W36 was also my first proper world, technically my second!

Best times were the original ~SANG~ days. The best tribe I've been in, and probably ever be in. Oh the fun we had!! There was an indecent at the start of the 9ers war when Deucey nuked me instead of my war target! XD Though he did give me a load of iron for my troubles! The numpt war, that was fun! The support we had here in the externals, and the excuses some of them were coming out with! Epic.

My experience gained there and what I learned will always be with me for future worlds. Thanks guys.

Worst was a few RL commitments at a few times, and the day I decided to finally quit. Was getting too high to manage a measly 30 odd villages! And the lack of incoming didn't help either, though I did have fun fighting Blackstarkun up in K28! Good times!

Finally, 'spect to crazy, kos, mda, stell, deuce, McFlurry and the rest of the ~SANG~ crew. Too many to list!

Peace out.


I remember w36! My first time in the top 5 of a world... :icon_redface:


haha, Kreme you will be one of people i remember most on here

all starting back to our little battle for a few villas in k87, you have become a cool friend

*goes to aim a nuke at damnatory for those lost k87 vills :D*


I remember leading a tribe in decline called Koalas, and attempting to fight DVADER with them. We were inevitably going to lose but I found it a lot of fun

the stooge

You were PAWNS when you fought us, not just koalas. :icon_razz:


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haha, Kreme you will be one of people i remember most on here

all starting back to our little battle for a few villas in k87, you have become a cool friend

*goes to aim a nuke at damnatory for those lost k87 vills :D*
you will complain forever about these vills, ah? :icon_razz:


of course - that was my first relocation attempt lol. i went to help a friend down there and by the time the nobles had spent a week getting down there he had gone!

at least i made you work for them :p


greatest pleasures:
1. coming to this world and seeing a few vets from world 12.
2. fighting and clawing my way up to a respectable size making a few friends on the way. Caveman, prototype.
3. Getting into Dice before the activ merger(I did not approve merger...but loved the members) forum presence was awesome.
4. Getting infracted for hinting at a bad word in a post by Shards.

greatest displeasures:
2. Having to leave this world due to RL issues.

ya ya I'm trolling today :)


Greatest memories:

1) Spying on DVADER for WUKE.
2) Eating barbecue chips.
3) Quitting.
4) Coming back.
5) Quitting.
6) Eating more barbecue chips.
7) Nobling the world.

Only 8 of those are true. Guess which.

Least favorite memories:

1) Eating the world.
2) Nobling barbecue chips.

The end.


i remember when there used to be a surprise on this world every week.........we need another one lol


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Wow W36, my first world :S Donno if you have to still be around here to post your memories.

Best memories was fighting for ages vs DVader :p
Sure some of you remember me, right Haseo.(Yeah my fail days I know :/)\

Worst was... well I honestly don't know, maybe my falling out with Temedgin over some stupid subject.

Good to see some of the people I spoke to and was in a tribe with still kicking (<3 Kreme :p )
i think i had fallings out with every one at one stage or another... i was drinking a lot back then. my bad yabo.


bandits all the way

w36 bandits. and the great merger that lead to it


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ACTIVE forums <3

Being 200 hours away from any tribe member but the mass recruit tribe surrounding me too scared to attack as I was in rank 1 tribe .

Simz and the crew , amazing fun times <3



the forums

w36 was always fun and had some awesome characters
i met some of the greatest people ever hear
i met some great guys and had some great fun looking back i should of got a co and played this world properly as i regret ever leaving it but my son was born so...

anyway everything about this world was awesome