New topic, Yeyyyyyy

So i want you to post here what your best memories are of w36, can be anything, about anyone, about anything, as long as it relates to w36 history.

Just lets please keep it civil as these forums are lacking civility since like.... forever.

Mine has to be my short period of time in Active, So many amazing people, some still here whom i call my friends and some long gone.

Would never choose them over V but i would like to take my vacations there :)


Every day here since opening day modding you guys, you all rock. :)


Ohaidere shards, Yeah so many memories of you infracting me... weirdo clearly enjoyed it.. lol x x


Everyone predicting WUKE would fall to ACTIVE, everyone predicting WUKE would fall to Dice.

NUKE's beginnings, where our enemies followed us here from W8, but failed because we were on even ground instead of them having a tribe ten times our size.

The NUKE/WICK war, was the only time I was truely worried in this world. I was impressed and scared when I saw Conspik's quick success against us. Glad we're on the same side now :)


the day I did my first post.

being banned for what I said in my post.

then the next day when I got an appology from the person who banned me


PTT - The best tribe i have ever been part of so far in TW. They were premade tribe with 26 members all from one university. We went on to be ranked 4th, but the 26 members did mass delete of their accounts once their results were out and disbanded the tribe :icon_cry:



Great players,
Great friends.

Don't really care what you think about them.

Only flaw was arrogance by Master Bandit. Otherwise we could have gone a long way.


IH, before Sarki went ape<vulgar word for faeces>

/wonders if that guy is still around.


bad one - day, when I got ban, lost all my vills in K57 as punishment and restarted in K87...

hard one - day, when I decided to leave in peace my w25 acc and focus on my w36

best one - every one day, when I see my friends here and have fun time with them :)


The day I gave the wizzydizzy account away to some fools that could not play.


the day carl left :icon_cry:
The day D that De....

Good: joining DVADER [HAI Kremmeh!!!
Bad: getting hit by WUKE in Christmas time when i should have been spending time with family and freinds.


...the first time when I had this account with 2 K non taged incomings, with no troops and without expanded technologies.
3 days I slept less than 3 hours a day trying to save most of the villages.


Best: Day i joined Dvader back in the early world... Being one of the first members was and is an Honor...
Worst: Getting banned for my first w36 spy stunt... not banned cuz it but w.e
Best: Planning espionage for dvader back in k48 xD
Greatest: Returning back into the tribe after a semi-sucessful assignment. Continuing to do what i am best at and kicking ass with friends...


BAd DAys: the days when i was fighting off frosteh in dice...

worse days: the day when Manuelpe joined BIB and was gone from DOM for GOOD!!

Worst day: when Zoloth left W36 to focus on W11.

Best days; when I first joined and no idea how to play, and was guided by manuelpe and zoloth :) i thought it only took 1 noble attack to be taken lol :)


Best Days: Working with Elise and Joshi in Ni/ACTIVE.
Worst Days: Seeing Elise and others from ACTIVE leaving and being left with Stewy ;) xx​


pretty much everyday. still talking to new people that ive not met before and the shiz that gets talked about on skype is ace :D


best days:

1. the first time I play this game. partski, MvvM and vitkus thought me lots of things.
2. PTT claimed me then invited me to the tribe lol
3. Dimi (noobish idiot) gave me 3 months premmie
4. working with the CK team in ACTIVE
5. meeting lots of great people from XVI,ACTIVE,[V],Wuke and DVADER ^^
6. chatting with the V guys even though I already quited..

the best: scared/panicked every time I saw an incoming and my tribe mates will tell me what to do lmao
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Best days:

Joining Vultures in the days of Psychenox, Pair.Carbon, Ldotzl, who have gone on to bigger and better things
Playing as an ally of XVI (presently)
echoing jmhumphrey123
5. meeting lots of great people from XVI,ACTIVE,[V],Wuke and DVADER ^^
-although I have yet to relate to DVADER or Wuke and I would include LFAH and a few others in there too

Worst days:

Vultures collapsing
Playing w/ Celebreus
Spying (not that spying is a bad thing game wise but it does damage relationships and as I have moved tribes a fair bit it wasn't good for me)
folding my acct to co-play w/ ldotzl only to see him move on and out of the game

* note I referred to accts, not the actual holders as the original ldotzl acct (for example) is still active but ldotzl himself has moved on