May 2020 | W107 Cluster Contest Thread


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Dear Players,

For this months contest we thought we'd run the cluster contest again as it seem well received in before.

The concept behind the contest for this month is to allow you the players to show off your clusters!

What is a cluster?

A cluster is a term used in game for the spread of your villages across the world.

How can I show off my cluster?

Here is an example,

How was the example created?

Simply head over to twstats and go to the map tool such as;

What are the contest requirements?

  • Your entry must make use of the spoilers feature when submiting your entry.
  • The image needs to be made by using this website
  • Your own cluster should be in yellow and clearly visible, the cluster of your tribe in blue and your enemies in red. Marking other players/tribes is allowed but not required.
  • Zoom level should be on 250% and your entire cluster should be visible.
  • You should select "markers only" and have the background black.
  • You should mention your account name in your submission post.
  • It is allowed to edit the image, to come up with a creative shape your cluster resembles. Please note that if you choose to do this, you also have to provide an unedited image of the cluster.
Once you have finished creating the image, you can post it below. It would be nice if you could provide a brief explanation to go with the image (e.g. which shape your cluster resembles, if you're happy about your cluster, how you wish to improve it, etc.). This is not obligatory, however does add a nice touch to your submission.

Sign-ups close 27th May 2020, any entries after this date will not count. The winners will be announced after this date.

You can discuss entries in this topic.

1st place 300 pp
2nd place 200 pp
3rd place 100 pp

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team


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My Account, Space Force Cadet.

I think it looks like a proven point.

I'm quite happy with the progress made, considering the effort it took to almost completely start over on the opposite side of the world during midgame - after being kicked from Angers who were presumably just intent on losing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




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Account: Zafi

It's not much but its a happy little cluster. I am joyful when I see it as I have never been on account as large as this. Unfortunately I cannot look at it up close anymore because the new map graphics make it hard for me to look my cluster in the eyes (and I should be looking there all the time because I have fl there) :( I have a dream! To look with joy at my cluster again! #maketwmapgreatagain
en107 MAJ 2020 CLUSTER.png
en107 11111111111.png


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My account is Red Cup.

In reference to the Story Map spoiler...
I started this world out in k45 and dumped about a little bit of PP to take a couple barbs on the k46/56 border to PP farm (Red Arrow). I farmed about 10x what I invested after about a month. Thanks to some generous events I was able to get a lot of items and decided to play the world a little bit for some flags. I barbled a lot, took out some inactives, got back stabbed twice but dealt with them. I decided to hit delete so I could focus on ending w105 and w106 was heating up.

But after 2 days I read the forum and paid closer attention to the world, I saw the Koreans (Angers) + Thais (Mafia) + Magic group pretty much seized the entire western side of the world, they just had to mop up. I had a lot of bad blood with the Koreans and their tag alongs and I didn't want to see them get another free win. So I came back and canceled the delete. At the time ED! (my tribe) was preparing to fight the K tribe so I started to help by expanding north (Pink Arrow) to get positioned for that. But before it really got rolling the leadership in ED! and K made the right move to merge to fight the Angers, Magic, Mafia coalition.

So I decided to move south (Green arrow) in preparation for that. I was preoccupied with w106 so I decided my role would be just being a backline cannon and just nuke the front constantly. But after multiple Drama players backstabbed the coalition, or just deleted / gifted themselves to the bad guys, it was clear our southern front was collapsing at an unsustainable rate. Huge chunks of k55+65 were more or less surrendered to Anger players. I found an inactive Drama player and sent a train down to the collapsing front to try to help stabilize the situation (white circle). After eating the Erich the backstabber I helped the Drama boys hold the front down here and gradually grew off deleting Drama accounts and Mafia + Anger players that weren't used to needing to send support to their new caps. After stabilizing the front and driving off the lazier Mafia+Anger players, I bunkered down and decided to act as a block to keep our less active Drama accounts safe from the enemy.

Fast forward to today, the wall in the south held and now we are rolling back the enemy.

Been a fun world so far.

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I can announce that the winners of the contest for are:


1st Place - @Griffin140 (300pp)
2nd Place - @Arcward (200pp)
3rd Place - @Zafi (100pp)

Congratulations to the above! All your submissions were appreciated and we fully enjoyed seeing them!

To collect your prize please pm @Jirki88 with the in-game account you'd like to receive the premium points on.

To see the rest of the winners please visit this thread.​