifications for tribe quest

    I currently have the chime enabled for push notifications, and have disabled all notifications except those which are urgent (e.g. notifications that I wish to allow to interrupt my sleep to respond to them). Recently, Tribal Wars has started to send me a notification when a new tribe quest is...
  3. MrRandomGuy

    Implemented Tribe ODS Rankings

    We have OD rankings for players in three categories: ODA, ODD, and ODS. But for tribe rankings we only have ODA and ODD. There should be an OD tribe rank with ODS calculated as well.
  4. Implemented view resources sent by tribemates

    currently in the game it does not show you the amount of resources incoming from tribemates villages, would it be possible to make it so that all incoming resources are visible from the market screen rather than just your own shipments. it seems to me to be an easy enough change as you can...
  5. Rejected Tribe change limit and level drop each change

    Hi all, After playing active on w102(i saw this on earlier worlds too but not to this degree) i see there is alot of "abuse" of academy tribes and just filling up the tribes to get the tribe high level to gain more advantage over the smaller tribes that stick together. I would like to suggest...
  6. AuroraMoon

    Tribal Aristocracy

    it would be nice to have 3 more Ranks to choose from in privs instead of just having "baron" (baron remains) I suggest: War Commander - For Council members that run Offensive Ops Defence Coordinator - For Council members that organise support Resource Manager - For those members that help out...
  7. AuroraMoon

    Rejected Tribe Capital/Improved Tribes

    Tribe Capital - costs 100,000 timber, 100,000 clay, 100,000 iron, 2,500 prestige buildings costs are multiplied by 2 for every level. farm population per level multiplied by 5-10 warehouse capacity per level multiplied by 2-5 Tribe Privs - should be independent from one another so a baron (or...
  8. The Strategist

    Tribe Diplomacy deals

    I know in many worlds tribes set diplomacy with each other, one of importance to all is borders. Now i know there is currently warnings in place for when attacking someone of the same tribe or claiming them. And attacking other peoples claims. Could the same be done in terms of setting up a...
  9. crimsoni

    Implemented Report Forward to Tribe

    I would love for this feature to be added to the phone app.
  10. Nanyo Academy - South East Recruitment!

    Nanyo Academy are now recruiting from the south eastern region of the map. Inspired by the era of the Three kingdoms this tribe has substance behind it, I invite all to join and be more then just a meer Tribe, but to become a kingdom. :spear:All who join will be given ranks that relate more...