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I've been away from the game for a year and so and have a question about the new script approval process. Does anyone know if previously approved scripts are still legal, or do they have to be resubmitted under the new system?


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Hello Linoko

If the script is under “approved public scripts” section then its approved if its not there then its not approved.

Tribalwars team made some changes upon scripts , so if i was you i would delete old scripts and replace them from the section i mentioned up there.

Its better to be sure than sorry most people that currently not checking their scripts and using their older ones are getting banned and punished.

if you made your own scripts and before was approved , you would need again to check the section i mentioned up there , if not there u need to re-submit it again, they dont do it from tickets anymore so u need to do it from forum.

note that tribalwars train extension is banned again and make sure to re-read script rules and extensions tools so u dont do any mistakes in the future.

theres new feature for fake trains which developers made it and its ingame.
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