Implemented Support Outside Tribe Setting: Supports Turn Into Visits

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Call it what you like, but the concept is in the title, and it does what it says on the tin. When you send a support command to a player not in your tribe, this suggestion would allow you to send the command. However, when the command arrives at the given village, if the village is not in your tribe, the troops will immediately return to your village - exactly like the 'no-harm' setting, where attacks on tribemates turn into visits.

Obviously, this would be a world setting. It could have two options, just like the existing Support Outside Tribe settings; one that removes your support when you leave a tribe, and one that doesn't. Or you could just only use it with the Uber setting, as I think this removes the main downsides of that setting.

The intent is to match the effectiveness of the existing Support Outside Tribe settings at preventing massive family tribes, while not forcing the world to be all about recapping villages. I think worlds with this setting would be far better than the existing options.