1. 7Jefferson

    Rejected Quick war statistics

    Hi, Perhaps a smooth idea if there was a small area which showed war stats directly. So for example, turn this into simple text: For example to like: "Enemy: 100 villages Allies: 200 villages Your tribe: 75 villages"
  2. Mass resource sending to tribe members

    Would it be possible to adapt the 'Request' section of the market to be able to send resources to other players from your own villages? Similar in function to how the 'Request Troops' section of the rally point is now 'Mass Support' just with resources instead of troops.

    Design update (Tribe overview)

    Hi, I think it'd be nice to change the current tribe overview, ennoblements: To this:
  4. DaWolf85

    Implemented Support Outside Tribe Setting: Supports Turn Into Visits

    Call it what you like, but the concept is in the title, and it does what it says on the tin. When you send a support command to a player not in your tribe, this suggestion would allow you to send the command. However, when the command arrives at the given village, if the village is not in your...
  5. kokobest

    Duplicate Attack Barbarian tribe quest in the late game

    I've noticed that in late game, there's nearly no barbarians on the map, making the "attack barbarian" tribe quest basically impossible to complete. Perhaps change this to something else or remove it altogether in the late game (can do a check on how many barbarians left in the world, if below a...
  6. Lord Batan

    Rejected Prevention of betrayal

    I’ve been playing this game for 8 years now and I notice where the biggest problem is in this game. These are not premium points or multiple players on a single account, although it also makes this game unbalanced. The biggest problem I’ve noticed so far that destroys my will to play is the...
  7. JawJaw

    Implemented [internal] Tribe only marketplace listings

    Hey guys, Our developers are looking for feedback on the following internal improvement suggestion: It would be convenient/useful to be able to create marketplace trades that only tribe mates and potentially allies could accept/see. You can filter available marketplace trades by tribe mates...
  8. JawJaw

    Implemented [internal] New/Recently updated section for tribe forums

    Hey guys, Our developers are looking for feedback on the following internal improvement suggestion: When the player gets a notification for a new forum message in their tribal forum, it just takes them to the main page of the tribal forum, leaving them to manually navigate to where the new...
  9. SwedishBlueCheese

    Barbfarm tribequest in lategame

    On w111 we just got the farming barb tribequest picture on quest Right now w111 has a combined amount of 11 barbs out of 36916 vills picture on vill statistic I would like if this got removed when the ratio of barbs get lower than a certain % or something like that. Maybe under 100 barbs on...
  10. Dr.Bunny

    Failed Vote Trusted Access to Noble Planner

    I suggest to put Trustable acces to nooble planner , which could be simmilar like trustable member priv for forum.
  11. In a day tribe ranking

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way on seeing "In a day Ranking" for a specific tribe, possibly a script for it? trying to see the performance of my tribe and rank who has the most scav/loot in the tribe

    Duplicate War stats, add "Defeated opponents while supporting"

    Just as the title indicates, add "defeated opponents while supporting" as a column. Currently it just displays "Defeated opponents while defending/attacking".
  13. Dr.Bunny

    Rejected TribeMember Quitting and his villages!

    Realising now , everyday a tribemember quits the game and that makes hard for tribes especially with settings like w114. It would be great, if you add in-game a variant of Button like “im quiting this world” which likely to avoid tribes wasting noobles for the villages Which was always appart...
  14. Frying Pan Warrior

    Rejected Add Audit Logs to the Tribal Forum

    I'm sure everyone's experienced their tribe forums or their allies' forums being deleted at one point or another. It sucks, it means you've got a spy in your tribe aristocracy. The worst part is not knowing who it may have been. This update will make sure anyone who wants to cause grief by...
  15. Clan function - show nobles

    Can Inno put the clan tool to show what is each player's noble limit? Im thinking if i have Existing noblemen: 26 You can still educate: 44 Then this column or row value is 70 and write this after my name. Sry for my english. And this is an Hungarian server. And this upgrade can help the...
  16. HotLikeDat

    Implemented Prestige log

    This is quite a small thing, but it does have some value in it, so I hope people aren't quick to vote against it just because it's not a top priority. I'm sure it would be very easy to add in: Add a log to the tribe prestige page so that individual players can see, for example: Your Prestige...
  17. bobertini

    Implemented Reduce the gap between Properties and Tribe Members

    Simple solution, On tribal profiles, currently if the tribal description is extremely long in length, then this is the outcome: A rather undelightful slightly muddy brown area of sadness. Please can it be so that the Tribe members is directly under the Properties without any large gap...
  18. looking for a tribe

    Hey everyone, i just came back to play this game again and i've been playing this game since 2008 w13. i forgot my email adress and lost lot of pp on my account so im trying to find a active tribe that i can join again. im willing to learn and educate again on this game. all tho im exprience...
  19. Failed Vote tribe war live 3D troop live moving?

    hey support Good future plan make 3d live and turn in to tribe war live 3D troop live moving while when sent them out u could see them battle and etc. where they are =D will be cool see ram and cat battling and troop ,live videos like total war similar to improve your game
  20. In Progress Tribe Leader Feature - Troop Analysis Feature to view ALL tribe member's troops

    Right now when a tribe leader goes to "Tribe -> Members -> Troops" they can only view the troops of one tribe member at a time. I have been manually inputting all of these into an excel table on player at a time to analyze the troop/point ratio for each player and their villages. Primary...